Top 7 Professional Modern Premium Blogger Templates, Themes

When you create a blog on, you might have some questions in your mind. What should be my niche? Who is my target audience? What blog design should I use, or how can I monetize my Blogspot?

In any blogger’s mind, choosing an attractive and user-friendly template for his/her blog is one of the top questions. It’s not only to attract visitors but also to get the attention of search engines as fast as possible because heavy-weight themes tend to have less frequent search engine crawls.

I have seen many bloggers changing their blog templates repeatedly. In fact, it is not a good and recommended way of blogging. Because of changing the blog template frequently, you can’t pay close attention to other activities such as content marketing, search engine optimization, and competitor keyword analysis.

In my guide to Blogger SEO tips, I discussed why choosing a good professional theme should be one of your priorities. Because, at the end of the day, it matters.

Most professional bloggers use premium templates or premium themes. Others hire someone to design their blogs. In Blogger, you can use a professional blogger template for your blog. They’re worthwhile buying. Here’s why you should buy premium blogger templates.

Why should you use a Premium Blogger Template?

You can also find free premium blogger templates on the internet. However, you will not receive any benefits from using free blogger templates. One thing is the support. The template designer will go to another project after creating the template.

He/she doesn’t have enough time to talk with you and may not fix the bugs on the earlier versions of the free template. But buy a premium blogger theme. The template designer will help you set up a premium blogger template on your website and make other settings, such as a custom Contact Us page in Blogger and Facebook comments widget box for Blogspot.

Not only that, you will be notified whenever they update the Blogger theme so that you can upgrade to the latest version for free and stay up with current trends such as AMP and PWA.

Premium Blogger templates are for professional bloggers who want to make a living from blogging. So, these professional templates are responsive and SEO-optimized templates.

Because premium blogger templates are SEO-optimized, you can easily optimize your posts for search engines.

Below are some professional premium themes for Blogger. Choose a professional Blogger template for your blog and stand out from other bloggers in your niche.

Professional Premium Blogger Themes


  • Flexible widgets for unlimited layouts — Magazine, Blogging, Portfolio, and many more designs for blog
  • Flexible header designs
  • Responsive design
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Article tools
  • Multiple comments systems integration
  • Custom Post Title Design
  • Shortcodes
  • Multilingual support
  • Reactions, Locations, Share Buttons, Author Box, Related Posts


  • 8 pre-made demos
  • Social media button builder
  • Responsive & mobile-friendly
  • Fully customizable
  • Easy-to-Use admin interface
  • 200+ Theme settings
  • No coding knowledge is required.
  • SEO friendly
  • Fast load
  • Well-documented with written and video tutorials
  • Beautiful typography
  • Multiple posts styles

Flat Mag – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template


Flat Mag is another Magazine premium blogger template. It has a flat User Interface. So, this theme is perfect for magazines or personal websites. One feature of the Flat Mag template is the ability for Unlimited Colour Customization. This will allow you to easily change the background, font, sidebar, and drop-down colors. See the Flat Mag template live from this link.

Flat Mag is a search engine-optimized blogger template for professional bloggers who want to drive more traffic from search engines. I know you want to increase traffic to your website fast. The flat Mag BlogSpot template has all the settings you need to optimize for search engines. Flat Mag is one of the best blogger templates for the photography niche you will ever have to buy. Purchase this premium Blogger Template over here.

Masala – Responsive Blogger Template


Masala is a simple blogger template yet very attractive. Check what the Masala blogger template looks like from this link. You can see it has a very attractive design and also supports all web browsers, including IE8+. Not only that, the Masala responsive blogger template has been configured with many features.

  • Easily customize all of the widgets.
  • 10+ Homepage combination with a unique design
  • Support RTL and all of the Languages
  • 100% Responsive template design
  • Automatic Image Resize
  • Automatic YouTube thumbnail Support
  • Responsive Ad support like Google Adsense, Buy/sell Ads, etc
  • Support Disqus and other comment systems
  • SEO Ready for all crawlers
  • Amazing Featured Post Widget
  • Recent Post Widget by label or all
  • Random Post Widget by label or all
  • Different Categories and Tags Design
  • Automatic Featured, Pretty, Liked posts

Togglr – Clean Responsive Blogger Template


This template is for you if you’re looking for an elegant template with Infinite Scroll enabled. One of the most wanted features for personal blogs is the infinite scroll. You keep scrolling down, and new posts stop loading until your blog ends. This template can be customized easily by the template designer. It’s very useful if you don’t know how the Blogger template works (e.g., data types).

Togglr is a very useful BlogSpot template for personal websites and photo blogs. Learn more about the Togglr template over here.

Apriezt – Responsive Magazine/News Blogger Theme


Apriezt is a blogger theme with a responsive layout and two styles: Boxed and Full-width. Among its various features, Blogger threaded comments with Emoticon, Two View Mode (List and Grid) width Cookies, and 3 Comment System (Blogger, Facebook, Disqus) are some that can stand out from others. Don’t forget to check its live demos over this link.

Purez – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template


Purez is a blogger theme with a responsive layout. Not only is Purez a responsive blogger template, but it is also an SEO-optimized template. Properly metadata optimized. So, search engine bots will crawl your blog more efficiently and rank your site higher than other unoptimized websites. It includes Blogger, Facebook, and Disqus comment systems. View its live preview from this link.

Closing Words on Professional Blogger Templates

You can see that all premium blogger templates are fully responsive and SEO-optimized. Also, some blogger templates have further features like RTL support, JSON search results, and third-party comment systems. You don’t need to add any further widgets to your blog because they are all included in these templates.

Search engines, especially Google, are aware of the design of your blog. Templates should be properly optimized for search engines and also for people. If your template doesn’t have the metadata enabled, it won’t get the attention of search engines. Also, if your site doesn’t support mobile devices, Google will not send more mobile traffic to your site. So, by using a premium responsive Blogger template, you will get all these benefits once.

What’s your best premium Blogger template? What’s your experience using a premium template? Share your thoughts in the comment form below.

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