7 Top Yelp Review Widgets for Your Website to Use Free

The days are gone when you could ignore the internet to promote your restaurant, beauty salon, private dental hospital, brick-and-mortar business, or any home and auto service you may use as a profession.

Nowadays, people rely on the Internet to choose the right local business. They prominently read customer reviews or testimonials about a company. Those reviews shape the reputation of your business from a potential customer’s perspective.

According to the Local Consumer Report by BrightLocal, nearly half (49%) of all consumers say they trust the reviews they read online as much as personal recommendations. Another interesting stat is nearly nine out of ten (88 percent) consumers worldwide make an effort to consult reviews when discovering a local business.

If you do not use online marketing to shape your brand reputation, someone (most probably your competitor) will. By taking advantage of marketing strategies, they will utilize customer reviews to decrease the overall customer acquisition costs and retain more customers.

Among many review platforms, Yelp is one of the most reputable platforms (with over 258 million reviews of businesses worldwide) that allow local businesses to create a profile (or claim an existing one), share business details such as location, opening hours, and contact details, and add photos.

Furthermore, customers can leave their reviews (with star ratings) about your business on Yelp, and others [Yelp users] can rate those reviews (reactions: Useful, Funny, Cool) and even embed Yelp reviews.

Search engines crawl these reviews, and people use their Yelp mobile app to check out testimonials about local businesses.

Over 178 million monthly visitors use Yelp, and its service coverage has widened across many regions, including all major US cities and several countries across Europe and Asia Pacific. Here are a few facts about Yelp:

  • There are over 258+ million cumulative reviews of businesses worldwide.
  • Share of recommendation distribution:
    • Recommended: 74%
    • No Recommended: 18%
    • Removed: 8%
  • Top three reviewed businesses by category:
    • Home & local services: 19%
    • Restaurants: 17%
    • Shopping: 12%
  • Distribution of star ratings:
    • 5 star – 52%
    • 4 star – 16%
    • 3 star – 08%
    • 2 star – 06%
    • 1 star – 18%

That means Yelp reviews have a significant impact on sales generation. Like adding Google Business reviews to your website helps in convincing on-the-fence potential customers to convert (by using the credibility of Google Business reviews), and so does embedding Yelp reviews on a relevant web page.

However, Yelp does not have a tool to embed multiple Yelp reviews. It only lets you embed a single review on your site. For example, you cannot have a grid view or a slider widget that displays Yelp reviews on your site.

So, how do you add Yelp reviews to a website?

You can add Yelp reviews to a site using a Yelp review widget. This article will list the best Yelp reviews widget generators, features, and things to consider when using them. Also, check out the list of best Amazon Review widgets to embed Amazon reviews on your site (if your business involves Amazon to sell products).

6 things to consider when using a Yelp Review widget on a website

  1. Customize the widget – Most Yelp review widget builders listed below allow you to filter which content to show up on the widget, change the color scheme, fonts, widget size, and more. Make use of customizing tools to integrate the Yelp widget with your site using the brand color palette, font families, etc. Before adding the widget to your site, preview it on the mobile view to ensure Yelp reviews are undoubtedly visible.
  2. Do not leave negative reviews – According to the “How Online Reviews Influence Sales” report by Spiegel Research Center, customers seek out negative reviews, shoppers are skeptical of overly positive reviews, and negative reviews lend credibility to other reviews. Hence, to increase the authenticity of the site’s review content, do not overly moderate the Yelp reviews on the website, including negative reviews.
  3. Reviews from verified users are more consequential– Reviews from verified users are more important than those submitted by unverified or anonymous users. Hence, when moderating content, keep in mind to include verified reviews.
  4. Concern about the page loading speed – The last thing you want is to increase your site’s loading time because of the Yelp widget! According to a report, page loading speed directly correlates with the conversion rate. You can load the Yelp review widget’s script code (JS) asynchronously to load the widget after other contents are loaded on the page. Furthermore, you can use a script manager such as Google Tag Manager or Cloudflare Zaraz and limit the number of reviews shown on the Yelp widget to decrease initial HTTPS requests.
  5. A/B test your landing pages – You will not know if adding Yelp reviews to a website results in increased conversions if you do not split-test your pages — experiment using different Yelp widget variations (Slider, Grid, Masonry) and styles.
  6. Use other conversion boosters – It is not guaranteed that using a Yelp reviews widget on a site will boost sales on your site. Utilize other techniques such as website HTML countdown timers (to entice urgency), popup widgets (to convert exit traffic), service comparison tables (compare your service with competitors), customer testimonials widgets, progress bars, back-to-top widgets (direct visitors to the right sections on a page), before and after photo sliders (to showcase performance before and after using your service/product), and high-converting checkout pages.

Best Yelp Review Widgets for Websites to Use Today

Elfsight Yelp Review Widget

ElfSight Yelp Reviews widget

Elfsight is a no-code website widget builder with 80+ apps in its library. Its apps range from data representation to utilities. Some of its apps are the All-in-one reviews widget (a review aggregator that supports 30+ platforms including Yelp, Google, Facebook, G2, Apple App Store, and Trustpilot), pricing tables creator, logo slider (displays clients’ logos), and testimonials widget (shows clients’ reviews on different layouts).

Elfsight’s Yelp Review widget creator is free-to-use, highly customizable (with its visual editor), provides many styles, lets you manage which reviews to show, and includes many features.

Elfsight Yelp Reviews widget editor
Customize your widget (without coding), hide/show specific elements such as star rating & link to review location on Yelp, and add a custom caption.


  • Six responsive Yelp review widget layouts – Elfsight’s Yelp widget creator is not limited to one form. It gives you a wide range of designs to choose from. They are Carousel, Badge, Grid, Slider, Masonry, List, and Slidebar widgets. These mobile-friendly layouts let you create any Yelp widget for your site. Plus, a few widgets have a dark color scheme, making them suitable for websites with a dark theme.
  • Customize layout as you prefer – Highly customizable Yelp review widget editor of Elfsight lets you set widget width, number of columns (i.e., reviews to show on a single view), the gap between testimonials, autorotate reviews, enable/disable arrows and hide or show title (Yelp rating name), star rating, number of reviews and “Write a review” button.
  • Customize the appearance of a review – Change the review style and Yelp logo’s style, and show or hide the verified badge, author’s name & picture, date, rating, and review source (i.e., Yelp.com). When clicking on a review, the reader will redirect to the exact review on the Yelp official website. Also, you can display the full review or a part of it (with a ‘read more’ text underneath it).
  • Change appearance – Choose a color scheme (Light and Dark are options) and customize the widget’s appearance thoroughly. All these settings are available at the click of a button. Elfsight enables using the website’s fonts (i.e., inherit font) on the widget, making the Yelp rating widget blend with your existing theme perfectly.
  • Make reviews search engine friendly – Elfsight supports Schema.org settings for the Yelp widget, making it possible to display review content (ex: total star rating) on Google. Review snippets will increase the CTR (Click through rating) on Google by highlighting your snippet on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).
  • Localize your widget – The default language of the widget’s front-end content is English (US). But you can change it by selecting the appropriate language from the drop-down menu under the “Language” settings. If Elfsight does not support your language, you can edit the front-end content from the Yelp widget builder.
  • Options to open new links in a new tab, sort reviews (oldest, newest), custom CSS, preview the widget on mobile view before publishing, duplicate Yelp widgets, share widgets with others with an URL, and more.

Additionally, Elfsight will fetch all the latest reviews on your Yelp profile in real time and show them on the widget without you having to do extra work. And you can utilize the custom CTA (Call to action) button (i.e., Write a review) to encourage website visitors to write a review on your Yelp Business page.

How to create a Yelp Review widget on Elfsight

Use the free Yelp review widget builder below.

Or Sign up for free on the Elfsight website and create your Yelp Review widget.

Here’s a video tutorial that shows how to add reviews from Yelp to a website using Elfsight.

Embed the Yelp review widget on a website

Elfsight Yelp reviews widget consists of a JavaScript file and HTML div element with a unique id. You do not need to place the JavaScript file if you already use any other Elfsight widget on your site.

Elfsight Yelp Reviews widget embed code
Yelp Review widget’s embed code

Add a ‘data-elfsight-app-lazy‘ tag to lazy load the widget on your site to minimize the widget’s impact on page loading time.

<script src="https://static.elfsight.com/platform/platform.js" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-2815921b-be06-488c-b593-f10a2539a28e" data-elfsight-app-lazy></div>


Yelp reviews carousel widget (for Dry Clean Super Center. Location: Dallas, Texas, USA)

Yelp inline review badge (for Aire Ancient Baths – New York. Location: New York City, NY, USA)

Click the badge below to reveal reviews.


Elfsight’s Yelp widget is free to use. However, its free plan limits to only 200 views per month, one widget per account, and Elfsight branding on the widget. Paid plans start from $5 per month, and all paid plans remove Elfsight branding from widgets and provide more views.

Elfsight Yelp Reviews widget pricing

Also, Elfsight pricing includes an All Apps package, which provides access to 80+ apps, including an All-in-one Reviews widget and Yelp widget. Prices start from $15 per month.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing

Click here to try Elfsight.

CommonNinja Yelp Reviews plugin

Commonninja Yelp Reviews Plugin

CommonNinja is another site that provides best free widgets for your websites. Its widget catalog comprises over 80 plugins ranging from data collection items to utilities. Some plugins are the age verification popup, frequently asked questions widget, Facebook reviews aggregator, From builder, and PDF file embed widget.

CommonNinja’s Yelp Reviews plugin is equipped with a visual editor (Like Elfsight), layouts & color skins, and many customizable options.

CommonNinja Yelp Reviews plugin editor
Reviews moderating inside the Yelp reviews plugin editor in CommonNinja. Label, approve, highlight, filter, and sort reviews.


  • Three review types, multiple layouts, and color skins – CommonNinja’s Yelp widget for the website comes with three review types (Carousel, Grid, and List) and various formats to choose the right one that fits your website design and style. Color skins let you quickly change the widget’s overall appearance without gradually changing each element one by one, saving you time. A perfect option when you want to create multiple widgets for clients etc.,
  • Yelp reviews filter – Use advanced filtering options, like displaying reviews with a minimum of a certain number of stars, to remove low-rating Yelp reviews from your widget. Plus, you can use the ‘Include/Exclude’ feature to filter reviews based on keywords on a review. These options will allow you to remove bad Yelp reviews from showing.
  • Manual reviews approval – Want to go one step further and display the exact reviews you want? CommonNinja got it!; With a simple toggle of a button, you can make sure that you manually approve all the reviews on the Yelp widget.
  • Customization options – CommonNinja’s visual editor lets you easily customize the widget’s appearance. You can change colors, fonts, sizes, and more. If you want to customize further, you can utilize custom CSS to insert your codes.
  • Mobile responsive previews, share Yelp widgets with others with direct links, widgets management, add collaborators and more features.

How to create a Yelp testimonials widget on CommonNinja

Register your free CommonNinja account from here and start designing your widget.

Watch the following tutorial to find out how to use the widget editor.


Here is a live demo of a Yelp review widget (gird layout) made on CommonNinja.


CommonNinja’s Yelp review plugin is free to use. However, the free plan has many limitations: 1 project and widget per account, 300 total page views per month, five reviews per widget, and no editorial control, custom styles & CSS, or automatic review updates.

Its paid plans start from $10 per month [Essential plan], eliminating the views barrier, including one team member, and removing the branding from Yelp review widgets.

CommonNinja Pricing

Click here to try CommonNinja.


Trustmary Yelp Review widget

Trustmary provides tools to embed reviews on your website. Currently, it supports Google Business Profile, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Capterra, and the G2 platform. And it supports all the major CMS and website builders such as WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix, and you can install review widgets on any HTML site.

Trustmary’s free Yelp review widget lets you display relevant customer reviews from Yelp on your site.


  • Widgets library – Choose a pre-built widget style that fits your current website theme.
  • Show best reviews – Import existing reviews from Yelp and highlight the best ones on your website. If you only have a few Yelp reviews, you can import reviews from various sources and use them in the widget.
  • Rich snippets for SEO – Enable Schema.org markups on the Yelp reviews widget to display rich snippets on SERPs.
  • Customization options – Edit the widget’s colors, fonts, and contents to fit your brand.


TrustMary’s Display plans include a free plan and three paid plans. The free plan allows 200 widget monthly pageviews. Paid plans start from $19/month, and the brand removal from widgets provided by the Business (costs $59/month).

Trustmary Display pricing plans

Click here to try Trustmary.

TagEmbed Yelp Reviews widget

Embed Yelp Reviews website TagEmbed

TagEmbed is another widgets provider that consists of 20+ applications for websites. Its apps library includes apps in many categories, such as social feed & stories (ex: Instagram feed, Pinterest Shorts, TikTok video feed), Review widgets (Airbnb, Etsy, etc.), and aggregator (Hashtag, Twitter, and UGC aggregator).

The Yelp Reviews widget is another one provided by TagEmbed to showcase Yelp business reviews on a website.

Create Yelp feed TagEmbed
Creating a Yelp review feed on TagEmbed. You can add multiple feeds.


  • Four layouts – Slider, Grid, Masonry, and List view.
  • Showcase reviews based on two options – Display all the reviews based on the Business Page (by entering its Yelp URL) or aggregate Yelp reviews from any specific business via location or keyword input.
  • Fetch reviews from multiple Yelp business listings – If your business consists of branches across different locations, you can fetch reviews of all those and showcase them in a single Yelp reviews interface.
  • Modification – Choose a Yelp widget theme that resonates with your website theme, and customize it using design options like banners, CTA, colors, fonts, and more.
  • Moderation panel – Keep your Yelp customer review widget fresh and clean by filtering out unwanted content (with the profanity filter and reviews filter) and displaying the latest reviews.
  • Analytics, collaboration, API, CTA button, custom CSS, and more.


TagEmbed offers a free plan and three paid plans. The free plan does not support Yelp. So, you must subscribe to a paid plan (starting from $11/month).

TagEmbed pricing plans

Click here to try TagEmbed.

Widgio’s Yelp Reviews app

Widgio Yelp Reviews plugin

Widgio is a site similar to Elfsight, with 65+ different web apps for websites. Its plugin library covers many areas: Chat (e.g., WhatsApp Chat plugin, All-in-one social chat), eCommerce (e.g., Price slider, PayPal buttons), Reviews (ex: Opentable, VouchedFor), Social, Image, Video, Audio, and Content.

Widgio’s Yelp Reviews app lets you add customer reviews to your website.

Widgio Yelp Reviews content display settings


  • 5+ templates – Widigio provides several templates to get you started. It consists of several layouts: Carousel, List, Masonry, Grid, and Badge.
  • Reviews display settings – Show/hide reviewer name & picture, date of review, rating, review source, and set review card layout (Classic, Bubble, Spotlight) and the number of reviews to show.
  • Styles – Choose a color scheme (Light or Dark) or set your custom colors and change font family, text sizes, etc.,
  • Filter reviews based on minimum rating (default: 0), translate front-end content of widget, responsive preview, and more.


Widgio provides a free plan (limited to one widget per account and 200 views per month and includes Widgio branding on widgets), and its paid plans start from $5/month.

Widgio single widgets pricing

Click here to try Widgio.

JustReview’s Yelp Reviews Aggregator

Justreview Yelp Reviews

JustReview is an online customer reviews aggregator that supports many review platforms. The list includes platforms like Google Shopping, Walmart, ProductHunt, Google Maps, Booking, Yell, Google Play Store, eBay, and Yelp. You can connect your review profile with JustReviews and create numerous widgets to showcase ratings on your site.

JustReview’s Yelp Reviews aggregator is easy to use and has six widget types.


  • Six widgets to embed Yelp reviews on the website – Badge (a sticky widget that reveals Yelp rating etc., when clicked), Testimonials (a slider with CTA text), Counters (displays average Yelp review rating), Summary (overall rating displayed on a box), Stars (average total Yelp rating), Page (dedicated page filled with Yelp testimonials and a call-to-action button at the top of header)
  • Reviews moderating and filter – Display reviews you want to show on your site.
  • Google Rich snippet data – Enable Schema.org rating markup to enrich your SERP result in Google and other search engines.
  • Widget customization – JustReview lets you change the appearance of the widget. However, it does not offer advanced customization like other services provide.

Widget installation is quite easy as JustReview integrates with major site builders such as Webflow, Squarespace, and WordPress. Once the widget is created, copy and paste the Yelp review widget HTML code on your site where you want to show it.


JustReview’s free plan does not support Yelp. Therefore, you will have to upgrade to the Plus plan, which costs ₤9/month.

Justreview pricing

Click here to try JustReview.

Widget for Yelp Reviews WordPress plugin

Widget for Yelp Reviews WordPress Plugin

Widget for Yelp Reviews WordPress plugin by RichPlugins is available to use for free and allows you to embed Yelp customer reviews on a WordPress site. This will enable you to load resources from your server and have more control over them. For instance, you can use a cache plugin such as WP Rocket and Perfmatters to optimize resources within Yelp Review widget.

Widget for Yelp Reviews plugin demo


  • Keep all reviews in the WordPress database.
  • Display up to 3 Yelp business reviews per location
  • Shortcode support (Embed Yelp reviews on the sidebar and within post content even when you use page builders such as Elementor, Page Origin, Beaver Builder, WPBakery, and Divi)

The plugin is free to use. You can unlock more features such as themes, review filters, sorting, show/hide elements, and Google Rich Snippets if you upgrade to Pro.

What is the best Yelp review widget?

It depends on your requirements and customization options.

For instance, Elfsight’s Yelp Review widget, which is a third-party widget builder that is not dependent on your web hosting, comes with light, dark, and custom color schemes and several layouts that you can use to create the right widget for your circumstance (ex: Yelp rating badge that floats with user scrolling, and Yelp testimonials slider with next and previous buttons, minimalistic Yelp reviews aggregator for narrow spaces such as sidebar of a site).

Yelp Review widget layout options in Elfsight
Easily change the layout of the widget and customize it without changing the embed code for the Yelp reviews widget.

On the other hand, WordPress plugins allow you to host all the reviews on your server while having the same customization options services such as Elfsight, CommonNinja, and TagEmbed provide.

On price wise, Elfsight provides the best value for money as features will not be locked out depending on the plan you subscribed to, and All Apps packs of Elfsight let you create multiple Yelp rating widgets for websites of your own and clients and manage them efficiently. That is why Elfsight is a must-use service for digital marketing agencies.

When considering integrations, all services listed above, apart from WordPress plugins, let you embed Yelp reviews on any platform (Google Sites, Blogger, Shopify, Unbounce) or any HTML site by copying and pasting the embed code.


How to Create a Yelp Review Widget?

Choose one of these Yelp Review widget creators, and create your widget by inserting your Yelp business listing URL, filtering content, and customizing the appearance.

Preview the widget and correct any responsive errors. Once created, copy the embed code and paste it to your site’s HTML editor, where you want to showcase Yelp reviews.

Final words on Best Yelp Review widgets for websites

According to a report by Spiegel Research Center, using even five reviews can increase the likelihood of a purchase by 270% compared to products without any reviews. So, if you have a local business and a good reputation and customer feedback on Yelp, there is no reason not to use Yelp reviews on your website to boost ROI on your online marketing campaigns.

That does not mean you will see immediate results once Yelp customer reviews are used on your website. It depends on many factors not limited to showing customer recommendations on sales pages. Use CRO tactics such as time-sensitive promos, countdown timers, and email marketing campaigns to increase conversion rates.

Also, encourage users to leave reviews on Yelp by offering discounts, etc., to increase your business’s Yelp listing ranking.

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