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One way to determine a website’s success and success speed is finding what content marketing strategies (including promotion) and search engine optimization tools they are using.

This sounds like weird, but that’s the truth. If you never use any keyword research tool, tracking software (traffic, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, conversions), and obviously a competitor analysis tool, then it would be difficult for you to dominate your field.

Honestly, this is what I got wrong, when I first started my blogging career in 2012. I never thought the value of SEO tools for blogging, in terms of traffic and conversions. That yields me to wait more than one year to see my first dollar from this blog.

If you want to fast grow your blog traffic, skyrocket conversions in overnight, then you should take a look at the search engine optimization tools listed in below. You might use any other tool for your blogging affairs. But, here are my best of best SEO tools in 2015. If you know any other top SEO or SEM tool, please let me know in the comments.

#1: Google Keyword Planner – Keyword research for Google search engine


google keyword planner
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I know there are tons of search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, Yandex. But, as far as I know, many websites including those big magazines receive more than 50% of search traffic from Google search engines.

That’s why every small change/update in the Google search algorithm becomes a hot news in webmaster communities. Google keyword planner (replaced with the Google keyword tool) is the most popular keyword research tool. But, unfortunately, there are lots of disadvantages you get when you use it for blogging.

One of those is you don’t get tons of relative keywords that lots of people actually type in Google. Here’s an example.

Let’s say you want to find out related keywords for ”healthy foods” keyword.

healthy foods keyword research
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What Google keyword planner suggests to you is exact match related keywords such as list of healthy foods, healthy food article, healthy food…., healthy food…., etc.

related keywords
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What you commonly see is that they all have at least one word you searched for. In our example, I only use two-word phrase: healthy foods.

But, you don’t get the actual names of foods. They are the real gold-nuggets that you are missing when you use only Google keyword planner for keyword research. Mostly those keywords have high monthly search volume with low SEO keyword competition.

Google keyword planner is mainly made for advertisers, not bloggers, content marketers and freelancers. So you can see at Google Keyword planner as an advertiser’s point of view. Here’s how to think as an advertiser when keyword research with the Google keyword planner.

Step #1: Enter your target keyword/keyword phrase into the search box, or you can use the existing keyword list too. There are a few options you can use. You can learn more about search options over here.

Step #2: Pay your attention to related keywords.

Keyword trend: This is one of best ways to determine any keyword’s popularity. Yes, you can’t find upcoming keyword phrases through Google keyword planner. But, you can get a clue about existing keywords. Here is the screenshot of keyword trend of one keyword phrase.

keyword trend
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Its popularity increases nicely over time.

Keyword trend is a good metric in Google keyword planner that can tell you how much effective it is to use a keyword in your content marketing campaigns.

Avg. Monthly searches: Now all the stats you see are for exact match keywords, not for broad match keywords. So this is a very good way to find out popular keywords phrases and search volume for each keyword you have.

Competition: This metric is for advertisers. But, PPC competition is a good method to determine the keyword effectiveness. In other words, filter out low-quality keywords that don’t drive money for your site. If lots of competitors fight/bid for one keyword more often, which means that particular keyword converts pretty well. Ex: free photos vs how to get photos vs buy stock photos or photos for commercial use

When I first started blogging, I thought more traffic means, more money I would make. Although that is true, in terms of conversions, more traffic doesn’t mean more conversions/sales you will get. What actually matters is that how much quality traffic your landing pages receive from search engines. (Search engine traffic is one of best and worm traffic sources that you’d ever have)

In above example, people who search “free photos” may not probably have any idea to buy photos. And “how to get photos” is an informational keyword that coverts better than “freebie” keywords. And the last one is the best keyword that could generate more sales.

CPC: Google keyword planner shows it as the suggested bid. This metric is also similar to PPC competition. This is clearer than PPC competition, because you get a clear idea what keyword converts better in numbers.

Check out this screenshot taken from Google keyword planner for “stock photos” keyword. As you can see “cheap stock photos” is the highest converting keyword. Why not? people who search this keyword are, in most cases buyers who probably have credit-cards in hand! Keyword prefixes such as “cheap”, “best” and suffixes such as “discount”, “review”, “bonus” convert pretty well.

keywords list
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Istock photo and big stock photo are websites/brands and so people who search this keywords could probably already registered at these websites. But, stock photo free is a freebie keyword, so it is tough to convert this traffic into paying customers rather than others.

All in all, Google keyword planner is a must have SEO tool in your arsenal surely. It’s free to use, but you should have a Google AdWords account that you can set up in minutes.

#2: Google Search Console – Find what work/don’t work for you


google webmaster tools
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Google Search Console is a most ignored one of best SEO tools you will ever have. In fact, I was able to increase my traffic by increasing the CTR, finding what keywords drive more traffic to my sites through Google Search Console.

With Google Search Console tools, you can change the SERP appearance of your websites in Google search engines. Ex: block resources, demote sitelinks, control crawling & Indexing settings, find HTML improvements, scan for mobile-design errors.

In previous few months, Google added more tools to Google Search Console (previously known as Google Search Console). Now Mobile-friendly design is an official Google ranking factor. And you can disavow low quality backlinks or spam backlinks by using Google Search Console’s disavow tool very easily.

As I said in this blog post, my favorite section in Google Search Console is the “Search traffic” section where you can find lots of hidden nuggets for your next SEO campaigns. This was helped me to increase the rank of some buyer keywords from N/R to number one position within a few weeks.

But, remember, you cannot find some keywords from Google keyword planner. So, if you didn’t set up Google Search Console account for your blog, I recommend you to set it up right now. Check this detailed guide on How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console for further details.

Google Search Console is one of my weekly or daily using online search engine optimization tools in my arsenal. Why? Because it works!  It helps me. So it will help you too.

#3: SEMrush – Make search engines work for you


semrush website
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I have written tons of articles related to SEMrush. It’s is one of best SEO tools you’d encounter in your blogging journey. There are lots of SEO tools in SEMrush that you can check out one by one over here. You can read my detailed SEMrush review here.

SEMrush is a search engine marketing tool which provides a few tools and services for internet marketers and webmasters alike. Here are a few commonly used SEO tools for blogging.

  • Keywords research: Unlike Google keyword planner, you can get more than 800 related keywords from SEMrush keyword tool. What I most like feature in SEMrush keyword tool is that it provides untapped SEO keywords by most bloggers. And the stats of keywords give you an idea how effective the keywords are and which regional traffic converts better.
  • Competitor analysis: This is another favorite feature that will analyze your competitors and gives you a detailed competitor analysis report. This includes website traffic, traffic, cost, traffic sources, top pages, number of backlinks, etc. if you want reverse engineer SEO strategies, I recommend you to start with SEMrush competitor analysis tool.
  • Keyword rank tracking: Have you ever thought that Google Search Control keyword data is the only way to track keyword rank positions? Even Google Search Control provides some data, they are not most updated and most correct. What you’ll actually get is the average rank position. But, with SEMrush keyword tracking tool, you can track every keyword in your site, and if you want, you can track competitor websites keywords too. SEMrush will send the weekly tracking report to your email account.
  • SEO audit: Website SEO audit is one of tedious and most-time consuming tasks you will ever have to do as a webmaster. But, with the help of SEMrush website audit tool, you can do a SEO audit of your entire website with a few hours. SEMrush spider will crawl your website and find errors and report you neatly and instantly. Check out below image for an instance.
  • Backlink checker tool: Yes, there are lots of backlink checker tools online. But, with one SEMrush account, you get this feature too. What you’ll actually have to do is input your or competitor’s website/web page address to find inbound links. You’ll get lots of information about backward links as same as other backlink checker tools provide.
semrush website audit
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Not only SEMrush helped me to increase my website organic traffic, but also made me an intelligent SEO guy. Before using SEMrush, I never thought the advantages of reverse engineering in search engine optimisation. But, now I know that I can even check out competitor website’s keywords that I might be missing from my content marketing campaigns. Here’s a detailed guide on how to find out keywords that your competitor websites are using that i posted a few months ago/ I recommend you to check it out because it will surely help jump your search traffic within a few weeks.

You can create a SEMrush free account over here. But, if you’re a serious marketer, you should purchase a SEMrush paid package. It will charge you a few bucks per month, but it is paid off. Do you want a SEMrush Pro account for free? So click this link and create your Pro account for free (Limited Time Offer. Hurry up!). Learn more about your SEMrush free trial account from this article.

#4: LongTailPro Platinum – Long tail keyword research software


long tail pro
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Long tail SEO is the best, easiest way to rank your blog posts on the first spot of search engines for your target keywords. With Long Tail Pro keyword software, you can generate hundreds of long tail keywords that are very easy to rank for.

Here are a few benefits you’d receive by using LongTailPro as your niche marketing SEO software.

  • Generate keywords by number of words: As you have probably experienced that lengthier a keyword phrase is, it’s easier to rank on Google’s first page. Ex: promote ClickBank products vs how to promote clickbank products without a website
  • Blog post ideas: You would be amazed seeing some related long tail keywords that LTP suggests you. They are actually blog post ideas that can give you higher CTR and conversion rate rather than just a long tail keyword.
  • Filter keywords by CPC: Do you monetize your blog through PPC advertising networks such as Google adsense? Then why not start using LongTailPro, because you can even find long tail keywords with a $100 average CPC? Lots of niche blogs use Long tail Pro as a keyword tool to find out high CPC keywords which make them tons of money just from a few clicks and sales.
  • Competitor analysis: LongTail Pro has an inbuilt competitor analysis tool which shows Google, Bing & Yahoo title competition, Moz rank etc. With these stats you can determine how much it is easy to rank your blog post for the target keyword phrase in search engines.

LongTailPro is a must have SEO tool for blogging, because it does not only increase your traffic, but also conversions too. Download LongTail Pro software to your computer with a limited time $20 discount offer over here. Learn more details about this LongTailPro discount code from here.

#5: Google Analytics – Keep in touch with your blog


google analytics logo
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Google Analytics is another free product by Google for webmasters. It starts charging you once your blog exceeds 10 millions hits per month. But, if your blog doesn’t get ten million hits per month, you don’t need to worry about Google analytics premium packages.

Google analytics allows you to track visitor count, activities, behaviors and also conversion rates of your goals. Google Analytics also has a tool similar to heat maps which lets you find out how your readers interact with your website.

If you haven’t set up the Google Analytics for your website/blog, I recommend you to set it up now over here. Watch this YouTube video, if you want to learn how to set it up within next five minutes.

#6: Ubersuggest – Generate boosting keywords


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Ubersuggest is another on-page topic keyword targeting tool which allows you to generate hundreds of thousands of secondary keywords which will boost the prominence of primary keyword. Sound weird? I will explain more about on-page topic targeting SEO tools a little bit later.

Basically Ubersuggest scrapes keywords from Google autocomplete and related searches. Many of these keywords have lots of monthly search volume. But, the one benefit of using these keywords is that it increases the prominence of the primary keyword.

For an instance, let’s say your target primary keyword is “windows os”. Windows os keyword has a 12,000 monthly search volume in Google search engines alone. But, as you know this is a high competitive keyword. And you can’t include this keyword hundreds of times into your webpage. You know why? Yes, because of keyword stuffing penalty!

So what do you do? Go to Fiverr and order 30,000 blog comment backlinks or 2000+ article backlinks with the exact anchor text?

That is not the right way to go with, right? You can actually take your website to at least 3rd page by utilizing proper on-page SEO techniques. Here’s how Ubersuggest can help you increase the SERP rank of your blog post.

Go to and enter your target keyword and click the search button after filling out the captcha code.

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Here are a few secondary keywords under character C.

scraped secondary keywords
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Look at some keywords that have the main keyword included. They are the on-topic targeting keywords or secondary keywords. These keywords not only get some monthly search volume, but also increase the prominence of the primary keyword. It’s well explained in this article of Moz Blog.

If you search “Windows OS” keyword on, you will find a few similar keywords you found on Ubersugget at the bottom of the first search result page.

google serp related searches
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#7: RankReveal – Reverse Rank Tracking


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I have used a few rank tracking tools. Every tool of them work in a same way. That is you want to add keywords you want to track. We know that we can get currently ranking keywords from Google Search Console. But, Google Search Console takes a few days to show up the most updated keywords and it won’t show you every keyword your website is ranking for.

The especial thing about RankReveal is that it uses Reverse Rank Tracking technology. Reverse Rank Tracking technology is the latest technology to track keyword rankings. You don’t want moreover to include keywords to monitor their rankings. RankReveal will reverse engineer your website over hundreds of Google and Bing search engines and track every keyword your website is already ranking.

For an instance, let’s say this webpage ( is ranking for some keywords, but Google Search Console doesn’t show them to you. What you actually need to do is, go to your RankReveal account and start reverse tracking your webpage. Then RankReveal will use RankingGraph Data and find whether your webpage is already indexed in search engines and check for what keywords your post page ranks. RankingGraph consistently monitors every website ranking movement. So you get the most updated results.

What’s the most interesting part is that you will get more ranking keywords that you even didn’t include in your landing page. Then you can optimize the webpage for those keywords moreover using proper on-page SEO techniques.

Here are a few advantages you’d receive by using RankReveal reverse rank tracking tool.

  • Reverse Rank Tracking: No need anymore to add keywords to track.
  • Generate unknown, but ranking keywords: With reverse rank tracking technology, you can find keywords that your blog post is already ranking for, but need some boost to increase their SERP rank. You just need to optimize landing page for target keywords.
  • Find competitors newest keywords: Why do you wait weeks to find out your competitors latest keywords? With RankReveal reverse rank tracking technology, you can find competitor website’s latest keywords quicker rather than them. You can amaze them by outranking their every keyword!
  • Comprehensive Local Rank Tracking: Do you own a local business? or an offline business? RankReveal covers 175+ Google and Bing search engines across all 6 continents, so you can monitor all keyword rankings in every search engine you want very easily.

RankReveal is a very useful rank tracking tool, as it uses reverse rank tracking technology, you never want to worry about finding keywords. The best use of RankReveal is you can reverse engineer competitor websites and monitor every keywords and track at what positions they are ranking. This is a better way to steal others’ ranking keywords smoothly, legally!


In everyday approximately, two million blog posts are published to Internet only by WordPress powered blogs (think about total blog posts published to Internet in each day!). According to a study conducted a few years ago, Averagely two new blogs are created in each every second. That means you must try to stay ahead from your competiton, because you compete with millions of blog posts, not one or two. Else you won’t see a steady increase in your search traffic and revenue. Using specific tools makes it happen quicker and easier.

If you want to win the SEO game, get the #1 spot for your target keyword, so you should use SEO tools. Without using search engine optimization tools, it is actually a hard work to outrank your power hitters. The best thing is that there are lots of SEO tools for every aspect of search engine optimization such as keyword research, competitor analysis, tracking. Using the best SEO tools could save thousands of dollars from your pocket and of course your valuable time too.

These are the must have best SEO tools for blogging in 2015. I have used many of them in every content marketing campaign (text posts, videos, presentations etc) and got great results. If you use or know any other special SEO tool, please let me know in the comments.

So what is your best SEO tool in 2015? And why it is so special?

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About the author 

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  • These are really must-have tools for all bloggers and optimizers, especially the Google keyword planner, WMT and Analytics. Additionally we use Moz's Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs and SEO Profiler to find out linking opportunities. Another very important tool is Screaming Frog which could have been added to this list.

    • Yes, Nidhi, these are must have SEO tools. I use all the Google's webmaster products, not just because they are free, but also they are excellent SEO tools. OSE, Ahrefs, SEOProfiler, Majestic are also another great SEO tools related to link-building. I thought to add these tools too, but was unable to decide which one is the better!

      Yes, definitely ScreamingFrog is an important free SEO software which can save you hundreds of dollars and lots of time, if used it correctly. I will add it to this list. Nidhi, thanks for sharing your favorite tools.

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