Best Google Sites Websites: Top 22 Examples for Inspiration

Google Sites offers a fast and easy method to create a website. It provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, making it simple for anyone to create a basic website. The platform is free and offers various free themes or templates to help you start building your site right away.

Whether you’re a teacher, student, business owner, or designer seeking inspiration, Google Sites can be a valuable tool. It’s versatile, allowing for a range of uses, from showcasing artwork and promoting emerging startups to building portfolios. This will allow you to establish a meaningful online presence.

In our previous article, I shared how you can sell on Google Sites by customizing the Google Sites website and using third-party plugins. In this article, I’ll examine some top Google Sites examples to highlight their advantages and features. These Google Sites websites and related information can help you determine if the platform fits your needs.

How to make your Google Sites modern and functional

One of key downsides of Google Sites website builder is that it lacks of customization options and especially does not have enough elements and widget such as image sliders, countdown timers, testimonial carousel etc.,

To make your Google Sites modern and functional, utilize website components from using an HTML widget code generator like Elfsight and CommonNinja. You can add widgets to Google Sites using the HTML Embed widget on your site editor.

A few third-party widgets for your Google Sites website are shown below. Select a template, click on “Continue with this template” button, customize widget, and get the embed code and add your Google Site using the “Embed” element as shown below screenshot.

Google Sites insert embed element

Slider (Add to hero section or any part of the website)

Portfolio Gallery (Introduce yourself and your projects)

Photo Gallery (showcase photos)

YouTube Gallery (Embed a channel, playlist, or a list of videos)

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Top Google Sites Websites Examples

A) Personal Websites

1. Filip Rzepka

Filip Rzepka is a filmmaker hailing from Prague who has established a personal website showcasing his creative journey and professional endeavors. 

He initially worked as a video editor; however, he harbored aspirations of crafting his projects. After undergoing various courses and acquiring skills, he switched to a filmmaker.

This website has captured the attention of visitors, reflecting the author’s distinctive creative approach. 

Filip has designed it to showcase his work through a visually striking combination of black-and-white elements and vibrant colors. You can seamlessly explore his projects on both the homepage and Portfolio section.

You’ll see links to Filip Rzepka’s social media accounts, and this allows you to connect with the filmmaker and gain deeper insights into his background. 

Moreover, its Contact page offers a convenient online form for visitors to reach out and receive feedback directly from Filip. 

Overall, this website serves as an exemplary portfolio, effectively crafted using Google Sites.

2. Xchu

Xchu is the personal website of Dr. Xu Chu, a professor specializing in geology at the University of Toronto. 

This online platform serves as a comprehensive hub, offering valuable insights into Dr. Chu’s extensive research, teaching endeavors, and published works. 

Apart from academic facets, the website features a blog, a user-friendly contact form, and a curated list of links to additional resources.

Xchu site has a clean and concise design that effectively communicates information, with the added appeal of engaging and informative blog posts. 

The thoughtful optimization for mobile devices ensures a seamless browsing experience for visitors accessing the site from various platforms. 

Plus, its inclusion of a Google Analytics tracking code contributes to the website’s analytical capabilities. This provides valuable insights into user behavior and interaction.

One notable feature is the impressive loading speed of the website, taking a mere 1 second to load on computers.

B) Schools Websites

3. Community School of Excellence

The Community School of Excellence (CSE) stands as a K-8 institution dedicated to Hmong language and culture education, situated in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

It is governed by a passionate consortium of educators, community members, and parents. The school was founded with a shared vision of providing top-tier education for all enrolled students.

The website contains all important information about the school. It covers details like the school’s history, contact information for staff and parents, academic programs, and resources for employees.

The site also boasts thematic elements such as school-related videos, photos, schedules, and more. This provides a well-rounded view of the school’s vibrant community and activities.

CSE’s website is designed to blend functionality, informational richness, and user-friendly navigation seamlessly. The left panel of the website serves as the gateway to major menu sections, allowing access to relevant information. 

Within these sections, you can explore the About Us page, delve into the Directory, access resources for Parents, explore Programs and Features, visit the Media Center, explore Employment opportunities, and find Staff Resources, among other details. 

Not forgetting, it comes with a search filter option that assists you in searching for specific information.

4. Huegel Elementary School PTO

The Huegel Elementary School PTO site is essential for keeping parents updated about the school’s latest news and events. It has a live calendar, serving as a dynamic tool for both parents and teachers. This calendar offers a clear and accessible overview of upcoming events, meetings, and ongoing programs organized by the PTO. 

The real-time updates ensure that stakeholders can easily stay abreast of important dates and actively participate in various school-related activities.

Beyond its functional aspects, the website also incorporates visual elements to provide a more engaging and pictorial representation of the PTO’s contributions to the school. 

These visuals offer a tangible glimpse into the organization’s efforts and impact, creating a more immersive experience for visitors.

C) Service Pages Websites

5. PCS Protection and Control Solutions

PCS Protection and Control Solutions presents a well-designed website that effectively combines aesthetics with functionality. 

The site’s design is notably enhanced by the inclusion of custom icons strategically placed on the Home and Services pages. These icons serve a dual purpose: emphasizing the company’s core benefits and highlighting the diverse range of services they offer.

Its cohesive layout structure is thoughtfully organized, allowing you to navigate and locate the information you seek easily. 

This intuitive design contributes to a positive user experience, as it clearly communicates the site’s purpose.

All sections are readily accessible, which helps you find the content you are interested in without unnecessary navigation challenges.

It has a Product section with comprehensive product descriptions. These descriptions are conveniently available in PDF format, which helps customers to download them.

6. Avox Architects

Avox Architects is one of the leading architectural firms based in Johannesburg, committed to delivering innovative and advanced projects tailored to their target audience.

The company has launched a dedicated website designed to highlight its premier services and exemplary works. This strategic initiative aims to capture the attention of potential clients and reinforce Avox Architects’ position in the competitive architectural landscape.

It takes pride in providing a complete range of services, including top-notch design, support with council submissions, project management, and immersive VR services. At the core of their strategy is the idea of customization, guaranteeing that every client and project gets individualized attention and solutions specifically crafted for their distinct needs.

The website acts as a thorough source, giving a glimpse into the company’s services, recent updates, and contact details. Every section is well-structured, making it easy for visitors to find pertinent information and navigate the site smoothly.

If you want to see Avox Architects’ past work, the website has a special page displaying a variety of their projects. This selected set gives you an idea of the firm’s skills, knowledge, and dedication to quality. It shows their ability to turn architectural ideas into actual results.

7. DrPete Technology Experts

The website represents a group of tech specialists from DrPete Technology Experts, offering support to those in the IT field. The homepage is professional, highlighting the company’s expertise, and you can easily find the information they need.

The blog looks good but could improve by adding preview and publishing details. It has a basic layout and archives, but the lack of tags makes finding articles a bit harder.

The site also has a Team page with photos and short bios, introducing you to the team members at DrPete Technology Experts.

D) Non-Profitable Website

8. Morton Park Hall

Morton Park Hall operates a non-profit website primarily focusing on providing information rather than facilitating e-commerce transactions or offering services. 

The website serves as a comprehensive platform to inform visitors about the church’s core beliefs and values while also serving as a representation of the community it serves.

It is structured into distinct sections to ensure easy navigation and access to relevant information:

  • What We Believe: This section delves into the fundamental beliefs and principles that guide the church and its community. It offers insights into the core values and doctrines upheld by the website’s administrators and serves as a foundational resource for visitors seeking to understand the church’s perspective.
  • Meetings & Services: This page provides detailed schedules and calendars for upcoming meetings and church services. A notable feature is the integration of a Month View Google Calendar, which offers a convenient overview of all scheduled events and activities.
  • How to Find Us: This section provides users with multiple ways to locate the church’s physical location. It features an integrated Google Maps widget, allowing visitors to visualize the church’s location and plan their route accordingly. Additionally, the written address is prominently displayed for those who prefer traditional navigation methods.

It has a Google Calendar, which ensures all meetings and events are easily accessible and organized. 

Furthermore, the website offers a glimpse into the community’s activities through photos from church meetings, fostering a sense of connection and engagement.

E) Fashion and Design Websites

9. FlippingRetail

FlippingRetail stands out as a premier destination for individuals seeking expertise in the fashion industry, particularly those interested in popular brands. 

The team at FlippingRetail comprises seasoned professionals with an in-depth understanding of the fashion landscape. This enables them to offer tailored services aligned with specific brand objectives and needs.

The site emphasizes a personalized approach rather than adopting a “one size fits all” model. 

The FlippingRetail site has a streamlined and contemporary homepage design. The layout is intuitive, featuring easily accessible links that direct you to various sections of the website. 

Also, it has a diverse array of services and resources designed to educate and assist visitors. This includes a dedicated blog section where readers can explore insightful articles and case studies.

At the forefront of this lineup is Brittany Brown, the Founder and CEO of FlippingRetail. Additionally, client referrals are prominently featured on this page, offering prospective clients valuable insights into the company’s specialization, professionalism, and qualifications.

For those interested in a more personalized interaction, FlippingRetail provides the option to schedule online consultations. This feature allows visitors to connect directly with the team. 

The “About Us” page serves as a testament to the expertise and professionalism of the FlippingRetail team. Besides that, It introduces the team members individually and gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the individuals behind the brand.

10. Joshua Pomeroy

The Joshua Pomeroy website serves as the digital design site for Joshua Pomeroy himself. He has been a seasoned artist, illustrator, and professional graphic designer for over a decade.

Throughout his career, Joshua Pomeroy has made significant contributions to numerous businesses, non-profit organizations, individuals, and entrepreneurs. His approach involves leveraging compelling visual content and creative storytelling tools to help clients achieve their diverse goals. 

The website is not merely a static representation but a dynamic showcase of his talent and creative accomplishments.

The site’s design stands out with its brightness and stylish aesthetics, creating an engaging and visually appealing browsing experience. On the homepage, visitors are greeted with samples of Joshua’s work, providing an immediate glimpse into the range and quality of his creative output. 

The inclusion of a search filter option enhances user convenience, allowing them to explore specific aspects of Joshua’s portfolio that align with their interests or needs.

Dedicated sections on the website cater to different facets of Joshua’s work. The Art page delves into his artistic creations, offering a comprehensive overview of his skills and style. 

Additionally, the website provides access to videos and course downloads, showcasing Joshua’s commitment to sharing his knowledge and expertise with a broader audience.

F) Hospitality

11. Flanders Hotel Bruges

Flanders Hotel Bruges, situated in Belgium, serves as a comprehensive online resource for individuals seeking detailed information about its accommodations and services. 

This hotel stands out as a top recommendation for travelers in search of a luxurious, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing place to stay.

The hotel’s website is meticulously designed to provide visitors with all the essential details they may require. It features a comprehensive list of services and amenities and ensures that potential guests have a clear understanding of what to expect during their stay. 

Plus, the website offers a detailed description of the hotel’s location. It has video tours that provide a virtual glimpse into the hotel’s interiors and facilities. 

Moreover, the website proudly showcases its list of awards, underscoring its commitment to excellence and guest satisfaction.

If you want to see the hotel’s location, there’s a built-in Google Maps feature that makes it easy. It helps you find the hotel’s exact address.

The website allows visitors to book directly using an online form, making the reservation process simple. The form is available in several languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch, to serve a diverse range of customers.

For a better user experience and easy access, the website gives links to the hotel’s social media accounts and detailed contact information. This makes it simple for visitors to reach out for more information or help.

In addition to the informative content, the website features high-quality photos that not only display the hotel’s offerings but also contribute to its visually pleasing design.

12. Moalboal Adventures

Moalboal Adventure Tours is a dedicated platform that offers a variety of exciting adventure tours in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines. These immersive experiences, such as Canyoneering, Trekking, Snorkeling Tours, and Bamboo Cooking Classes, cater to the diverse interests of visitors.

The website not only highlights the range of adventure tours available but also includes a blog section curated by Vladislav, the tour company’s owner. Vladislav shares captivating travel stories and valuable tips, drawing from his extensive knowledge and firsthand experiences in the region.

For those interested in exploring the adventure tours further, the website features a user-friendly contact form. This makes communication easy, allowing visitors to submit inquiries and get detailed information about the tours for a personalized and informative interaction.

Moalboal Adventure Tours website has a responsive design, ensuring optimal viewing and functionality on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

G) Business and e-Commerce

13. Jivrus

Jivrus operates a dynamic website on Google Sites, dedicated to globally delivering premium software products aimed at enhancing business success and productivity. Specializing in Automation, Cloud solutions, IoT, Analytics, and Integration, Jivrus strives to empower businesses for optimal results.

The Jivrus website stands out with its visually engaging design, created to engage users effectively. The vibrant color palette, featuring a striking combination of red and white, highlights essential information and grabs the user’s attention.

As visitors explore the site, they gain comprehensive insights into the company’s objectives, the range of products and solutions, testimonials from satisfied users, and direct links to Jivrus’s social media accounts.

Being a Google Cloud Partner, Jivrus Technologies takes pride in delivering unmatched solutions aligned with users’ needs. For those wanting a deeper understanding of the company’s offerings, the website’s menu provides detailed information and insights.

The website hosts an informative blog section with valuable content on various business aspects. This section serves as a knowledge hub, offering readers insights, trends, and best practices to enhance their business acumen and decision-making processes.

14. MigraSoothe Migraine Support

The MigraSoothe website features a sleek and contemporary design that aligns with its role as a supplier of advanced migraine treatment products focused on Riboflavin 400 mg and mood enhancers.

The homepage takes center stage in presenting the company’s vitamin-based solutions, positioning MigraSoothe as a leading option for migraine relief. 

Notably, the website employs a custom theme from Google Sites, enhancing its visual appeal and functionality.

In terms of content, the website covers a range of topics, including videos, detailed information about products, and a section addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs). This comprehensive approach aims to provide you with a holistic understanding of MigraSoothe’s offerings.

Moreover, it has embedded customer testimonials that further validate MigraSoothe’s effectiveness. And it provides firsthand accounts of positive experiences with the products.

The website includes a blog section providing valuable tips and insights on handling migraines, establishing MigraSoothe as a thorough resource for individuals seeking not just relief but also guidance in managing the complexities of migraine control.

It comes with links to social media, urging visitors to engage with MigraSoothe on different platforms. You can subscribe to a newsletter to remain updated on the latest news, tips, and product launches.

H) Landing Page

15. Leo Kee Chye

Leo Kee Chye presents a landing page that acts as a gateway to his online collection of essays. It offers visitors a glimpse into his diverse works. 

The landing page grabs attention with its remarkably simple and minimal design. It showcases a black-and-white sketch that not only captures interest but also acts as an enticing invitation for users to check out the author’s next website, MoltenDew.

Leo Kee Chye, the creator of this online magazine, openly admits that he started the project not just to display his writings but also because he was really bored. This interesting revelation introduces a sense of curiosity, encouraging users to explore the collection and uncover the inspiration behind these essays.

If you want to know more about the author and dive into his top essays, the homepage offers an easy-to-use interface for selecting and reading. The essays are sorted into sections like Economics, Fiction Factory, History, Philosophy, Sociology, and others, making it simple for readers to navigate and explore essays that match their interests.

Leo Kee Chye has integrated an audio player into the homepage sidebar. This allows you to enjoy tranquil music while immersing yourself in the author’s compelling essays.

I) Teachers and Professors

16. Jae Hoon Choi

The Jae Hoon Choi website is a digital platform designed to provide comprehensive information about Jae Hoon Choi. Jae Hoon Choi is an esteemed Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Xavier University’s Williams College of Business. 

This website offers a deep dive into Jae Hoon Choi’s professional journey, encompassing his biography, research endeavors, and teaching background.

It has Jae Hoon Choi’s personal Curriculum Vitae (CV), which is both embedded within the site for immediate viewing and available for download. This helps you to get a quick overview or a more detailed examination of his academic and professional accomplishments.

The website’s design is both user-friendly and efficient, incorporating elements that enhance its functionality and user experience. Noteworthy features include a search bar, facilitating effortless navigation and quick access to specific information, and pages detailing Jae Hoon Choi’s research interests and teaching information.

17. Putnam Valley Federation of Teachers

The Putnam Valley Federation of Teachers (PVFT) official website is built using the Google Sites platform, following its best practices. The organization is dedicated to enhancing teaching standards, advocating for its members, and addressing industry-related concerns.

The website provides current and essential information about the Federation, including its benefits, schedule, members, and events.

The information on the site is organized into sections like Calendar, Minutes, Officers, Welfare Trust Fund, Benefits, Mentors, Grievances, Mentoring Plan, Resources, etc.

For easy navigation, the site includes a search filter option. Additionally, you can connect through social networks, and there’s a dedicated Donate section for supporting the Federation’s activities and members.

J) Gaming Website

18. E-Gaming Experts

E-Gaming Experts is a dedicated online platform that offers comprehensive insights and information on the rapidly evolving esports industry. 

The sites offer a wide range of services, including marketing strategies, IPOs, Mobile e-gaming advice, Technology Due Diligence, and help with Security and Compliance. They also guide platform integration or mergers, both technically and managerially, making them a go-to for those in the esports field.

The website is designed with the user in mind, using a clean layout with plenty of space and eye-catching visuals to highlight gaming content. This design not only looks good but also makes the site easy to read and navigate.

Beyond user-friendly design, E-Gaming Experts focus on performance, using techniques like minification and compression. These strategies help achieve fast loading times, ensuring visitors have a smooth browsing experience without sacrificing speed or responsiveness.

K) Health and Fitness Websites

19. Mukthi Yoga Group

Mukthi Yoga Group’s website is a one-stop digital space for all things yoga, designed for both beginners and experts alike. Its main goal is to promote overall wellness through yoga’s transformative benefits.

The site offers user-friendly features, like a clear menu on the homepage’s left side, ensuring visitors can easily find what they’re looking for. Users can dive into a wide array of informative yoga content without any hassle.

Other features include a search tool for finding specific information and dedicated galleries with photos and videos covering various yoga topics. The site also links to a YouTube channel, adding even more video content for users.

For those wanting to practice in real-time, the website streams live yoga sessions regularly, connecting users with a community of yoga enthusiasts. There’s also a detailed class schedule, letting users plan their yoga sessions based on their interests and skill levels.

A unique aspect of the website is its free group sign-up, encouraging people to join a welcoming community focused on self-improvement and health. 

Moreover, you can learn about the instructors through their profiles, gain access to yoga resources like presentations and downloads, and find useful links for further information.

L) Podcast Website

20. Preesh

The podcast website features a simple layout with a fixed equipment image as its backdrop. Using a single-page format, the site includes clear headers for easy navigation.

The fixed image not only grabs visitors’ attention but also enhances the site’s look, fitting well with the podcast’s theme. It offers a lively background that draws users in right from the homepage.

Choosing a single-page format is smart, putting all key details in one accessible place. This makes it convenient for users to find what they’re looking for without navigating through various pages.

The site’s clear headers highlight its maritime theme, making it easy for visitors to navigate to their desired sections or topics. This design improves the site’s user-friendliness, ensuring users can quickly locate information or specific content.

M) Writers Websites

21. Flavio Ciabattoni

This website is a digital haven for Flavio, an Italian writer and author with a penchant for documenting his experiences and adventures around the world. 

When you visit the site, you’ll encounter a captivating introduction showcasing Flavio’s latest book. This introduction not only promotes the book but also crafts a narrative around Flavio’s unique stories, complemented by engaging background images that cleverly support his intriguing tales.

Flavio adeptly encourages visitors to dive into his journeys, offering glimpses of the places he has explored and the narratives woven through his writing. The website incorporates an attractive scroll effect, unveiling a visual tapestry of travel images that perfectly complement the stories within its pages.

This design choice adds a dynamic and immersive dimension, enhancing the overall storytelling experience.

The website stands out in revealing Flavio’s personality, creating a virtual space that mirrors his passion for exploration and the written word. Beyond being a mere promotional platform, the website successfully establishes a connection between the author and the audience.

N) Event Company Website

22. Bird of Prey Centre

The Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre, located in the picturesque region of Cumbria, England, stands as a captivating Falconry and events center. This Google Sites example, while simple in its construction, proves to be highly effective in conveying the essence and offerings of the center.

When you visit this website, you’ll be greeted with a stunning view of the venue and a strategic and visually appealing introduction that immediately captures the attention of potential clients. 

The captivating images on the website provide a compelling preview of the unique Cumberland Bird of Prey Centres’ scenic surroundings.

The website’s design stands out for its simplicity and easy navigation. Each course and training program has its page, allowing potential customers to explore detailed information before reaching out.

This organized approach meets visitors’ informational needs, promoting transparency and clarity about the diverse opportunities at the Cumberland Bird of Prey Centre. It not only helps potential clients in making informed decisions but also enhances the overall user experience with well-structured and accessible information.

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Bottom Line on Best Google Sites Website Examples

You can create a basic website using Google Sites if you need a simple site with essential features. Google Sites allows you to create various types of websites, such as portfolios, business sites, educational sites, fan sites, and more. The above websites are some examples of sites designed using Google Sites.

These examples will inspire you if you are looking to start your projects, and they show how Google Sites can create attractive and useful websites. As more people and groups use Google Sites, the platform’s potential for online presence continues to grow, promising even more exciting opportunities ahead.

Also, check out these Google Sites SEO tips to optimize your Google Sites website for search engine rankings.

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