Powr Alternatives: List of Top 10 Powr.io Competitors in 2024

When managing a website, you would have to add different functionalities and sections, such as embedding social feeds, displaying recent reviews about your business, showcasing a photo gallery, adding a before/after photo slider, and top clients’ logo carousel widget.

Powr is a great HTML web component provider for websites with over 60 apps in its widgets gallery. It allows you to create HTML widgets with its visual editor (no coding required), customize the appearance to adapt to your brand, and install it on any website builder platform or content management system.

However, Powr is not the only HTML website widgets generator out there. There are several services that provide unique HTML plugins for websites with a wide range of features.

In this article, you will find the best Power alternatives, their top features, demos, and costs.

What is Powr?

Powr.io homepage

Powr consists of 60+ apps in its apps library. Those are grouped into five different collections:

  1. Boost conversions: Form builder, Stripe Button, Pricing table, Plan Comparison
  2. Get more followers: Multi-slider, Instagram Feed, Microblog, Photo Gallery, Social Feed
  3. Collect information: Job board, Survey, Poll, Popup
  4. Support customers: FAQ, Comments, Contact form, Tabs
  5. Engage visitors: Weather, Music Player, Maps, Image slider, About us, Resume, Booking form, Sale promotion bar, Invoice form.

All Powr plugins are customizable, duplicatable, and installable on any site. Here are a few highlights of Powr:

  • Customization – Powr provides templates and customization options to help you make the widget as you want. Want to adjust the widget size, change the CTA button color, change the font family, or even translate the front-end text? Powr’s got them!
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript – Custom CSS & JS script insertion is a key highlight you hardly find on Powr competitors, even on the best Powr alternatives listed below. Go beyond basic customization, change the look & feel and add custom functionality when users interact with widgets.
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics integration – Not all websites like Powr.io let you integrate Google Tag Manager.
  • Add collaborators – Want to add your website developer to manage an app? Powr lets you do it hassle-free.
  • Dashboard – Manage all your widgets under one dashboard and, check statistics, duplicate an existing widget.
  • Powr widget installation code – The code comes with a universal code (i.e., JavaScript) and a unique HTML code (div tag with a unique identifier). You only need to load the JaScript code once on a page, even if you have installed multiple Powr widgets on a page. This means you can load the Powr’s script using a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager and minimize the impact on page loading time.
Powr maps editor
The widget editor for Powr’s Google Maps Plugin in which you can select the Map provider (Google Maps & OpenStreetMap), choose a map style, and customize the widget as you prefer.

Why should you replace Powr?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider an alternative to Powr:

Lack of plugin you want

You might not find the app in Powr even though it includes over sixty apps. For instance, Powr does not have a WhatsApp Chat plugin or a way to embed Amazon product reviews on a website.

Powr Apps
A glance at the list of available Powr plugins

Lack of features of a plugin

Even when Powr offers a specific plugin for a task, it still might not have the certain features you want. For example, the file embed widget lets you display only one file at a time. That means you have to create multiple Powr file embed widgets to display all other files. In that case, it is better to use a Powr competitor, such as Elfsight’s File Embed, which allows you to embed multiple files on a widget.

Powr File Embed widget creator
Powr’s File embed widget editor limits to only one file per widget


Another reason why you might want to find a solution similar to Powr plugins is the pricing structure.

Take a look at the pricing table for Powr’s Social Feed plugin.

Powr Social Feed App pricing

Even though the plugin is free to use, the vast majority of critical features are provided under a paid subscription plan. And essential features such as manual approval, which is an essential feature, particularly for social media widgets, come under the Business plan, costing $89.99/month.

For multiple Powr plugins, sure, the Business plan is worth the price. However, for a solitary social feed widget, the Business plan is not worth the price compared to the Powr alternatives listed below.

Try new widgets, styles, and customizations

Powr apps are great – They provide highly customizable features, and in some cases, such as in Countdown Timer, Powr provides many functionalities such as count up timer, and number counter, etc.; but, one thing I have experienced using Powr and Powr alternatives is that other services provide more templates and styles.

For instance, Powr’s File embed widget does not have templates. But Elfsight’s equivalent has several for different purposes Based on the file format and use case (e.g., linking to a user manual on a website).

Elfsight File Embed widget editor
File embed widget on Elfsight. Learn more about file viewer widgets in this article.

Manage clients’ projects

Also, when you manage clients’ marketing campaigns, you will have to use widgets such as testimonial sliders and event calendar widgets. Unfortunately, Powr does not have sufficient features to manage clients’ websites. For instance, you cannot check the view consumption of a specific plugin inside Powr.

Powr dashboard
Powr does not have a workspace or project management feature to organize widgets on the dashboard based on brands/websites. You will have to search for the app’s name in order to locate them.

Best Powr Alternatives to Use Today


Elfsight homepage

Elfsight is probably the best Powr alternative for many reasons. It consists of 80+ customizable widgets in a range of categories:

  1. Social: Social Feed, Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, TikTok Feed, LinkedIn Feed
  2. Reviews: All-in-one Reviews, Amazon Reviews, Aliexpress Reviews, eBay Reviews
  3. E-commerce: Click-to-call, Banner, PayPal Button, Popup
  4. Chats: All-in-one Chat, Telegram Chat, Instagram Chat, WhatsApp Chat, Facebook Chat
  5. Forms: Form Builder
  6. Video: Youtube Gallery, Vimeo Video Gallery
  7. Audio: Audio Player, Background Music, Podcast Player, Radio Player
  8. Tools: Cookie Consent, Photo Gallery, Restaurant Menu, Search, Back-to-top

Here’s the complete list of available widgets on Elfsight:


Here is an overview of Elfsight:

  • 80+ widgets and counting – If Powr does not have a certain widget for a specific task, Elfsight probably has it. Also, they have a list of upcoming apps (20+), and you can submit your request to add a specific widget if it’s not listed already.
  • Visual editor – You do not need coding skills or technical knowledge to create or manage HTML widgets inside Elfsight. The visual editor has customization options to change fonts, colors, widget sizes, translate text, and more.
  • Templates and designs – One of the main reasons Elfsight is the best alternative to Powr is its vast amount of high-quality templates. These templates are designed based on each design objective (e.g., minimalistic size for sidebar) and other aspects.
  • User-friendly interface – Elfsight’s user dashboard is intuitive, clutter-free, and organizes widgets based on app type, unlike Powr, where you have to search for an app name to find it.
  • Embed on anywhere, any platform – Like Powr, Elfsight’s widget installation code includes two parts: 1) JavaScript that loads resources and 2) Div tag with a unique identifier that loads the specific widget on a placement. Using JavaScript once, you can install as many widgets as possible on a single page.
  • Agency-friendly toolkit – One of the best tools for digital marketing agencies and enterprises that manage client projects. Check which domains a widget uses and its monthly consumption so you can charge accordingly.
  • Cheaper alternative to Powr – Elfsight’s paid plans begin from $5/month, and all plans (including the free tier) do not limit any feature, unlike Powr. So, you can try Elfsight’s free plan today and experience all the features. The only caveat is that the prices are based on monthly view consumption; hence, the more views your widget receives, the higher the cost of Elfsight will be.

Here’s the widget editor for Elfsight’s Photo Gallery app.

Powr vs Elfsight

In our detailed comparison of Powr versus Elfsight, you can find key differences and commonalities between the two services. Here are some highlights:

Unique apps to each other:

Email Countdown timerSocial Share Buttons
Count up timerAll-in-One Reviews
CommentsAll-in-One Chat
Photo FilterAI Form Builder
Product reviewsG2 Reviews
Photo WatermarkLine Chat
MicroblogAge Verification
GraphSocial Media Buttons

Powr includes unique apps like the email timer (embed countdown on emails), count-up timer (counting from a specific date & time), and custom product reviews system. At the same time, Elfsight comes with unique apps, such as All-in-One Reviews, that allow you to embed reviews from 20+ platforms on a page.

Also, the AI form builder of Elfsight lets you create form widgets using prompts. Use the widget creator below to experience it.

When comparing prices, both services have free plans. In Powr, price tiers are based on features, not view count. However, in Elfsight, prices are based on view count, not features.

Powr Popup pricing
The pricing plans for Powr’s Popup app. Features are limited based on the subscription tier.

The base price for an individual app in Powr usually starts from $5.49/month. The Business subscription allows you to use all the features of other 60+ apps.

ElfSight Popup Pricing
The pricing plan table for the Elfsight Popup app. Featured are not limited.

In Elfsight, the minimal price for a subscription is $5/month, and All-apps packages start from $15 per month. Learn more in the Elfsight pricing guide.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing
All Apps Pack pricing

Click here to try Elfsight.


CommonNinja website - Homepage

CommoNinja is another service similar to Powr that provides embeddable widgets for websites. Its widgets catalog consists of 100+ HTML widgets. Some of those are:

  1. User engagement: Bracket Maker, WhatsApp Chat, Telegram Chat, Social Media Links
  2. Get creative: Animated Number Counter, 3D Cards, Quotes Carousel
  3. Media: Image Poll, PDF Viewer
  4. Website components: Audio Player, Charts & Graphs, Comparison Tables, Comments, Google Maps, Progress Circles, Timeline, Live weather forecast widget
  5. Images & Galleries: Image Slider, Image Hotspot, Logo slider, Image Accordion, Image Magnifier
  6. Social Feeds: Threads Feeds, Social Media & RSS Feed, Twitch Feed, Twitter Feed, Tumblr Feed
  7. Boost sales: Countdown, Notification Bar, Product Blobs
  8. Forms: Contact form, Popup builder, RSVP Form, Petition Form, Consent Form
  9. Reviews: Google Reviews, Airbnb Reviews, Tripadvisor Reviews, Sitejabber Reviews
  10. Popups, bars & Buttons: Coupon bar, Cookie consent bar, Slide-in Panel, What’s New Popup, Nudge Button, Right-click protection
  11. Lists & cards: Flip cards, Info list, Team member list
Commonninja Widget Catalog
CommonNinja’s Widget Catalog


Here are a few aspects CommonNinja stands out:

  • 100+ widgets and counting – CommonNinja provides over one hundred widgets, ranging from collecting data to converting visitors into customers. If you could not find a widget on Powr, you could most likely find it on CommonNinja.
  • Projects management – Create separate projects for each website or brand you manage and organize all the widgets inside each project. Also, you can add specific collaborators, share widgets through a unique URL, and more.
  • Templates, layouts, and skins – All CommonNinja widgets come with premade templates, layouts, and skins you can click and change to appear seamlessly.
  • Visual editor – Customize widgets as you want on a granular level (i.e., each element of the web component) by choosing the correct option from the left-side panel in your visual editor. Also, you can preview widgets on mobile, tablet, and desktop before publishing. Change the look of a widget further by using custom CSS.
  • Embed anywhere – Like Powr, all CommonNinja widgets can be installed on any HTML website by simply copying and pasting the installation code. It comes with universal JavaScript code and a unique div identifier.

Powr vs CommonNinja

Both services provide unique widgets for each other. Check out the table below for some instances:

Email Countdown timerCalendar
Count up timerNews Ticker
Image ResizerTimeline
Photo FilterProcess
Product Reviews3D Cards
Photo WatermarkProgress Bars
MicroblogHeadline with Background Image
Photo EditorCorner Button

In numbers, CommonNinja stands out over Powr as it provides more widgets. However, Powr provides more features in specific apps in some cases. For example, the countdown timer in CommonNinja is limited to a standard countdown timer with two time types, evergreen and to a specific date & time.

CommonNinja Countdown Timer widget editor

But the Countdown timer in Powr lets you create a unique countdown timer for each visitor, a number counter timer, and more. See the screenshot below for reference:


As a Powr alternative, CommonNinja lets you create almost all the widgets Powr provides, plus more. And features such as widget analytics, sharing widgets with a unique URL, and projects will be helpful in many cases.

CommonNinja Project Dashboard

When comparing prices of CommonNinja and Powr, both provide a free plan. But, those free plans are limited in features. It costs $89.99 per month in Powr to try all the widgets, while it costs $75 per month to do the same in CommonNinja.

CommonNinja app bundle pricing

Also, CommonNinja’s pricing (especially for single apps) can be confusing as they tend to change over the app and number of apps.

Click here to try CommonNinja.


Widgio website

Widgio is another no-code website widget creator, with over 65 widget types in its library. Some of its widgets are:

  1. Chat: All-in-One Chat, Discord Chat, Telegram Chat, RumbleTalk Chat, WhatsApp Chat
  2. Reviews: All-in-One Reviews, Amazon Reviews, Google Reviews, VouchedFor Reviews
  3. E-commerce: Popup, PayPal Buttons, Price Slider
  4. Social: Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, Social Sharing, Social Feed, Social Media Icons
  5. Content: File Embed, RSS News Feed, Team Showcase, Weather, Typewriter Text
  6. Other tools: Age Verification, Back to Top Link button, QR Code Generator, Frequently Asked Questions


Here are key aspects of Widgio:

  • 65+ widgets – You can find similar widgets of Powr inside Widgio. From countdown timers to website chat tools, there are numerous apps you can try today for free.
  • Templates – All Widgio widgets come with predesigned templates that you can customize from the visual editor.
  • Edit widgets – The visual editor allows you to change color schemes, fonts, sizes, and more.
  • Install on any website – Widgio widget embed code comes with JavaScript script and HTML div tag with a unique identifier. You can load the JavaScript part sitewide and embed widgets placing the HTML tag where you want to display it.

Powr vs Widgio

Both Powr and Widgio offer common widgets such as countdown timers, popups, Facebook Messenger Chat, and Google Maps widgets for websites. Here are some widgets unique to each:

Email Countdown timerSpotify Player
AppointmentsRumbleTalk Chat
ECommerceReddit Social Feed
GraphSocial Media Icons
Product Reviews3D Cards
Notification BarText-Type
MicroblogViber Chat
YouTube GalleryUdemy Reviews
Comparing the quality and quantity of HTML widgets provided by both platforms, Powr stands out as its widgets are more feature-rich, comprehensive, and customizable further with custom CSS and JS.
Powr Microblog widget editor
Powr’s Microblog widget editor – Find templates and editable elements

Widgio widgets look old-fashioned and do not have modern-looking templates or advanced customization options.

Widgio Back to Top plugin editor
Widgio’s Back to Top button widget editor – Consists of a limited number of features and customization options

Widgio has two pricing packages for single widgets and Widget bundles.

Widgio single widgets pricing

Widget bundle pricing starts from £9 per month.

Widgio widget bundle pricing

Click here to try Widgio.


Fouita homepage

Fouita is a new contender for Powr with 50+ customizable HTML widgets in its widgets library. Some of them are:

  1. Promotional: Popup Shop, Count Up, Banners, Section Shop
  2. Feedback: CTA Popup, Inline Feedback
  3. Image: Image Gallery, Slider, Before/After Slider, Image Hotspot
  4. Content: Features, FAQ Sections, Alert, Tabs, Heading, Business Hours
  5. Gaming: Wheel of Fortune, Quizzes, Image Quiz
  6. Social: Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, Social Chat, Social Share, RSS Feed
  7. Reviews: Editable Reviews, All-in-One Reviews, Popup Reviews
  8. Affiliate Marketing: Product Cards, Comparison Table
  9. Audio & Video: Background Music, Audio Player, YouTube Gallery, Vimeo Gallery
  10. Forms: Subscription, Contact, Feedback, Forms


Here are key details of Fouita widgets:

  • 50+ widgets and counting – Even though Fouita is a new service similar to Powr, it already has got over 50 widgets, and the team releases new widgets frequently.
  • Templates – Fouita’s widget templates are beautiful and modern. You can edit each element with a visual editor and the widget’s source code.
  • Customization – Change the look and feel of the widget by editing its colors, fonts, sizes, graphics, and more with the visual editor.
  • Control widgets flow – With widget flow, you can decide when to show widgets for your visitors. This feature is rarely seen on most apps inside Powr. For example, with Fouita, you can create a flow to display a widget only for a specific world region and hide it once a user interacts with it (i.e., submit details or close the widget). Also, you can test the widget flow using the “Preview Mode.”
  • Fouita code editor – Fouita lets you access the widget’s source code and edit it as you want. They use Tailwindcss and the Svelte framework.
  • Custom Analytics – Track the performance of your Fouita widgets inside the dashboard.

Powr vs Fouita

Fouita already has some widgets that Powr provides, such as Tabs, Before/After Slider, and Calendar Events widgets. Here are some that are unique to each other:

Email Countdown timerWheel Of Fortune
AppointmentsAll-in-One Reviews
ECommerceComparison Table
GraphBuy Now Paddle Button
Product ReviewsSocial Chat
Order FormQuizzes
MicroblogProduct Cards
CommentsGoogle Search
Fouita lets you edit the source code of a widget and create a widget from scratch.
Fouita Website Widget builder

Compared to prices, Fouita’s pricing plans vary based on the usage, views, and the number of widgets.

Fouita Pricing

Click here to try Fouita.



Widgetsquad is a site like Powr that provides free widgets for websites to increase sales and conversions. It offers 28+ social proof widgets and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Some are Conversion counter, Emoji Feedback, Score Feedback, and WhatsApp Chat widgets.

Widgetsquad widgets


Here are key details about Widgetsquad:

  • 20+ social proof website widgets – One area Powr lacks in terms of available website widgets is social proof. Widgetsquad provides 20+ customizable FOMO & social proof website plugins ready to customize and installable on any site.
  • Triggers and display options – Control where and how the widgets should appear on your site.
  • Webhooks – Use actual data in your social proof widgets by using webhooks.
  • Statistics – Monitor how a widget performs on your site on the analytics page.

Powr vs Widgetsquad

Here are a few widgets unique to Powr and Widgetsquad.

Form BuilderAll-in-One Chat
Social FeedSocial Share
Popup BuilderEmoji Feedback
Multi SliderLatest Conversion
Product ReviewsWhatsApp Chat
Media GalleryLive Counter
Pricing Tables
Booking Form
Powr provides more widgets, features, and customization options. Widgetsquad’s widget builder is not as intuitive as Powr’s.
Widgetsquad widget settings

In pricing comparison, Widgetsquad’s prices include free and paid subscription plans, starting from $5/month.

Widgetsquad pricing

Click here to try Widgetsquad.

More Powr Alternatives

Here are a few more Powr.io competitors to add widgets and plugins to a website:

  1. SociableKIT – Provides 50+ widgets to embed feeds from social media. Compared to Powr, SociableKIT stands out in content aggregation type of widgets.
  2. ZotaBox – ZotaBox is another free alternative to Powr with 20+ website tools, such as Pop up widgets for websites.
  3. Hoversignal – Another contender to Powr with 10+ widgets such as Easter Eggs, Feedback & NPS, and Facebook Feeds for websites. The pricing is expensive compared to Powr’s.
  4. CodePen – Want to get HTML codes for widgets that are customizable and can be used on your projects? CodePen is a platform where indie developers share their works (known as Pens in Codepen) for free.
  5. CodeCanyon – CodeCanyon is probably the best marketplace to purchase scripts and plugins for your site. If there isn’t a plugin in Powr, it will likely be on CodeCanyon and marketplaces like CodeCanyon.

What is the best alternative to Powr?

It depends on your requirements. For example, if you want to replace Powr’s countdown timer in your WordPress site, free [countdown] plugins let you embed a timer on a page or widget area. Also, you can find Powr replacements in marketplaces such as CodeCanyon to get scripts and apps for Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, Drupal, Ghost, and other content management systems and website-building platforms.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper and closer alternative to Powr’s plugins, Elfsight would be reasonable as:

  • Elfsights consists of 80+ high-quality apps with templates and customization options.
  • You can install Elfsight widgets on any platform with or without using a tag manager such as GTM.
  • You can get expert assistance on fixing bugs and adding new features to widgets.
  • Elfsight’s Agency plans allow you to manage widgets of clients’ sites under one dashboard.
  • Elfsight’s features are not limited based on which plan you are subscribed to; only the view count is.

Also, services such as CommonNinja and Widgio provide various apps, but pricing, templates, and features can be a bit disadvantageous when replacing Powr.

CodePen is probably the freest alternative to Powr, as you can get the source code for HTML widgets and customize them as you prefer. But it’s not the truest Powr competitor, as you still need to do your work (i.e., coding and fixing bugs).

Final words on best Powr alternatives

Powr is an excellent platform for creating no-code website widgets. However, you might have to find a Powr competitor for various reasons.

Most Powr alternatives are free to use. But, most key features come under any paid subscription plan. Therefore, check out all the services listed in this article to better judge which service you want to pursue and keep your trust in.

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