10 Best Google Blogger Alternatives for Hassle-free Blogging in 2024

Bloggers are constantly on the lookout for platforms that offer ease of use, flexibility, and a range of features to enhance their blogging experience. Google’s blogging platform, Blogger, has long been a staple in the blogging community, but as the digital landscape evolves, so do the needs of content creators. 

Even though Blogger is a quality free blogging platform for beginners to start their career, there are still disadvantages to using it compared to others. Read our review on Blogger for a comprehensive overview.

Reasons why you should look for an alternative to Blogger

  • Blogger lacks customizations — One of the essential parts of a blogging platform is the customization options. As a blog owner, your blog software should enable you to edit permalink structure, utilize page templates & custom post types, and blog customization features. However, Blogger is limited in some areas compared to others.
  • Limited Blogger widgets and blog post elements — Even though there are several ‘gadgets’ (website components) in the Layout section that you can add to your blog sidebar, footer, etc., they are still not enough for current requirements in web development. For example, the default Blogger contact form widget offers little to no customization (i.e., no way to edit or add form fields). Not to mention that there aren’t widgets in Blogger to add photo galleries or background audio players, etc. For that, you have to use third-party widgets on Blogger, which might cost money.
  • Limited SEO options — If your goal is to receive traffic from search engines such as Google, you have to optimize your blog for search engines for better content indexing. For example, while other blogging platforms have SEO plugins and extensions to add FAQ and star rating markups, Blogger does not provide them. However, that does not mean you cannot optimize SEO on Blogspot blogs.
  • Limited in earning money through blog — Indeed, you can absolutely make money blogging on Blogspot. But, especially if you want to promote affiliate offers and sell your own products, Blogger has tons of limitations: no link tracking mechanism, no way to add ‘rel’ attributes such as nofollow and sponsored without editing HTML code, no content gate capability, and so on.
  • Hard to implement an exit strategy properly — Your blog is not just a web real estate. In fact, it should be regarded as a business if you have not already. So, in business, there should be an exit strategy. There should be a clear pathway when you are ready to sell your blog and move on. Unfortunately, Blogger blogs are regarded as Web 2.0 properties, not blogs, by most buyers; hence, there is a lack of buyer enthusiasm for Blogger blogs on the website buy and sell marketplaces.

This has led to the rise of several Google Blogger alternatives that promise a hassle-free blogging journey.

In this article, I’ll explore the top alternatives to Google Blogger that cater to both novice and seasoned bloggers.

In addition, I’ve carefully selected the platforms based on their user-friendly interfaces, customization options, and additional features that streamline the blogging process.

Best Google Blogger Alternatives for Hassle-free Blogging

1. WordPress


WordPress stands as a prime alternative to Blogger, renowned for its versatility and user-friendly interface. The WordPress ecosystem comprises two primary options: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com offers an online platform that effortlessly enables users to establish blogs or websites without initial financial investment. It operates as a fully hosted service, necessitating payment solely for hosting and domain registration. 

The platform boasts top-tier hosting services, guaranteeing high-quality, secure, and spam-free hosting. Also, managing essential website aspects like security, maintenance, backups, and software updates.

On the flip side, WordPress.org serves as a self-hosted platform, demanding users to procure hosting services from external providers and obtain a custom domain. Users bear the responsibility for overseeing various aspects of their websites, including security, maintenance, performance, backups, and software updates.

Benefits of Self-hosted WordPress Blogs

  • Ownership and Control: You retain complete ownership and control over your websites and associated data, provided they adhere to legal standards.
  • Plugins: The platform grants users the freedom to integrate a wide array of free, paid, or custom WordPress plugins and applications into their websites, enhancing functionality as needed.
  • Design Customization: It allows you to enjoy unparalleled flexibility in customizing website designs, with the option to select from a vast library of free or premium WordPress themes or even design custom layouts according to your preferences.
  • Monetization: WordPress.org empowers users to monetize their websites directly, enabling the display of personalized ads without revenue-sharing obligations.
  • Analytics Tools: You can use robust tools such as Google Analytics and gain insights through customizable analytics and tracking mechanisms, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • E-commerce Capabilities: With self-hosted WordPress, users can establish fully functional online stores to sell digital or physical products, facilitate credit card payments, and manage direct delivery or shipping logistics seamlessly.
  • Membership: The platform supports the creation of membership sites, which will help you offer premium content, courses, forums, and other exclusive features, fostering vibrant online communities around your websites.
  • Support and Community: WordPress offers an active and supportive community where you can seek help for your queries through support forums manned by volunteers. You can also enhance your understanding of WordPress by engaging in WordCamps or Meetups. Additionally, there are numerous blog articles and tutorials available for further learning.
  • Enhanced SEO Features: WordPress equips every website with intuitive SEO tools such as RankMath and Yoast SEO aimed at enhancing its visibility to new visitors. These tools empower you to customize titles and descriptions, automatically generate XML Sitemaps, and craft clean URLs alongside other valuable features.
  • Social Media Integration: It provides seamless integration with social networks, eliminating the need to log in to each social media account separately, including X/Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Your website’s new content will be automatically shared on your social media profiles, alerting users to updates without any manual effort. Alternatively, you can utilize tools such as ContentStudio and SocialBee to share new blog posts on your social media pages automatically.

Benefits of Hosted WordPress Blogs

The free WordPress.com platform is an ideal option for hobby bloggers and newcomers to the blogging scene. Nonetheless, it does have its limitations. It offers free hosting for up to 3GB of space, beyond which users must upgrade to a paid plan for additional storage.

  • Fast Loading Speeds: WordPress.com excels in providing fast loading speeds. It prioritizes this aspect to ensure that your site remains responsive even during sudden traffic surges, thereby preventing any loss of followers due to sluggish loading times.
  • High-Level Security: With a dedicated security team and various protective measures such as firewalls, encryption, and DDoS protection, your blog is safeguarded against potential threats by default.
  • Own Your Content: Ownership of blogs should rightfully lie with creators, not platforms. With WordPress.com, every word, photo, and idea you share remains exclusively yours. This ownership grants you the freedom to effortlessly export your entire blog and relocate it to any destination, whenever you choose.
  • Monetization: It offers built-in monetization tools to help creators monetize their content. These tools enable creators to sell merchandise and downloadable content, accept donations, and even offer subscriptions or memberships, allowing their audience to support their hard work directly.

What Makes WordPress the Best Google Blogger Alternative

  • It offers many professional templates and themes for your website. You can also purchase themes from WordPress theme marketplaces such as Themeforest and buy premium plugins created for WordPress websites directly from vendor websites and marketplaces such as CodeCanyon, as well as CodeCanyon alternatives. Not to mention that you can edit the HTML of a WordPress website or use the HTML block on Gutenberg editor to install third-party HTML widgets on WordPress.
  • With advanced plans, you can customize your website’s design using CSS.
  • You can use tools for marketing and making money, like subscription options.

WordPress Pricing

  1. WordPress.org is free, but you’ll have to buy hosting services and domains.
  2. WordPress.com
WordPress Pricing
  • Starter Plan is $9 per month 
  • Explorer Plan is $18 per month 
  • Creator  Plan is $40 per month 
  • Entrepreneur  Plan is $45 per month

2. Brizy CMS

Brizy CMS - Blogging functionality

Brizy is an online website builder for non-techies. Brizy Cloud offers various facilities for developing websites, blogs, web stories, popups for websites, and a membership platform to sell your content.

Its Blogging functionality (also known as Brizy CMS—Content Management System) includes an easy-to-use and powerful visual page builder and many customization features.

Brizy blog post details editor


  • Build your blog from scratch — There are Brizy templates designed to manage content (i.e., blog templates). Also, you can make your blog layout using Brizy CMS. Use the custom assets builder to create new post types
Brizy blog blocks
  • Powerful page builder — Brizy’s visual page builder is one of the easiest to use and the most powerful in terms of features. You can utilize existing blog layouts, blocks (or save your designed ones), and elements on the page builder to create your blog posts. Also, the page builder is enriched with an AI-powered text generator, advanced styling, and more. Learn more in the Brizy review.
  • Create a multilingual blog — Unlike Blogger, Brizy lets you translate your content to multiple languages to truly internationalize your content among people whose native language isn’t the one in which your main content is written.
  • SEO & social settings — You can add a custom meta title and description and set up a social sharing title, description, and image thumbnail for each post, which Blogger lacks.
Brizy blog post SEO
  • Insert custom codes — Brizy lets you utilize custom CSS and inject codes on the header and footer. This allows you to style your blog sites with custom coding, add tracking scripts and analytics codes, and use third-party website extensions such as a WhatsApp Chat widget, cookie information bar, and others created using website widget builders such as Elfsight and CommonNinja.
Brizy blog post code injection
  • Multiple publishing methods — You can use a custom domain and host your blog on Brizy servers or host it on your own.
Brizy project publishing options
Brizy provides multiple publishing options for users.

Why is Brizy a better ecosystem for blogging than Blogger?

  • Brizy’s eco-system for web development (which includes more than blogging functionality) makes it a sustainable and flexible platform for creating simple to advanced blogs.
  • Brizy has a visual page builder, while Blogger has a text editor.
  • You can host your blog on Brizy or your own service while Blogger is locked to Google servers.

Brizy’s pricing

Blogging functionality is provided under the free plan, and paid plans start at $19 per month. Check out our Brizy pricing guide for more details.

Brizy Cloud Pricing
  • Personal — $19/month — 1 website, 1 workspace, 2 publishing options.
  • Freelancer — $39/month — 5 websites, 5 workspaces, 3 publishing options, Premium CDN.
  • Agency — $69/month — 10 websites, 10 workspaces, 4 publishing options, Premium CDN, Priority support.
  • White Label — $89/month — 10 websites, 10 workspaces, 4 publishing options, Premium CDN, Priority support, Managed clients & billing, White Label platform.

3. Medium


Medium serves as a platform primarily catering to content creators and writers seeking a streamlined blogging experience for regular content publication, presenting itself as a free alternative to Blogger.

With a vast user base exceeding 100 million, it offers access to a substantial community of potential readers. To get started, one must sign up on Medium and commence writing and publishing. The platform handles all technical aspects, such as design and hosting, enabling writers to concentrate on crafting their content.


  • Customization: Within Medium’s editor panel, users can personalize various aspects, including the homepage header, fonts, backgrounds, accent colors, and blogroll display, prioritizing simplicity and quality content.
  • SEO: With over 100 million monthly visitors, Medium provides a fertile ground for writers to create engaging stories. Its robust domain authority enhances articles’ search engine rankings. Users can leverage standard on-page SEO options to customize post titles, URLs, subheadings, meta descriptions, and image alt text.
  • Customer Support: Medium offers assistance through its Medium Help Center and support team, which are accessible via ticket submissions. Comprehensive documentation is also available to aid users in maximizing the platform.
  • Monetization: Through the Partner Program, Medium allows writers to earn revenue based on reader engagement with their stories. Factors like reader engagement duration and monthly reading habits influence payment.

What Sets Medium Apart as a Blogger Alternative:

  • Tailored for writers with an extensive user base of nearly 120 million.
  • Provides monetization options for writers.

Medium Pricing:

Publishing content on Medium is free, eliminating the need for expenses on web hosting, domains, plugins, or themes. Users can leverage built-in customizations and features provided by Medium at no cost.

Additionally, Medium offers a subscription option for users interested in becoming members, priced at $5 per month or $50 per year.

4. Webflow

Webflow CMS

Webflow is among the best Google Blogger alternatives for people and businesses who want to create websites without coding. With Webflow, you can drag and drop elements to organize your site. This means anyone can make a blog without the need for coding skills or blogging experience.

It has a visual interface for managing CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. Webflow turns your design into clean code that’s ready to go online.

Plus, Webflow helps you make websites that look good on different devices like phones, tablets, and computers. You can easily customize how your site appears on different screen sizes.


  • Webflow Editor:  Webflow Editor makes it easy to manage your website’s content. You can edit and publish content right on your page without needing a complicated system in the background. Once you’re happy with your changes, you just click a button to publish them to your site.
  • Various Templates:  It has over 2000 templates, including ones made just for blogs. These templates come in different styles, colors, and layouts, giving you plenty of choices. You can tweak your blog however you like. These templates are designed to be easy for search engines to find, work well on different devices, and have neat code that keeps your site running smoothly.
Webflow Blog Templates
  • SEO: It allows you to set up URL addresses and automatically create titles, descriptions, and Open Graph (OG) settings for your posts. You can either use the information you’ve already written or customize it. Don’t forget to add alt tags to your images, too.
  • Efficient Loading and Responsive Design: The service prioritizes speed with its websites, employing clean, efficient code for rapid loading times. All sites utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) and adhere to the latest HTTP/2 standards, ensuring reliability and responsiveness, with pages loading in milliseconds and constant availability for visitors.
  • Integration with Third-Party Platforms: It seamlessly integrates with a variety of tools and services, including Zapier, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics. These integrations empower users to enhance their website’s functionality and automate repetitive tasks effortlessly.
  • E-commerce Capabilities: With support for e-commerce, Webflow enables you to integrate shopping experiences directly into your blogs. This fosters the establishment of businesses offering tailored products, digital goods, or services. Moreover, it facilitates transactions, accepting payments from over 200 countries via Apple Pay, credit cards, PayPal, and Google Pay.
  • Customer Support and Resources: Webflow offers robust support and resources. Whether through extensive documentation or vibrant community forums, you can easily access the assistance needed to craft impressive websites with ease.

What Makes Webflow the Google Blogger Alternative

  • It offers a graphical interface for handling HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • The platform boasts a library of more than 2000 responsive templates.
  • Operating on Amazon Web Services ensures both security and speed.

Webflow Pricing

Webflow pricing
  • Free plan — Every level website with webflow.io sub domain, 2 pages. 50 CMS items, 50 form submissions, 1 GB bandwidth, 1K visitors.
  • Basic Plan is $18 per month — Custom domain, 150 pages, 0 CMS items, 500 monthly form submissions, 50 GB bandwidth, 250K visitors.
  • CMS Plan is $29 per month — 150 pages, 2K CMS items, 1K monthly form submissions, 3 content editors, Site search, 200 GB bandwidth, and 250K visitors.
  • Business Plan is $39 per month — 150 pages, 10K CMS items, 2.5K monthly form submissions, 10 content editors, site search, form file upload, 400 GB bandwidth, and 300K visitors.
  • For Enterprise Plan Contact Sales Department

5. Wix

Wix blogging platform

For creatives or bloggers seeking a user-friendly website builder, Wix offers an excellent solution. It stands out as a compelling alternative to Google Blogger because, in addition to blogging, it enables the creation of portfolios, landing pages, and online stores for selling products.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, even those with limited technical expertise will find it remarkably easy to use.


  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI): Designed for absolute beginners seeking a quick and hassle-free website creation experience, Wix ADI harnesses the power of AI to build a website based on your preferences. Simply answer a few questions outlining your desired website appearance, and let ADI take care of the rest.
  • Robust SEO Features: Wix surprises users with its comprehensive set of SEO capabilities. You have the flexibility to perform tasks like redirects, access XML sitemaps and custom URLs, edit your robots.txt file, and more.
  • Various Templates: With an extensive library of over 900 templates tailored to diverse industries, the platform caters to a wide range of requirements and preferences. Moreover, each template is customizable, allowing you to tweak elements such as color, font, and layout to align with your brand’s identity perfectly.
  • Flexible Wix Editor: The Editor empowers you to choose a template, customize fonts, add content blocks, utilize drag-and-drop functionality for elements, and perform various tasks to craft a unique website tailored to your needs.
  • E-commerce Solutions: Wix offers a robust e-commerce platform for managing professional online stores. You can list an unlimited number of products or services and choose from over 80 payment providers, including PayPal, Wix Payments, Stripe, and more.
  • Extensive App Market: Explore Wix’s app marketplace, which hosts a plethora of applications seamlessly integrated into your Wix website. Applications are categorized into sections such as Online Sales, Marketing, Media and Content, Services and Events, Design Elements, Communication, and beyond. Also, you can embed third-party widgets on Wix if you cannot find them on the Wix app market.
Wix App Market
  • Accessible Support: Should you encounter any challenges during website creation, rest assured knowing that Wix offers reliable customer support through live chat, a callback phone line, and the option to submit a support ticket.
  • Free Secure Hosting: Wix provides free and secure web hosting, prioritizing high uptime and including built-in backups and protection against DDoS attacks to ensure the safety and reliability of your website. Additionally, it offers secure SSL encryption.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Explore various avenues to monetize your website, such as displaying ads using services like Google AdSense, selling branded merchandise through the integrated e-commerce platform, and offering exclusive content through paid subscriptions that automatically renew for visitors.

What Makes Wix the Best Google Blogger Alternative

  • It has Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence to craft personalized websites with ease.
  • Wix offers a vast selection of more than 900 design templates tailored to suit various website needs.

Wix’s Pricing

Website Plans:
Wix Website Pricing Plans
  • Connect domain — $4.50/month — Custom domain, 1GB bandwidth, 500MB storage space.
  • Combo — $8.50/month — Custom domain, Free custom domain for 1 year, Remove Wix branding, 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage space.
  • Unlimited — $12.50/month — Custom domain, Free custom domain for 1 year, Remove Wix branding, Unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage space, Site Booster app free for 1 year, Visitor Analytics app free for 1 year.
  • VIP — $12.50/month — Custom domain, Free custom domain for 1 year, Remove Wix branding, Unlimited bandwidth, 35GB storage space, Site Booster app free for 1 year, Visitor Analytics app free for 1 year, Professional logo.

6. Weebly

Weebly Page Editor

If you’re delving into blogging and seeking to integrate e-commerce functionality, look no further than Weebly. Offering a free plan alongside a range of premium options, it stands out as the optimal platform for your needs.

Weebly empowers you to tailor your website precisely to your specifications, whether you’re showcasing a portfolio, launching a blog, or crafting an informative site. 

Its intuitive interface boosts productivity, facilitating effective client engagement. Plus, even without prior web design expertise, building your site with Weebly is remarkably error-free.


  • Templates: Choose from over 50 pre-designed templates, ensuring a functional website that’s quick to set up. These templates come equipped with frameworks requiring only minimal edits.
  • Drag-and-Drop Design: Weebly simplifies the website creation process with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Customize and reposition elements effortlessly within the builder.
Insert embed codes element to Weebly's page editor
  • E-commerce: The tool equips you with all the tools necessary to establish an online store, including a shopping cart, product pages, and options to process payments through Square, PayPal, or Stripe.
  • Apps Marketplace: Weebly’s App Center has more apps than Blogger’s list of gadgets. Furthermore, you can embed third-party widgets on your Weebly website.
Weebly App Center
  • Domain Registration: It allows you to seamlessly transfer your existing domain to Weebly or purchase a new one directly within the platform.
  • Support: You can benefit from Weebly’s robust support services, including a wealth of documentation and resources. Paid users enjoy phone and live chat support, while email support is available for free users.

What Makes Weebly the Best Google Blogger Alternative?

  • Weebly’s e-commerce plans offer essential features such as shopping cart functionality and support for payment processing through Square and other external providers.

Weebly Pricing

Weebly Pricing
  • Free Plan — Add third-party embed code
  • Personal  Plan is $10 per month (billed annually) — Connect a custom domain
  • Professional Plan is $12 per month (billed annually) — Unlimited storage, Advanced site stats, Free domain, Remove square ads, Password protection.
  • Business Plan is $26 per month (billed annually) — Unlimited storage, Advanced site stats, Free domain, Remove square ads, Password protection.

7. Zyro


Zyro empowers you to craft stunning sites that load quickly, all through an intuitive interface that streamlines the website-building process. You can access free web hosting through Zyro, offering a completely cost-free and scalable solution.

This AI-driven platform is particularly convenient for establishing online stores, complete with built-in marketing, SEO, and social media tools to enhance visibility and drive sales.


  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Simplify website design with Zyro’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, featuring pre-designed content blocks and AI assistance for constructing web pages and e-commerce sites. Easily add titles, buttons, images, text, and videos to templates or sections with minimal effort.
  • AI-Powered Tools: Zyro’s suite of AI tools, including a business name generator, slogan maker, logo creator, and writing assistant, enables you to generate tailored content for your website without the need for professional assistance. Its AI image upscaler further elevates your website’s visuals by enhancing low-resolution images.
  • Reporting and Analytics: You can connect with tools like Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, and Meta Pixel to improve conversion rates and gain insights into your website’s traffic sources and visitor preferences.
  • Templates: Choose from hundreds of customizable templates, all optimized for search engines, to effortlessly incorporate elements like images, text, videos, contact forms, and online stores. This flexibility allows for personalization while effectively showcasing your brand.
Zyro Templates
  • Online Store: Utilize Zyro’s comprehensive tools to create and manage an online store, listing up to 500 products, managing inventory, and handling shipping. With support for card payments from over 40 countries, it offers a variety of payment options.

What Makes Zyro a Top Google Blogger Alternative:

  • Extensive e-commerce functionality accommodating over 500 products.
  • A diverse selection of templates tailored for various website types.

Zyro Pricing

  • Website Plan is $2.59 per month (best for blog, portfolio, or personal website.)
Zyro plans

8. Squarespace

Squarespace Blogging

Squarespace distinguishes itself as a robust platform for crafting websites, positioning itself as a compelling alternative to Blogger. Its allure lies in its wide selection of customizable templates, boasting over 140 designs spanning 18 diverse categories to meet various professional website requirements.


  • Built-in e-commerce functionality: It’s a prominent feature across most Squarespace plans. This suite simplifies product integration and payment processing for businesses, complete with a shipping calculator for the transparent display of shipping costs to customers.
  • Domain registration:  Squarespace incentivizes annual plan subscriptions by providing a free domain for the first year. Alternatively, domains can be purchased separately, starting at $12 per year, each including an SSL certificate and WHOIS privacy protection. Squarespace also seamlessly integrates with existing domains from other providers.
  • Analytics and Reports:  Squarespace offers advanced marketing analytics tools tailored for e-commerce operations. These tools allow you to track customer and order data, empowering them to discern trends crucial for optimizing your online stores.
  • Search engine optimization: It facilitates integration with Google Search Console for managing page titles and descriptions, along with features like automatic markup, SSL security, mobile optimization, user-friendly URLs, translation support, and an SEO panel to enhance website visibility and performance in search engine rankings.
  • Customer support: It ensures accessibility through round-the-clock email and chat assistance. Additionally, you can access the comprehensive Squarespace Help Center, which offers tutorials, guides, videos, webinars, and a community forum, providing ample resources for troubleshooting and enhancing the Squarespace experience.

Why it’s a good Google Blogger alternative:

  • You have the flexibility to sell subscriptions, services, and digital content both online and offline.
  • It equips you with marketing tools to effectively reach and expand your audience.
  • Squarespace analytics offer insights into customer behavior and key metrics.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace pricing

Squarespace doesn’t provide a free plan at the moment. Instead, it offers a 14-day free trial that doesn’t ask for credit card information.

  • Personal: $23 per month 
  • Business: $33 per month 
  • Basic Commerce: $36 per month 
  • Advanced Commerce: $65 per month 

9. Pixpa

Pixpa Blogging

Pixpa stands out as a premier website builder catering to the needs of creative professionals such as painters and photographers. Boasting a potent visual toolkit and essential eCommerce functionalities, Pixpa empowers users to showcase and monetize their artistic endeavors with ease.

Pixpa’s integrated blogging tool enables effortless content publishing, including blog posts, videos, and photos, without the need for coding expertise.


  • Website Editor: The intuitive drag-and-drop Website Editor simplifies site customization, allowing users to effortlessly switch templates, add pages, and personalize fonts and colors. Integration with blogs and social networks enhances online presence, while advanced users can delve into HTML and CSS for further customization.
  • Templates: With over 150 mobile-responsive templates, Pixpa offers versatility in design choices. Users can freely switch between templates to find the perfect fit for their needs.
  • SEO Functionality: Pixpa’s SEO center empowers users to optimize their site’s visibility by easily managing meta titles, descriptions, and image metadata.
  • Client Galleries: Pixpa facilitates the creation of tailored client galleries, enhancing collaboration and streamlining feedback processes. Clients can conveniently select and download images in various sizes, fostering a seamless workflow.
  • Ecommerce Functionality: Pixpa allows the sale of both physical and digital items through streamlined product page creation, categorization, and management. It simplifies order processing and integrates seamlessly with payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal, enabling online as well as offline transactions.

What sets Pixpa as an alternative to Google Sites:

  • Extensive template variety
  • Client Gallery functionality for enhanced collaboration and presentation.

Pixpa Pricing

Pixpa pricing
  • BASIC Plan is $8 per month — 10 website pages, 200 images, Connect your domain, custom CSS, SLL certificate
  • CREATOR Plan is $15 per month — Unlimited website pages and images, Connect your domain, Free domain for 1 year (with only annual plan), Blogging, 2 team members.
  • PROFESSIONAL Plan is $20 per month — Unlimited website pages and images, Connect your domain, Free domain for 1 year (with only annual plan), Blogging, Unlimited team members, Custom fonts
  • ADVANCED Plan is $25 per month — The top tier plan with the highest limits and most features.

10. Site123

Site123 Blogging

Site123 emerges as the go-to solution for users with limited technical expertise seeking a swift and hassle-free approach to building polished websites.

With over 180 professionally designed templates available at no cost, its selection of blogging templates empowers users to dive into the blogging sphere swiftly.


  • Online Store: Ideal for small businesses, Site123 facilitates easy setup and management of online stores, allowing users to upload products, configure essential settings, and commence selling promptly.
  • SEO Tools: A suite of SEO management tools, including an automated audit tool, helps you optimize your sites for improved search engine rankings.
  • Payment Providers: Users can choose from a range of payment methods and currencies, including popular options like PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Stripe, ensuring flexibility and convenience for online transactions.
  • Secure Hosting and Domain: Site123 prioritizes website security with SSL encryption and offers a free domain name for the first year with annual plan purchases.
  • Third-Party Plugins: Integration with various plugins, such as live chat and analytics, enhances website functionality and customization options.
  • Customer Support: Site123 provides exceptional technical support via 24/7 online chat, a comprehensive support center, and email assistance.

Why is Site123 a solid alternative to Google Blogger?

  • Offers multiple payment providers for online stores
  • Supports eCommerce 

Site123 Pricing:

  • Site123 offers both free and premium plans, with the premium option priced at $5.80 per month.
Site123 pricing

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Final Words on Best Blogger Alternatives

In our list of best Blogger website examples, we shared several blogs created on the Blogger platform. One thing you might have noticed is that they all look similar, and they aren’t as high standard as compared to websites created on other platforms.

For various reasons, you might want to replace Blogger and look for a better competitor to migrate your existing blog or create a new one.

By now, you have become acquainted with several alternatives to Google Blogger. We’ve seen how these platforms tend to differ in terms of features and pricing. 

Feel free to explore those that match your needs and make a choice.

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