PromoRepublic Review: Get Agency-Level Social Media Post Content

In this PromoRepublic review, you will find out if PromoRepublic is worth spending your time and money on, while there are numerous social media marketing platforms such as ContentStudio.

The days are gone when achieving excellent organic reach for every post of yours was easier. Nowadays, every business, even local brick-and-mortar businesses, is on Facebook and other social networks.

There is no option but to use social media marketing apps to stay competitive and gain an edge over the competition.

According to many studies, social media pages’ organic reach and engagement have decreased drastically over the years.

So, how do you ensure you get the results you want through social media marketing?

You have two options:

  1. Hire someone to design stunning, eye-catching also educational graphics (Costier and time-consuming)
  2. Use a tool or service that provides high-quality graphics for your niche.

If your choice is the latter, PromoRepublic comes conveniently. PromoRepublic cut off marketing budget, time, and efforts for content creation by providing hundreds of thousands of high-quality social media posts.

PromoRepublic Review: Is this Social Media Marketing Tool Worth it?

In this PromoRepublic review, you will learn everything you need to know about the PromoRepublic app, including pros, cons, use cases, and best replacements.

What is PromoRepublic?

PromoRepublic logo
PromoRepublic Logo

The name does not suggest what this tool is capable of. PromoRepublic is an online service that provides tools and features to empower your social media marketing campaigns uniquely.

With PromoRepublic, basically, you can:

  • Create unique graphics for social media like in Vista Create (formally known as Crello) and Canva
  • Schedule and publish social media posts like you are able in Hootsuite, Buffer, SocialBee, Publer, and ContentStudio
  • Get PromoRepublic to manage your social media accounts and compose unique content like SocialBee’s Concierge services
  • Get unique content for special occasions like holidays, events, picture quotes, articles, animated graphics, and stories like no one else!

I have been a user of PromoRepublic since 2017 and was very happy with its content and quality but not what features it offered over the years. I will discuss all of them in this PromoRepublic review. So, make sure to read every part of this review of PromoRepublic to find out if an investment is a good idea.

How to use PromoRepublic

It is very easy to use PromoRepublic once you connected all necessary social media accounts/pages and set up time slots.

First of all, create your PromoRepublic account over here. Then verify your email address and connect your social account. As you can see, I connected to Pitiya’s Twitter.


Now you will see a screen similar to the below one. In this part, you can see there are several tools/sections on PromoRepublic.

PromoRepublic calendar
  1. Calendar
  2. Post Ideas
  3. Editor
  4. Statistics
  5. Services

You can also see the “Create Post” button at the top of the right sidebar.

I will start with the Calendar view. This is where you will see all the posts scheduled to be published on your social channels.

PromoRepublic will determine the perfect timing to share each type of post on social media accounts. But, you can edit the time slots and add new spots by clicking the “Time Slot Settings” button at the top.

PromoRepublic time slots

When you click on the “Upcoming Events Tab,” you will see all the special events for each day in your social media calendar!

PromoRepublic upcoming events calendar
PromoRepublic upcoming events log.

You will see that PromoRepublic has listed all the essential events and curated some high-quality graphics so that you can instantly share or schedule.

When you click on a picture post, you will be directed to the “PromoRepublic Editor,” where you can add text, emojis, and links and edit the graphic if needed.

Poster of PromoRepublic

Click on the image to edit the graphic.

Now you see the graphic editor with that you can edit the graphic and add new content such as your logo, custom text, etc. I will talk more about PromoRepublic’s Editor a while in this PromoRepublic review.

Last but not least, select the social channels and choose an option from Schedule, Publish now, or Queue. However, you must choose the “Schedule” option if you share any event post because Queuing or publishing posts now won’t be ideal.

You can repeat the post by enabling it, as shown in the screenshot below.

PromoRepublic post options
PromoRepublic post options

That is all. Now you can head over to the Calendar and see the scheduled posts.

PromoRepublic post calendar
PromoRepublic post calendar

PromoRepublic Features

Being a simple yet powerful social media posting tool, PromoRepublic offers several features that will be helpful for busy marketers. I will list some of the best ones in this PromoRepublic review.

Post Ideas

One area where PromoRepublic especially stands out from the competition is the abundance of post ideas. In reality, most marketers do not have enough time or money to get high-quality social media graphics that match their niche and context. But, PromoRepublic makes it easier by listing all the post ideas for each category.

In the Post Ideas section, there are several parts:

  1. Upcoming events
  2. Recommended for you
  3. Animated
  4. Stories
  5. Articles
  7. Other: Polls, Greetings, Contests, Promotions, Educational Content, Facebook covers, and Mini contests

In the “All” section of PromoRepublic Post Ideas, you will see a mix of post content from all the above categories. Watch the short video below to see some awesome graphic ideas.


Although PromoRepublic Editor is not powerful enough like the popular graphic design tools such as Pixteller, Canva, and Crello, it can do basic stuff well.

PromoRepublic graphic editor
PromoRepublic graphic editor

Here are several things you can do with the graphic editor:

  • Directly get post ideas or social media post templates
  • Search background images
  • Add objects such as shapes, emojis, lines, web icons, frames, buttons, stickers, and banners.
  • Select the graphic dimensions from 10 premade sizes or create your own
  • Save the graphic, download it to your device or use it instantly

As a social media enthusiast and online marketer, I have used many visual designing tools for several years. While PromoRepublic’s Editor does basic things, in my opinion, it still lacks some important stuff that is important to today’s marketing trends and space. Here are some of them:

  • No background remover
  • Limited text editing and formatting options
  • No GIF image creation capabilities
  • No magic resize feature like Vista Create, where you can instantly change the image size without designing the image again.
  • No video uploads etc.
  • Limited background images and templates


The latest feature I want to talk about shortly is Statistics. I currently use ContentStudio and have used Hootsuite, Bufferapp, etc., in the past. But, when it comes to analytics, PromoRepublic does not offer reporting features like its competitors.

PromoRepublic Pricing

PromoRepublic does not offer any free plan. Its paid plans start from $49 per month. See the screenshot below.

PromoRepublic Pricing plans
PromoRepublic Pricing plans and limits

PromoRepublic also has a solo plan that includes three social media pages and costs $9 per month (billed as $108 annually). The significant differences between the Standard and Professional plans are the number of social media pages, team members/clients, and collaboration options.

Is PromoRepublic for Whom?

Should you pay $49 per month for PromoRepublic to manage up to 10 pages, many social media management tools like Hootsuite, AgoraPulse, Buffer, MeetEdgar, and ContentStudio? Well, it depends. If you:

  • And your business heavily depends on social media marketing, PromoRepublic can increase organic engagement through high-quality graphics
  • Want to offer social media management services to your clients and make money as a digital marketing agency or freelancer? PromoRepublic would be a good option.
  • Want to get post ideas for special days and events? PromoRepublic is up there.

But, if you are a blogger and a marketer who want a social media marketing tool with powerful features like automation, content curation, etc., PromoRepublic is not for you. For example, ContentStudio, one of the best social media and content marketing tools, offers many features for a $49/mo plan. Learn more in this ContentStudio review.

PromoReplubic Alternatives

PromoRepublic is not the only social media marketing tool out there. In fact, many tools like PromoRepublic offer similar unique features while giving you the best value for money. I will list some of the best contenders in this PromoRepublic review.


It is one of the best social media and content marketing tools for marketers, agencies, and small-to-large businesses. ContentStudio has several significant modules. They can not only replace PromoRepublic but also provide you with a notable advantage over ones who already use PromoRepublic.

They are:

  • Social Media and Blog Post Composer: ContentStudio is capable of publishing content to major social media networks and blogging platforms like Medium, WordPress, Tumblr, and Shopify, while PromoRepublic can only post content to several social media sites
  • Social media planner: Unlike in PromoRepublic, where you could only see the calendar view, ContentStudio provides two more views: 1) List view and 2) Feed view. This makes ContentStudio a better alternative to PromoRepublic post planner.
  • Automation: One of the unique features that ContentStudio has that PromoRepublic lacks
  • Universal social inbox: Get all social media discussions and messages in one place. PromoRepublic does not have this feature.
  • Discover content: Explore curated content. While PromoRepublic provides premade content, ContentStudio lists trending content on each niche. But, if you were looking for a social media tool with premade graphics, PromoRepublic wins over ContentStudio.
  • Influencers: Take your influencer marketing to the next level with ContentStudio’s advanced search and data
  • Analytics and reporting: ContentStudio is ahead when it comes to statistics and reporting

PromoRepubic vs ContentStudio

Social accounts1010
Graphic EditorYesYes
Recycling, Automated postingYesYes
Time slotsYesYes
Content Suggestions LibraryYesNo
Publishing & SchedulingYesYes
Social media influencersNoYes
Social InboxNoYes
Hashtag suggestionsNoYes
Blog postingNoYes
Social media automationNoYes
Editorial CalendarYesYes
Content DiscoveryNoYes
Link shorteningNoYes
PromRepublic’s Standard plan ($49/mo) and ContentStudio Pro ($49/mo) compared

Learn more about ContentStudio in this article and get a discount on ContentStudio from this article.


Another social media marketing tool that can replace PromoRepublic.

  • SocialBee is a low-cost social media management tool. Its pricing starts from $19/mo.
  • Share your content on major social media channels, including Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business.
  • Create evergreen/share-once posting
  • Like in PromoRepublic, you can set up a custom posting schedule
  • SocialBee allows using custom URL shortening services such as Replug, Bitly, PixelMe, and Rocketlink to track performance

PromoRepublic vs. SocialBee

Here is the comparison table between PromoRepublic and SocialBee.

social media accounts1010
Social media posting, schedulingYesYes
Content Suggestions LibraryYesNo
Graphics EditorYesYes
Automated postingYesYes
Time slotsYesYes
Twitter audience toolsNoYes
PromoRepublic Standard ($49/mo) and SocialBee Accelerate ($39mo) compared

More PromoRepublic alternatives

Here are more PromoRepublic contenders to review and see if they fit your business environment and needs.

  • Publer
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • AgoraPulse
  • SproutSocial
  • Sendible
  • SociaMonials
  • MeetEdgar

Pros and Cons

In this PromoRepublic review, I talked about how to use PromoRepublic, some features, and the best competitors. As a user of PromoRepublic and several other tools, my conclusion is to review on PromoRepublic positives and drawbacks.


  • Content ideas library of 100,000+ Post Ideas for 17+ industries
  • 6,000+ templates with images and GIFs
  • Built-in Holiday Calendar
  • Graphic editor
  • Workspaces
  • Curated article content


  • Limited editing options on the graphics editor
  • Only the English language is supported
  • No content ideas for other languages
  • No link tracking services and analytics is basic


  • PromoRepublic provides content creation services for social media. The pricing starts from $250. It includes on-brand visuals, multi-format content (Pictures, GIFs, Videos), and post templates
  • PromoRepublic Whitelabel: Use your logo, domain, and customized emails to your customers and sell social content creation services.
  • There was a PromoRepublic lifetime deal where people could buy a PromoRepublic subscription for a one-time fee on Appsumo.

Conclusion PromoRepublic Review

PromoRepublic makes social media content creation not a problem anymore by providing hundreds of thousands of post suggestions with over 6000 graphics ready to publish.

I bought PromoRepublic when it offered a lifetime deal (LTD) because of its vast extension of the premade high-quality content library. They drastically improved the engagements of my social media pages.

But, one of the significant downsides is PromoRepublic’s lack of features and innovation compared with competitors like ContentStudio.

So, what are your reviews on PromoRepublic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

PromoRepublic Review
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Content Suggestions Library
  • Events Calendar
  • UI & UX
  • Value for money


PromoRepublic makes the social media marketing joyful again by making content creation is not a problem anymore! With over 100,000 unique post suggestions for 17+ industries, PromoRepublic is a reliable social media marketing platforms for social to medium sized businesses, agencies, franchises, and direct salespeople who want cut costs for social media content creation while getting better content. 


  • Content ideas library
  • events calendar
  • Graphics editor
  • Posts calendar
  • Instagram posts with hashtags
  • Read-t0-post content
  • Save time
  • Mobile apps (for Instagram posting)


  • Limited options on the graphic editor
  • Not multilingual

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