Top 3 Must-Have Free Blogger SEO Tools for Blogging

In this article, you will find the top 3 best blogger SEO tools.

SEO Tools for Bloggers



I have written tons of articles related to Semrush. SEMRUSH is one of the best SEO tools you’d encounter in your blogging journey. There are lots of SEO tools in Semrush that will help you, from market exploration to site audit to link building.

You can check out all Semrush features one by one over here. Also, you can read my detailed Semrush review here.

Semrush is an online visibility enhancement tool that provides many tools and services for improving search engine ranking for bloggers, webmasters, and any online business. Here are a few commonly used SEO tools for blogging.

  • Keywords research: Semrush Keywords Research tool is one of the best in the industry. One fascinating (and important) thing is Semrush updates its database on a daily basis so that you can get the most accurate keywords data. It makes Semrush is one of the best keywords research tools for bloggers.
  • Competitor analysis: This is another favorite feature that will analyze your competitors and gives you a detailed competitor analysis report. This includes total traffic volume, traffic cost, referring pages, top pages, number of backlinks, etc. if you want reverse engineer SEO strategies, I recommend starting with the Semrush competitor analysis tool. (Read my guide on competitor keywords research to find out ways to use Semrush to reverse engineer competitors best SEO practices)
  • Keyword rank tracking: Have you ever thought that Google Search Console’s data is the only way to track keyword rank positions? Even Google Search Console provides some data, they are not the most updated and most accurate. What you’ll actually get is the average rank position. But, with the Semrush keyword tracking tool, you can track every keyword your site is ranking for. And if you want, also you can track competitor websites keywords too. Semrush will send the weekly tracking report to your email account.
  • Website Audit: Website SEO audit is one of the tedious and most-time consuming tasks you will ever have to do as a webmaster. But, with the help of the Semush website audit tool, you can conduct an SEO audit of your entire website with a few hours. Semrush spider will crawl your website and find errors and report you neatly and instantly. Check out the below image for an instance.
  • Link Building Tool: Yes, there are lots of backlink checker tools online. But, with one Semrush account, you get this feature too. What you’ll actually have to do is input your or competitor’s website address to find inbound links. You’ll get lots of information about backward links as same as other backlink checker tools provide.

Semrush helped me increase my website organic traffic, but it also made me a smart SEO guy. Before using Semrush, I never thought about the advantages of reverse engineering in search engine optimization.

But, now I know that I can even check out the competitor website’s keywords that I might be missing from my content marketing campaigns. Here’s a detailed guide on how to find out keywords that your competitor websites are using that I posted a few months ago. I recommend you to check it out because it will surely help jump your search traffic within a few weeks.

Also, I wrote an entire article on How to Use Semrush to improve SEO a while ago. I recommend checking out that article too.

You can create a Semrush free account over here. But, if you’re a serious marketer, you should purchase a Semrush paid package. It will charge you a few bucks per month, but it will be paid off.

Do you want a Semrush Pro account for free? So click this link and create your Pro account for free (Limited Time Offer. Hurry up!). Learn more about your Semrush free trial account from this article.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the best SEO tools for blogging.

It’s kind of a must-have SEO tool by every webmaster.


Here are a few features of Google Search Console (GSC) that will help your blog.

  • Find keywords your site is ranking for — Google Search Console lists up to 1,000 top keywords your site is ranking on Google. And it also provides tools to find where the most search traffic originated (the geo-locations), search traffic source (search vs image vs video), and more.
  • Find out issues associated with your site — GSC Coverage report list potential issues associated with your site. Some common issues are tool small text, indexing issues, Robots.txt blocks, etc.,
  • Submit a sitemap to Google — A sitemap allows Googlebot to understand the structure of your site. Therefore, it makes it easier for Googlebot to crawl your site faster so your content will be indexed without being lost.
  • Enhancement tools — There are many ways you can use Google Search Console to improve the search appearance. A few ways are by making sure the rich snippets, site links search box, and breadcrumbs are working properly.
  • Remove unnecessary URLs from search
  • Inspect URL — Analyze URLs and find out coverage issues etc.

Google Search Console is a must-have blogger SEO tool. Also, it can be used as a keywords tool to find new keywords and improve the SERP rankings of existing ones.

Click here to create your Google Search Console account.

WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor is probably the best SEO audit software for bloggers.

Why is this SEO audit software is a must-have SEO tool?

There are a few reasons.

  • Find technical SEO issues and remedies — Website Auditor is very clever in identifying SEO issues on your site and defining how to rectify them.
  • Find external broken links — You can find external broken links and images that you have already used on your site.
  • Analyze site structure — Get to know how interlinked and how properly your site is structured in terms of internal linking, page rank, etc.
  • Optimize content — Website Auditor has an in-built content optimization tool. It provides tips to optimize your content for keywords from heading level to the page content level.
  • TF-IDF — Get keyword suggestions based on the powerful TF-IDF machine learning mechanism.

Watch this video to know what TF-IDF means. (and how search engines like Google use it to rank content on SERPs)

WebSite Auditor is one of the best SEO audit software in the world, and I personally believe it’s the best. Learn more in this review about WebSite Auditor.

Click here to download Website Auditor SEO software.

Final Words on Blogger SEO Tools

Every day approximately, two million blog posts are published to the Internet only by WordPress-powered blogs (think about total blog posts published to the Internet each day!).

According to a study conducted a few years ago, two new blogs are created each second on average. That means you must try to stay ahead of your competition. Why?

Because you compete with millions of blog posts, not one or two, else you won’t see a steady increase in your search traffic and revenue.

The blogger SEO tools won’t ensure your site ranks at the top place of search engines but will work as an assistant and a helpful tool to fulfill your plans.

Want to find out what keywords competitors are using? Do not guess. Use a competitive analytics tool like SEMRUSH.

Want to improve search engine appearance and make it so easier to search engines to find your site? Use Google Search Console.

Curious about what links are broken and how to fix easy to advanced technical SEO errors? Use WebSite Auditor.

These are the must-have best SEO tools for blogging. Aren’t there other SEO tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, KeywordTool?

Of course, there are!

But the SEO tools I mentioned above can do almost all things that other SEO tools do separately.

And some SEO tools for bloggers are free.

Give them a try and see how they can be helpful.

So what is your best SEO tool for blogging? And why is it so special?


2 thoughts on “Top 3 Must-Have Free Blogger SEO Tools for Blogging”

  1. These are really must-have tools for all bloggers and optimizers, especially the Google keyword planner, WMT and Analytics. Additionally we use Moz's Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs and SEO Profiler to find out linking opportunities. Another very important tool is Screaming Frog which could have been added to this list.

    • Yes, Nidhi, these are must have SEO tools. I use all the Google's webmaster products, not just because they are free, but also they are excellent SEO tools. OSE, Ahrefs, SEOProfiler, Majestic are also another great SEO tools related to link-building. I thought to add these tools too, but was unable to decide which one is the better!

      Yes, definitely ScreamingFrog is an important free SEO software which can save you hundreds of dollars and lots of time, if used it correctly. I will add it to this list. Nidhi, thanks for sharing your favorite tools.


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