12 Best CodeCanyon Alternatives for Plugins, Widgets & Codes

In the constantly changing world of web development and online business, there is a continuous need for top-notch website plugins, templates, scripts, widgets, Graphics, 3D models, codes, etc.

Whether you’re an experienced developer or a beginner who wants to improve your website’s features, CodeCanyon has always been a reliable place to find these digital resources.

CodeCanyon is a section of Envato Market that allows you to buy and sell web assets for different programming languages and frameworks. 

This includes plugins, code, and scripts for Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP, WordPress themes, HTML5, and more. The cost of items depends on how complex, high-quality, and valuable they are, and the total price also includes a buyer fee.

Even though CodeCanyon has all these resources, you must note that its limitations will lead you to look for alternative platforms.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore various alternatives to Codecanyon. I’ll reveal different platforms and marketplaces where you can find high-quality web assets to enhance your online presence.

Why Need to Use Alternatives to CodeCanyon?

Here are factors that will cause you to look for alternative options: 

  • Compatibility and Integration: Most Codecanyons tools are compatible with WordPress. This can be a disadvantage if you want to integrate with multiple CMS. Exploring alternatives will help you discover products matching your technology setup and integration needs. You’ll find that tools from alternative platforms support different platforms such as Weebly, Magento, Google Sites, Joomla, Shopify, etc.
  • Diverse Options: Codecanyon is a popular marketplace, but it may not always have the exact Javascript, PHP, graphics, WordPress, etc. you need. Choosing sites similar to CodeCanyon gives you access to broader options.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Different platforms offer different pricing structures, discounts, or subscription models. When you compare the alternative platforms, you can find more cost-effective options that align with your budget. This will save you money in the long run.
  • Support and Community: Some alternative platforms have dedicated customer support, comprehensive documentation, or active user communities compared to Codecanyon. This can be valuable when encountering issues or needing assistance with the products you purchase.
CodeCanyon extend item support
Customer support for most CodeCanyon items is up to 6 months. You must extend support by paying extra fees to receive support after 6 months.
  • Quality Assurance: While CodeCanyon has a review process for products, the quality of items can vary. Checking out products from alternative platforms will help you find platforms with stricter quality control measures. 
  • License and Ownership: CodeCanyon has its own set of license rules, which sometimes might not align with your preference. Looking at other options lets you pick a platform that matches your licensing preferences, whether you want open-source products or commercial licenses.
CodeCanyon product licenses slider revolution
Product license options for the Slider Revolution plugin in CodeCanyon

Best Codecanyon Alternatives to Buy Website Plugins, Widgets, and Codes

1. Elfsight

Elfsight homepage

CodeCanyon consists of plugins and scripts for many content management systems (CMS) and static HTML websites. If you were looking for a quality website like CodeCanyon for website widgets, Elfsight would be a good option.

Elfsight is a website widget creator with over 80 apps in its catalog. Its app collection ranges from social media widgets, review aggregators, and eCommerce to website components & tools.

Elfsight widgets
The list of available widgets on Elfsight.

Here are some apps and their use cases:

  1. Form Builder – Create contact forms, surveys, quizzes, and other forms. It includes an AI form builder that automatically generates form fields based on your prompts.
  2. All-in-One Reviews widget – This widget is a reviews aggregator that integrates with 30+ review platforms. It isn’t easy to find a quality equivalent in Codecanyon.
  3. Live Chat widget – Embed a chat widget on your website that uses social messaging platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat as the conversation medium.
  4. Countdown timerDisplay a countdown timer as a notification bar or inline widget with a link to your sales page.
  5. YouTube GalleryShowcase channels, playlists, shorts, or sets of videos from different sources on a website.
  6. Social Feed – Embed social feeds from Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok and other networks.
  7. Popup widget – Create lead generation popups and alert boxes to collect leads and promote offers.

Each widget consists of premade templates, layouts, color schemes, and customization options.

Here’s the widget editor for the Form Builder. Select a template, customize form fields, change the look & feel, integrate with your CRM software or autoresponder service, and get the embed code.

And following widget editor lets you create a photo gallery widget.

Embed a YouTube channel on your website by creating a widget:


  • 85+ apps – Elfsight provides apps for showcasing social feeds, displaying customer testimonials, collecting user information, converting users into customers (e.g., price comparison widget), embedding different files (ex: .docx, .pptx, .pdf), and adding various functionalities to a website (ex: back to the top button, QR code).
  • Visual editor – No coding skills are required to design a widget in Elfsight. Each app will have templates, layouts, and customization options. Most widgets will have light and dark color schemes, assent color pickers, and custom CSS.
  • Integrated with any website platform – Every Elfsight widget has a unique installation HTML code. So, widgets can be embedded on any website building platform, such as WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Blogger, Wix, Clickfunnels, Webflow, Woocommerce, and page builders like Elementor.
  • Manage widgets – Since Elfsight is a third-party widget provider, you can organize and manage all the widgets under one dashboard. Each widget will have options to edit, duplicate, share via a link, hide it from a website, and delete it.
  • Support – One of the most significant drawbacks of using Codecanyon plugins and codes is the lack of support. Sometimes, you have to wait to receive a response; other times, you must renew or extend your item support license to get support from Codecanyon vendors. However, Elsight has 24*7 Live Chat support and help desk support. Also, there are help documents and an online community where you can find quick answers from other members.
  • Request new features and apps – If you find any app on Codecanyon and want it on Elfsight, you can request it. The “Coming Soon widgets” page features apps that will be available on Elfsight in the future.
Elfsight coming soon widgets
  • Agency-friendly – If you are looking for Codecanyon-like sites to manage clients’ websites, Elfsight would be a great choice as you can use Elfsight widgets on customers’ websites without paying an extra fee, unlike CodeCanyon, where you have to upgrade your license to operate on commercial projects.

What does make Elfsight the best CodeCanyon alternative?

  • Get started for free.
  • Receive support for free with every subscription. There is no need to extend the item support license.
  • It’s a cloud service. It won’t consume your web server’s resources.
  • No knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript is required. The design of widgets is based on the visual editor, and you can change a widget anytime, even after it is installed on your site.

Pros & Cons

  • Generous free tier
  • 85+ widget types
  • Easy installation
  • Widgets management
  • Custom CSS & JavaScript
  • Limited third-party integrations
  • No projects and team member features for agencies


Elfsight is a free alternative to Codecanyon. Features aren’t limited based on the pricing plan, but the number of widgets and monthly view count are. Paid plans start from $15 per month.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing

Also, there are pricing plans for individual apps such as Google Reviews.

Elfsight Google Reviews pricing
Pricing plans of single apps differ from app to app. Learn more in the guide to Elfsight costs.

Even though there are Elfsight competitors like Powr, Elfsight is user-friendly and provides support, and managing widgets is easier.

Click here to explore Elfsight.

2. Codester


With over 15,000 products available from more than 1,500 active sellers, Codester is an internet marketplace where developers and designers can purchase and sell various web development resources. 

These resources include WordPress Themes, PHP Scripts, App Templates, and WordPress Plugins.

Codester isn’t just for buyers; it’s also open to software and web developers worldwide who want to sell their scripts and other elements. 

Two types of licenses are available for these products: extended and regular. With an extended license, you can use the products on unlimited sites and projects and share the source files for other projects. In contrast, a regular license does not permit any of these actions. You cannot resell the product, and it grants you the right to use one item for a single project.

You can make purchases on Codester using Codester Credit, credit cards, or PayPal, and once your order is complete, you can immediately download your purchase.


  • Scripts and Code: It provides more than 1900 distinct pieces of source code and scripts for quickly building impressive websites and web applications. These elements encompass PHP Scripts, JavaScript code, Python scripts, C# source codes, and more.
  • App Templates: Codester also offers more than 500 products categorized as App templates, which cover Android, iOS, Ionic, Unity, Cordova, Corona, Buildbox, and Titanium. These templates give mobile app developers a head start, allowing them to create apps for various platforms easily. Each app template also includes the complete source code for future reference. 
  • Website Templates & Themes: The marketplace offers more than 1700 visually appealing themes and HTML templates for business websites, landing pages, and blogs. These themes cater to various content management systems such as WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc. Each template is highly effective for its intended purpose and niche, providing an ideal starting point.
  • Plugins and Extensions: Codester offers more than 500 plugins and extensions, with many of them being well-suited for Joomla, WordPress, and Magento. These plugins cover many functionalities, including Image SlideShow, Search Suggestions, Backup Plugins, Social Media plugins, and more.
  • Graphics: Codester also boasts an extensive collection of over 10,000 ready-made graphic packages, perfect for enhancing your website, business, game, or application. These graphic packs include logos, icons, game assets, and printable graphics.
  • Weekly Free Files: Codester also provides a rotating selection of free weekly files, which can include items like icons, business card designs, logos, letters, and more.

What Makes Codester the Best Codecanyon Alternative?

  • Its website themes allow you to create websites for many CMS.
  • You’ll find active customer support and community compared to CodeCanyon
  • It has a blog section where you can find articles about web development tools

Pros & Cons

  • It has a massive library of web products
  • You can hire a freelancer to help you with web  and game development
  • It allows you to down 4 free files every week
  • Sluggish customer support

Click here to explore Codester.

3. Creative Market


Creative Market is among the top Codecanyon alternatives. Here, you can buy digital assets from independent creators worldwide.

Established in 2012, it has become popular for designers, small businesses, and individuals seeking top-notch design materials without breaking the bank. 

The platform offers a wide array of design content, including photos, graphics, templates, themes, fonts, and more, across various categories.


  • Graphics: It has graphics for social media, e-commerce, cards, and websites. These graphic collections include clothing mockups, logos, icons, and themed graphic elements suitable for various web and print projects.
  • Templates and Themes: You have access to a collection of over 590,000 templates that you can use to create resumes, business cards, and presentations in various software like Word, PowerPoint, Keynote, and others. These templates cover various needs, including infographics, online stores, webpages, logos, and more.
  • Icons: There are over 290,000 icons available for use in web page design, infographics, logos, and social media posts. These icon sets include flat, vector, and hand-drawn images covering various educational and technological themes.
  • 3D Models: You’ll get 3D models you can download and utilize for various design tasks. These 3D resources are animated models, tileable textures, architectural elements, and landscapes in low- and high-poly styles.
  • Fonts: Explore a selection of more than 83,000 fonts that you can freely download and use in various design projects, both online and in print. These font collections include hand-drawn, brush, and vector letter designs, additional character options, and decorative elements suitable for headings, body text, and display purposes.
  • Stock Photos: You can explore a vast library of photos to design book covers, posters, and cards. This collection includes high-quality images of individuals, locations, animals, and objects, making it an excellent resource for creating captivating backgrounds for various design projects.
  • Mockups: More than 99,000 design mockups are available, designed with pixel-perfect precision to showcase digital artwork in a realistic context. These mockup templates cover branding, web, mobile, and print scenarios in diverse styles. They simplify the process of presenting creative projects by adding authentic textures, shadows, and lighting effects to your designs.

What Makes Creative Market The Best CodeCanyon Competitor?

  • The platform offers a huge number of Mockups templates

Pros & Cons

  • An extensive library of graphic design resources is available.
  • These design assets are of professional and top-notch quality.
  • You'll find a carefully chosen collection of free assets each week.
  • Pricing is both competitive and equitable.
  • You can engage with the community through the discussions page.
  • New products are frequently added to the collection.
  • There is a restricted choice of design resources available for free.
  • Certain design assets may come with a high price tag.

Creative Market Pricing

When you sign up, you can access 4 free files a week. To access unlimited downloads, pick your monthly plan starting from $9.95.

Creativemarket pricing

Click here to explore CreativeMarket.

4. TemplateMonster


TemplateMonster is a vast and expanding marketplace where you can purchase top-notch digital products that adhere to current web standards.

Their selection of items comprises a diverse range of website templates suitable for various niche-specific projects, whether you’re running a small or large company, startup, or any other type of business.

You’ll find high-quality premium and free website designs available for download for your creative web projects.

The marketplace offers a variety of options, including Bootstrap-based website templates, ready-made solutions in HTML5 and CSS3, templates equipped with website builders, and more.


  • WordPress Templates: These WordPress template designs come with widgets, content elements, and options to enhance your website’s look using flexible Parent/Child themes and Bootstrap for WordPress themes. You’ll be able to install and modify your website easily. Each theme has detailed documentation guiding you through every installation step and customization procedure. 
  • HTML Templates: These are ready-made website designs created using HTML5 and CSS3 code, complete with Bootstrap, JavaScript, and other frameworks. When you download a standard HTML package, you receive a collection of website pages, style sheets, and JavaScript files containing valid and well-documented code. If you have the theme with PSD files, you can customize the visual appearance, and for adding content, you can use a code editor.
  • Joomla Templates: A collection of more than 1200 templates, including themes designed for different versions of Joomla and templates created using different technologies like Flash or jQuery. When you get a Joomla template package, it includes files, code, graphics, and modules that define how your website will appear.
  • PrestaShop Themes: TemplateMonster offers a wide selection of professional, pre-designed PrestaShop themes to attract potential customers and bring new clients to your online store. These themes are easy to install, fully responsive, come with comprehensive documentation, and offer abundant design options.
  • Shopify themes: Its store themes allow you to create an online shop efficiently. These themes offer responsive layouts for mobile devices and provide advanced customization choices.
  • WooCommerce: WooCommerce templates are design prototypes that showcase how an online store powered by WordPress would look and function in a practical demonstration. WooCommerce isn’t your typical eCommerce platform; it’s a comprehensive open-source shopping cart solution that seamlessly integrates with WordPress. It adds shopping cart capabilities to websites and blogs.

What Makes TemplateMonster the Best CodeCanyon Replacement?

  • Here, you’ll find various CMS templates, including WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, and PrestaShop templates.  

Pros & Cons

  • Extensive template variety 
  • Limited presence of outdated or unattractive themes 
  • Inclusive support with all themes without any additional charges
  • Effortless theme preview options
  • The price for popular themes is higher compared to other theme marketplaces.

TemplateMonster Pricing

Templatemonster Pricing

It has a membership subscription that comes with a ton of benefits. Here is its membership plan.

  • Creative Plan is $7.40 per month (billed annually)
  • All-in-one Pro plan is $15.50 per month (billed annually)
  • All-in-one Lifetime Plan is $529.

You can utilize any items you require for unlimited domains and projects as long as your license remains active. Additionally, you can access professional services provided by their experts, encompassing tasks ranging from theme installation to handling intricate development needs.

Click here to explore TemplateMonster.

5. Envato Elements

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a top digital marketplace that offers a subscription-based service for unlimited access to a wide range of premium digital assets.

Its main strength lies in its vast and diverse collection, which includes graphic design templates, website themes, royalty-free audio, video templates, and more. 

This extensive selection caters to the needs of professionals in various fields, such as graphic designers, web developers, video producers, and digital marketers.

What distinguishes Envato Elements is its rigorous quality control process. All the assets available on the platform are carefully crafted by digital creatives who must undergo a strict evaluation process. This ensures that only the highest-quality work is accepted and featured on the platform.


  • Graphic Templates: These are pre-designed visual elements like infographics, brochures, flyers, and social media graphics. They make it easy for users to create attractive visuals without much effort.
  • Presentation Templates: It provides extensive slide designs and layouts for tools like PowerPoint and Keynote. These templates assist you in effectively sharing information and making a powerful visual impression.
  • WordPress: In this category, you’ll find a range of WordPress themes and plugins that allow you to personalize and improve your websites, blogs, or online stores created using the widely-used WordPress platform.
  • CMS Templates: These are pre-built templates for different Content Management Systems besides WordPress, such as Joomla or Drupal, enabling you to quickly construct and customize your websites.
  • Video Templates: You’ll discover pre-made video layouts and animations designed for various video editing platforms. This makes it effortlessly easier for you to create professional-quality videos.
  • Stock Video: It offers a vast collection of top-notch video clips covering a variety of themes and subjects, giving content creators a diverse range of visual assets for their video projects.
  • Graphics: These graphic elements include icons, vectors, textures, and more, which are valuable for visually stunning digital and print projects.
  • Music: It features a broad selection of royalty-free music tracks spanning different genres and moods, suitable for use in various projects like films, commercials, or podcasts.
  • Web Templates: These are pre-designed webpage layouts that can be personalized to create professional and visually appealing websites, providing a fast and efficient solution for web design needs.
  • Sound Effects: It provides a vast array of audio effects that you can incorporate into your audio or video productions to enhance the overall experience for viewers or listeners.
  • Photos: It boasts extensive high-resolution stock photos covering various themes and categories. It is perfect for complementing and elevating any creative or commercial project.
  • 3D: It houses a comprehensive library of 3D models, textures, and animations, serving as a resource for those working on 3D projects or seeking to add depth to their designs.
  • Add-ons: This category comprises additional tools and enhancements like Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, and Illustrator brushes, which can enhance the functionality of your existing software.

What Makes Elevato Element the Best CodeCanyon Alternative?

  • The platform has a huge library of over 15 million digital assets. 

Pros & Cons

  • You can download as much as you want with no daily restrictions.
  • It allows 12 free items every month.
  • You can use these items for commercial purposes.
  • The licensing terms are easy to understand.
  • You need a subscription; purchasing individual assets is not an option.
  • If you accidentally buy an annual plan, it can't be refunded.

Envato Elements Pricing‍

The only creative subscription you require is the Individual plan, which begins at $16.50 monthly.

Envato Elements pricing

Click here to explore Envato Elements.

6. PHPJabbers


PHPJabbers provides numerous PHP scripts and web applications for global businesses. Their web tools are straightforwardly written, making it easy for webmasters and developers to modify the scripts’ looks and functions. 

The front end of their PHP scripts works smoothly on different mobile devices and screen sizes, eliminating the need for excessive scrolling and tapping.

Also, it offers free PHP scripts with complete source codes that you can personalize and adapt as your own.


  • Booking Scripts: You can get booking scripts with user-friendly admin panels. This allows you to personalize the design and manage reservations easily.
  • eCommerce Scripts: It provides ecommerce scripts that enable you to establish and maintain a fantastic online store, selling physical products, services, or digital items.
  • Classified Ads: They offer various PHP classified scripts for popular categories like automotive, real estate, employment, and more. You can create your own classified ads website without requiring advanced programming skills or manual coding.
  • Web Calendar Scripts: You’ll find multiple PHP calendar scripts for your personal or business website, helpful in marking upcoming events and availability. These web calendar scripts can also highlight important information for your website visitors.
  • Polls & Voting Scripts: This platform offers a selection of PHP voting scripts and polling software that are easy to set up and customize through a user-friendly admin panel.
  • Web Templates: You can explore an extensive collection of free website templates available in PSD format to download.

What Makes PHPJabber the Best Codecanyon Substitute?

  • It has an extensive library of free web template
  • The platform mainly offers scripts, and their scripts are high-quality

Pros & Cons

  • Integrating with WordPress and Joomla
  • Simple Setup
  • Well-Organized PHP Code
  • Offers free Web template
  • PHPJabber's popular scripts are pretty expensive.

PHPJabbers Pricing

PHPJabbers pricing

It has a free plan where you can sign up and start using the platform. However, you’ll be restricted on the number of scripts you can access. 

Here are the pricing plans:

  • Basic plan is $5 per month
  • Standard Plan is $10 per month
  • Premium Plan is $20 per month

Apart from the standard subscription, it has an offer where you can buy all 65 scripts in a bundle for $4.29 each.

Click here to explore PHPJabbers.

7. Mojo Marketplace


MOJO Marketplace is another Codecanyon alternative for buying or selling digital products. Here, you can find themes, plugins, and templates for building websites. These marketplace themes are Bluehost-certified, ensuring their quality and reliability are top-notch. 

Furthermore, MOJO Marketplace offers professional services, including design, development, marketing, writing, and more, available for your needs.

If you want to sell your products, you can become a seller by following their guidelines and submitting a request.


  • Plugins and  Extensions: This platform offers over 60 plugins compatible with various software and content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Tumblr, Weebly, Email, Shopify, HTML, and Drupal.
  • Themes and Templates: MOJO Marketplace provides access to more than 800 templates that you can purchase to kickstart your website development. These templates are suitable for building websites using Joomla, Opencart, WordPress, Weebly, and other platforms.
  • Development Services: An exciting feature of this marketplace is its service offerings. You can hire professionals to assist with anything WordPress-related, from initial installation to theme setup. Typically, theme installation costs $49, while setting up both WordPress and a theme costs $99.
  • WPLive: MOJO Marketplace also offers WPLive, a service that addresses the delay in getting answers and solutions within the WordPress community. 
Mojomarketplace pricing

Starting at $29/month, you receive prompt email support from experienced experts to resolve your WordPress questions and issues efficiently.

What Makes Mojo Marketplace the Best CodeCanyon Alternative?

  • The platform has a WPLive service 
  • You are an expert to help you with WordPress issues

Pros & Cons

  • Its plugins and template support many CMS
  • High-quality products 
  • Offers development service
  • Hiring their experts is a little costly.

Click here to explore MojoMarketplace.



GPLDL offers access to over 1,000 Premium WordPress Themes, plugins, WooCommerce Extensions, and themes.

By becoming a GPLDL Club Member, you can instantly access the entire WordPress repository for free. Being a member comes at no cost. 

It’s important to note that all the products available on GPLDL are authentic, unaltered, and legally redistributed under the GNU General Public License, with no modifications or malicious content.


  • WooCommerce Extensions: You’ll get free Premium WooCommerce Extensions created by prominent WordPress Developers, such as AffiliateWP, MarketPress, Pippins Plugins, Themify (Themify Builder), WooThemes, WooCommerce, YITH, YITHEMES, and Yoast (WooCommerce SEO). This includes regular updates as they become available.
  • WordPress Themes: GPLDL provides free downloads of Premium WordPress Themes developed by leading names in the WordPress community, including AppThemes, CSSIgniter, Elegant Themes, Envato/Themeforest, Elmastudio, BuddyPress Team, Themify, Automattic/WooThemes, etc.
  • WordPress Plugins: GPLDL grants free access to Premium WordPress Plugins created by renowned WordPress Developers like CSSIgniter, Elegant Themes (Divi, Extra), iThemes (BackupBuddy, iThemes Security), Modern Tribe (The Events Calendar), Obox, Rocket Genius (Gravity Forms and Addons), WooThemes (Sensei LMS, Storefront), WordPress Multilingual and Addons, Yoast (WordPress SEO), etc.

What Makes GPLDL the Best Codecanyon Alternative?

  • You’ll access all its products for free
  • WordPress top developers create their products. 

Pros & Cons

  • Get premium themes and plugins from the leading developers. 
  • It offers free products.
  • It has limited customization options.

Click here to explore GPLDL.

9. ThemePalace


Theme Palace is a platform where you can discover impressive WordPress themes handpicked by skilled designers. Furthermore, they offer plugins developed by highly experienced developers.


  • Themes: ThemePalace offers more than 100 premium themes developed by their team. These themes are known for being lightweight, fast, secure, SEO-friendly, and responsive. The highest price on their website is $59, and they also provide a selection of free themes.
  • Plugin: ThemePalace also provides a plugin called TP Pie Builder Pro. This plugin enables you to create animated Bar Graphs and Pie Charts easily.

What Makes the ThemePalace the Best Codecanyon Alternative?

  • Its themes are SEO-friendly and perform better than Codecanyon

Pros & Cons

  • Their themes are easy to customize
  • Provide free themes.
  • Templates and plugins are limited for WordPress.

Click here to explore ThemePalace.

10. Elegant Themes


ElegantThemes is a well-known company specializing in theme and plugin development. They offer attractive themes and plugins to kickstart your website creation.


  • Divi themes: Divi is a versatile theme that boasts over 1,000 pre-designed web templates for diverse website purposes. It also includes Divi Builder, a user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder that empowers you to craft an outstanding website even if you lack technical expertise.
  • Extra themes: For bloggers and article writers, ElegantThemes provides an additional magazine theme tailored to create magazines and blogging websites.
  • Monarch Plugins: Monarch is an AddThis alternative and social media sharing plugin that allows you to incorporate social share buttons into five different areas on your website: a floating sidebar, above or below content, on images and video content, as an automatic popup, and as an automatic fly-in.
  • Bloom Plugins: Bloom is an excellent email opt-in plugin that simplifies building a more extensive email list, making it easier to stay connected with your target audience long after they’ve left your website.

What Makes Elegant Themes the Best Codecanyon Alternative?

  • It has more appealing templates than Codecanyon
  • The platform has an in-built page builder.

Pros & Cons

  • Intuitive yet beginner-friendly interface.
  • Top-tier plugins such as Monarch for social media sharing and Bloom for email opt-ins are available. 
  • These plugins support eCommerce functionality. 
  • The Divi page builder offers a comprehensive website creation experience with powerful built-in tools.
  • Elegant Themes products are unavailable for individual purchase; you must acquire a membership.
  • Please note that there is no option for a monthly subscription.

Elegant Themes Pricing:

Elegantthemes pricing

You can access their complete product range for $89 annually. Alternatively, you can choose a lifetime access option for a one-time payment of $249, which includes permanent premium support.

Click here to explore ElegantThemes.

11. CodeGrape


CodeGrape is an online marketplace where developers and designers can buy pre-made web development resources and printed materials like themes, scripts, code snippets, graphics, source codes for mobile and desktop apps, and plugins.

Besides, it allows developers and designers to earn a passive income by selling their creations on CodeGrape.

The platform offers themes and plugins compatible with various content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Magento, Drupal, Shopify, and more. 

Product prices on this website are budget-friendly and offer refunds if you can demonstrate a valid reason.

12. Inkthemes


InkTheme is a leading WordPress theme and plugin platform, often considered among the top alternatives to CodeCanyon.

They provide a collection of over 2,500 high-quality premium WordPress themes and plugins widely utilized by users in over 95 countries worldwide. 

Also, you can find PHP scripts and graphic flyers on their website. InkTheme offers three different pricing packages as part of its pricing plan.

Inkthemes pricing
  • Single Product is  $79 (one-time payment)
  • All Products Membership Plan is $247.(From Next Month – $15/Month)
  • All Products Plan is $499 with a one-time fee. 

Click here to explore InkThemes.

Conclusion on Best CodeCanyon Alternatives

Exploring options other than CodeCanyon will allow you to access high-quality scripts, plugins, graphics, images, and themes. 

Although CodeCanyon is still widely used, the top alternatives offer distinct benefits such as cost-effectiveness, a wide variety of products, strong community support, and flexible licensing. 

Whether you need innovative solutions, affordable choices, or a mix of both, these alternatives offer excellent options to fulfill your requirements.

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