List of Top 7 Free Social Media Widgets for Blogger

This post will offer the list of best social media sharing widgets for Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and other websites.

As bloggers, webmasters, SEO enthusiasts, or social network fanatics, we cannot forget social media. Social media plays a significant role, sometimes as a traffic provider and other times in changing the search engine ranking position.

Any website or blog, even authority blogs like Mashable and Techcrunch, could not increase the online presence without using social media correctly. In the first few months, TechCrunch did not use social media. So Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable, made his blog the most popular blog beyond Techcrunch.

One famous secret of a successful website is the proper use of social media to increase brand awareness, traffic, and sales.

There are a lot of social networks. I think more than 30. But a few still survive on the Internet, and very few dominate the Internet (why not people too).

The competition among each social network is very high, so each one releases new features regularly to preserve the existing users and increase its popularity.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vkontakte (VK), Delicious, and Reddit are essential to drive traffic and improve social proof. Some websites and blogs like photologs receive more massive traffic through social media than search engines (organic traffic).

One of the best ways to improve the presence on social media is by adding social widgets on blogs.

We can find many official social sharing widgets. These sharing widgets are trendy. However, the question is generally the difficulty of adding all social sharing widgets to one page.

Assume if you added 350+ social media sharing widgets to your website, how the entire page will look? Intuitive or messy? Does it help in decreasing the website bounce rate?

So we have to use third-party websites to get all social network share buttons. Some social sharing plugins provide all social network widgets such as buttons, share buttons, pin buttons, etc.

These social media sharing widgets have different themes, share button sizes, styles, and widget positions.

So you can choose which social media sharing widget applies to your site and change the appearance you want (Like hiding sharing widgets in Contact us, About pages… etc.)

Below are the best social share plugins and top social sharing widget providers, which you can use to get social sharing buttons for free.

Many social sharing platforms ask for signing up to get a unique social media sharing widget for your site. Don’t think that it’s not necessary because you can track social shares and much more!

Social media share widgets provide analysis reports for shares, likes, and the number of followers you have gained based on user shares on each social network.

Each post’s number of social shares tells a story of your site’s quality and how sharable the content is. So, without wasting your valuable time, let’s see the top social media sharing widget providers and their features.

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NB: There are hundreds or thousands of social sharing widgets for bloggers and web admins. Also, hundreds of thousands of social share buttons have different styles, colors, sizes, patterns, etc. However, I intend to provide you best social sharing widgets or the best social network widgets for bloggers, which give you in-depth analysis. Below are a few social sharing widgets designed for the best conversation rates, so you don’t need to worry about social shares.

Best Social Sharing Widgets, Plugins, and Tools for BlogSpot (Google Blogger)

Powr Social Feed

Powr is an online website widget provider with over 50+ widgets and tools such as the PayPal Donate button, email subscription form, and Contact us form to decorate and power your website. One of the most popular ones is the “Social Feed.”

Here are some features:

  • Add Multiple Feeds
  • Social Sharing
  • Content Moderation
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Flexible layouts
  • Customization options
  • Powerful integrations

Here is an example social feed widget made with Powr.

You can add multiple social feeds plus your blog feed to the widget.

social feed widget for blogger -

Also, customization of the social feed widget is so easier. It lets you preview how it will look on mobile and make changes later. It can be installed easily from your Blogger dashboard using an HTML widget.

Click here to get Powr social feed widget for Blogger.

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Addthis Logo
AddThis Logo

The “AddThis” social sharing widget is the world’s largest social sharing plugin. It is used by more than 15 million websites in the world.

Now, it has more widgets for list building, social follows, and CTA buttons.

Personally, I have used the AddThis social sharing plugin and AddThis social media widgets on my different blogs. They work pretty well. Actually, AddThis social sharing widgets have helped me drive hundreds of sales and return customers with my loyal readers’ help.

You could add social sharing widgets by using the AddThis social sharing plugin on your website. You can also add social follow buttons, welcome bars, recommended content widgets, and conversation tools.

There are countless handy social sharing plugins and widgets for bloggers and marketers.

One of the social share buttons in AddThis I love is responsive social share buttons. These buttons helped us to drive insane traffic from social networks.

AddThis Analytics – Know who shares your content on social media

Here’s how the AddThis share plugin helped one of our websites to grow fast. Pay your attention to the date between 18 APR and 05 May.

Addthis sharing analytics
Sharing Activity

We started using the AddThis social share widget on our blog. Within the first six months, we received 240 total social shares only from the AddThis social sharing buttons. It’s 40 shares a month!

All are natural social shares, Not black hat methods. That’s not bad considering we receive minor traffic from search engines. And don’t forget that we also have more custom social share buttons on our blog.

The basic package of AddThis is free. You can get many social, conversation, and content marketing tools. However, upgrade to the Pro version to get other premium social tools and a more in-depth social share analysis. The AddThis Pro version currently starts at $12 per month.


ShareThis logo
ShareThis Logo

After the AddThis social share plugin, ShareThis is the most popular social media widget provider. In October 2013, people installed the ShareThis sharing plugin on more than 2. 4 million websites, and it got 23 billion page views. ShareThis plugins can be installed on any website platform like WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Joomla, TypePad, and Tumblr.

Also, you can install the ShareThis application on your IOS & Android mobile phones and share anything anytime. Like AddThis, ShareThis also provides an analytics report for your social sharing and following plugins. People can use the ShareThis sharing plugin to share their blog posts to multiple social networks with one click. It’s a pretty cool feature, as we want more shares!

Click Here to visit ShareThis social media sharing management service and get ShareThis buttons.

Monarch – Best WordPress Social Media Plugin

When we talk about blogging, we can’t forget WordPress – one of the thousands of bloggers’ best content management systems. There are a lot of social media plugins for WordPress. Some are free sharing plugins, while others are premium social sharing plugins.

However, even though there are many WordPress social share plugins, we should choose one of the best social media plugins, WordPress, for our blogs because some sharing widgets will work for some sites while others will not.

I have found that Monarch WordPress social share plugin is splendid and one of the best WordPress social media plugins out there.

Monarch widget locations
Monarch Social Media Plugin for WordPress by ElegantThemes

Monarch social media management tool for WordPress comes with excellent features.

  • More than one location to place social sharing buttons in your WordPress blog: A/B test to find the best converting position to place social sharing buttons in WordPress.
  • Over 20 Social Networks to Choose From: Does one social network convert very well for your blog? Ex: Pinterest. You can choose social networks to show in the sharing widget.
  • Media sharing: Does your blog have intuitive, beautiful, and trigger images? How can you multiply social shares by letting visitors share pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest? It will increase not only social traffic but also organic traffic for images.
  • Automatic Pop-Up: Monarch WordPress sharing widget will calculate users’ behavior and identify the time they will exit from your pages. Then will show an intuitive pop-up sharing box to increase social shares.
  • Automatic-Flyin: You spend hours and weeks producing excellent content, right? Why do people not share their content on social networks? It’s because the WordPress social sharing plugin you use is not functional or/and doesn’t provide powerful options to catch up with engaged readers to share posts. Monarch WP’s social media sharing plugin will encourage readers to share content worldwide. You have to do is sit and calculate the social shares. 😉
  • Social Following: An engaged social following base is essential for social media marketing. Isn’t it? So who might be the most dynamic social followers you’d have? Yes, they are your loyal blog readers. Monarch WordPress social media plugin has a few powerful tools to convert your loyal readers into social followers: Twitter followers, Facebook fans, LinkedIn connections, Pinterest pinners, etc.
  • And much more…

There are a lot more features and unique tools on Monarch social plugin.

In fact, the Monarch social media plugin is an elegant WordPress plugin to manage social media. (Yes, it’s from ElegantThemes: a popular WordPress theme marketplace) It has advanced settings, such as adding custom CSS for tech-savvy people. I don’t think you would not like to preview a live plugin demo over here.

Monarch Social Share Analytics

Monarch has an inbuilt tool to analyze social media sharing and following activities like other professional social media sharing tools. It’s a simple and easy-to-use design. So you wouldn’t take much time to familiarize the Monarch analysis page.

Overall, if you searched for a WordPress social media plugin dedicated to WordPress blogs, Monarch would be your choice.

Click Here to download Monarch WordPress social media management tool.

The social media sharing plugin comes with an attractive design that quickly catches the user’s attention. Like AddThis and ShareThis, after installing your social sharing widget on your site, you can get the analytics report of clicks, shares, and social follows. Another excellent feature of is that you can now generate additional revenue from each share!

After someone shares your post or image, they would see a 300 * 250 ad. So the conversation rate will be higher than usual advertising methods, and more shares are more income to your account. Have you thought that you could generate extra revenue through social shares?

If you want a share widget for bloggers with revenue-generating options, try social network share widget.



Another social media sharing widget comes with the motto “Sharing is Caring.” Its counters, tooltips, and button styles make the sharing widget more pleasant. Adding the Shareaholic sharing widget bottom of the post content can increase the shares.

You can download the Sharing is Caring plugin for WordPress and get the sharing-is-caring widget for a blogger from this link.



Sharrre is a JQuery plugin that allows you to create your sharing widgets. You can design custom sharing buttons and add them to your blog or website. See some attractive examples of sharing buttons from this link. If you need to add customized sharing buttons that load quickly, Sharrre is a good choice.

Other Social Sharing Widget Resources

Here are a few social sharing widget providers and social media sharing buttons.

Social sharing buttons are essential on many occasions. You must use a third-party plugin or widget to include almost all social sharing buttons on a web page. In that case, you should choose the best and most trusted social sharing widgets.

They shouldn’t increase the page loading time, confuse the layouts, and make the theme design ugly. So these are the top social network sharing button providers.

These websites have different, unique features and tools to increase social shares. You can easily add the desired sharing button on your website or blog because most of the above services support all platforms, including BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly, and Wix.

I want your questions, suggestions, and views about these best social media sharing widgets.

What social sharing plugin do you use? Did you not find your social sharing plugin here? So comment about it using the below commenting form. I will add it to the above list as soon as I receive your comment.

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