Top 10 Proofreading Tools to Correct Grammar, Syntax, Spelling Errors

December 4, 2020


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Here are our Top 3 Proofreading tools. Click here to check out the complete online proofreading tools list.

grammar and spelling check free online

It doesn’t matter what your job or position is, if you are not good at writing error free articles, it influences to your job and probably the personality. One of the biggest headaches of bloggers, copywriters and online, offline workers is that making lots of grammar and spelling mistakes and errors.

Yes, writing error free articles is a tough job. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot write quality content with less grammar and spelling mistakes. There are lots of ways to checking grammar and spelling. If you don’t edit and proofread articles, how can you make sure that your literature is a grammar and spelling mistakes free one?

There’s no any method, right? So you should spell and grammar check of your content to get an excellent article which builds the trust and credibility. How if one of your articles has misspells which change the core message of the document? You could waste your valuable time and lose a customer or even an existing customer, right?

So in today’s post, I will show you how to improve your spelling and grammar with proofreading. This is especially applicable to you if English is not your mother language.

Why Should You proofread your articles?

I am in the blogosphere since 2012 and have written lots of articles and documents. One fundamental question I got in earlier days is how I can check grammar and spelling errors and mistakes in my papers. I think you should also have this issue. In those days, I used to proofread manuscripts, essays, articles, dissertations and online documents such as white papers, and eBooks by myself without anyone’s help.

But what happened? I found hundreds of spelling errors, grammar mistakes and also a few changes which harm the core message of my articles.

Every time I proofread any blog post, I found lots of errors myself. The number of grammatical mistakes reduces in every day as my English knowledge started improving because I write/update blog posts every day.

That’s when I started to find a suitable method to proofread articles and blog posts. In that period, I found a few best ways to correct and check my grammar.

4 Ways to Proofread Any Article

  • 1
    Proofread Yourself: One of the most used methods of checking grammatical errors and finding misspells is self-proofreading marks. But, many people don’t use this method properly, so they end up with having lots of grammar and spelling errors in the article. One problem for that is human brain need relax, unlike robots. You need to practice your brain to get the attention of the whole article and make proofreading marks properly. I will later explain to you how to accurately proofread an article to fix spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • 2
    Hire a Freelancer: Probably the best method to proofread a document. But, it is not an inexpensive process as some proofreading services charge anywhere from $50 to $1000 or even more than that for punctuation, grammar, and spell check. If you have lots of articles to check their correctness and relevance, so this is not the best method you must go with as they could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. To your notice, you can hire a professional proofreader from Elance and oDesk. Also, there are lots of proofreading websites online. You can search on Google to find a few of them. Many of those sites have professional proofreaders who have a good knowledge of their languages. Also from sites like Fiverr, you can find a few good Freelance editors too. But, they only proofread a few texts from the article. You need to pay extra fees to get more words checked.
  • 3
    Use Online Proofreading tools: This is most comfortable and the cheapest way to check a document’s grammar and spelling mistakes. There are lots of Online Proofreading Tools. You need to pick up one of those and upload your paper to the website. After a few minutes, the online proofreader will start analyzing your article to find the spell, grammatical and punctuation errors. Many of those tools will suggest treatments for those blunders. You can choose what letters, words, and grammar suggestions are too right and go up with them.
  • 4
    Use an Offline Proofreading Software: There lots of auto grammar and sentence correction software for Windows and Mac. Not only that, but you can also find a few grammar checking apps for your Android and iPhone. This offline proofreading software has a database which includes millions of words and hundreds of grammatical rules. As many languages use to change and could add lots of new words in every day, using offline software to proofread is not a 100% perfect choice.

I followed all of the above methods, despite hiring a freelance proofreader to check grammar and spelling mistakes in my blog posts.

At the end of test what I found is that online grammar checker tools (or proofreading tools) could save lots of my valuable time. Many of my articles here at ProBlogTricks exceed 2000 word count. To name a few, SEMRUSH review, Long Tail Pro review, Tumblr SEO tips and tricks and Best SEO Tools (and the article you are reading) have lots of words and sentences. So I wanted to check my sentence for grammar errors.

In fact, English grammar matters in marketing and conversions. If no one can understand the message that you want to indicate, will anyone buy your products? Not anyone, right?

Also, Bing already uses grammar quality as a metric to rank web pages on SERPs. So you should improve your writing skills in English to increase organic traffic.

As I said, I have used many online proofreading tools. Many of them are free proofreaders while others are premium or paid proofreading tools, but paid versions to have robust features that make your error-full article a complete, quality article that even a 70-year-old grandma can read and understand. So use these proofreading tools to correct spelling and grammar errors.

Best FREE Online Proofreading Tools to Improve Your Spelling, Grammar, and Syntax

So here are the best online proofreading tools and software which will undoubtedly improve your article quality while polishing your English knowledge. Trust me; they helped me improve my English knowledge.

Feel free to use these tools and if you know any other proofreading tool, let us know in the comment section below. I would like to know them and may add them to this best online proofreading tools list.

#1. Grammarly – Plagiarism Checker & Online Proofreader

Grammarly is a top-notch online free proofreader + plagiarism checker tool. It provides browser extensions which make it easier for you to check grammar and spelling mistakes on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and anywhere on the web.

As its convenience and robust tools, more than 4,000,000 college and university teachers, students, marketers, bloggers and freelance workers use Grammarly tools to edit their documents online. It has both free and paid versions. Features such as Vocabulary Enhancement and Plagiarism checker are premium features while many of others are free of cost.

grammarly proofreading tool

Here are a few key features of Grammarly Online Proofreader:

  • 1
    Works From anywhere, any device: As Grammarly is an online proofreader, you can use your Grammarly account wherever you are. You just need to sign up to Grammarly for free over here and then start writing your article or upload an existing one if you have. Grammarly will save your documents on their servers so that you can edit them later.
  • 2
    Grammar check Microsoft Word: Do you want to check grammatical errors in your MS Word document? Then download the Grammarly Add-on for Microsoft office and start correcting grammar and spelling mistakes free online.
  • 3
    Check for Website Plagiarism: If you are a blogger like me, you should also have the plagiarism issue. The more your articles are grammar and spelling errors-free means more people will find it useful. So more content-thieves will start copying and pasting your valuable content on their websites. The worst thing happens when their site outranks your post ( the original one). So with the help of Grammarly Plagiarism checker tool, you can find content thieves very easily. Probably the best online grammar and plagiarism checker tools out there.
  • 4
    Vocabulary Enhancement: Another favorite feature of me in Grammarly tool. The easiest way to stay away from the keyword stuffing issue is using synonyms in blog posts. It is also applicable to long tail keywords. With Grammarly, you can find synonyms and put them into your articles without doing any damage to the article for improving the potential of ranking for more keywords.

Overall Grammarly is one of the best Plagiarism Checker + online proofreader tools out there. Personally, I use Grammarly premium version. You can learn more about Grammarly from this review article.

#2. Ginger – A Grammar & Spelling Check Software


Ginger is one of my favorite proofreading tools which makes it easy to check grammar and punctuation errors in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, on the web and also in Gmail. I am using Ginger grammar and spelling checking software for two years, and I didn’t find any software error on it. It worked perfectly until today, so I hope will it tomorrow too!

Here are a few features of the Ginger grammar check software.

  • 1
    Grammar Checker: As a writer, I make lots of grammar mistakes. I am not a 100% error-free article writer, but I know I should prevent them as much as I can. Some errors I can find easily while a few of them I can’t. But, with the use of Ginger software, I can see grammar mistakes and start fixing them. As my mother language is not English, I am not familiar with lots of complex grammar rules and also tricky words. But, Ginger understands those grammar rules and weird words on documents. Therefore Ginger Grammar Checker feature helps me a lot to fix those grammar mistakes that I can’t find quickly. Ex: I had been played cricket with my friends. >> I had been playing cricket with my friends.
  • 2
    Sentence Rephraser: When we type lots of words, we could lose our perception and be disgusted with typing more words. That results in having lots of spelling errors. But, with Sentence Rephraser tool in Ginger software, you can find different and better ways of writing your original article. It will improve not only your article but also your writing skills too.
  • 3
    Text to Speech: This is a premium feature of Ginger Proofreader. If you want to learn English and smooth your English knowledge, how to speak English with the proper accent, you should try “Text to Speech” tool. There are a few settings on “Text to Speech” tool such as choosing US or UK pronounce voices, change the sound from men to women, etc.
  • 4
    Spell Checker: Ginger Spell Checker tool is one of best spell checker tools online. As I have used it, I know how it helped me improve my spelling mistakes. As you write more, the more chances there could be to include misspelled words. Ginger has a right technology to find those misspelled and misused words so fast. That’s a huge reason why I use this proofreading software for a while.
  • 5
    Translate: Ginger currently supports more than 40 languages. If you want to translate your English article into Spanish, Greek or French, you can quickly do it with Ginger Translate tool. If you hire a freelance translator to do the same work, it could cost you hundreds of dollars per article. But with Ginger software, it’s free.
  • 6
    Personal Trainer: My favorite tool in Ginger Grammar & Spell checker software is the Personal Trainer. As I am not a well-English conscious person, I always prefer to learn new grammar rules, techniques, and synonyms. With the Ginger Personal Trainer tool, you can learn English yourself. I found this is the most valuable tool for me.

Ginger is not just an online proofreader or free grammar checker tool for the English language. 

It has lots of versatile tools which can help you widely for improving your English knowledge and creating error-free articles. 

Another thing that I like about GingerSoftware is that it works more efficiently than other online proofreaders and spell checker tools. It’s one of the most – wanted features for many writers.

Thankfully, it saved lots of hours of my life. Do you want an efficient grammar and spell checker tool for free? So use GingerSoftware.

Click Here to Download Ginger Grammar and Spell Check Software

Ginger vs grammarly

I have used these two online proofreading tools. That's why I have written a complete comparison article between Grammarly and GingerSoftware.

#3. PolishMyWriting: Try After the Deadline


PolishMyWriting is another free proofreading website which will automatically show grammatical and spelling errors in your article. If you have an essay or a blog post, you can copy and paste paragraphs into the text box on website and start checking your writing flaws.

All the spelling errors will be highlighted by red color while grammar suggestions will be painted with green color. PolishMyWriting will provide writing opinions (as your writing style) by the blue color. Overall PolishMyWriting is an easy-to-use, useful online free paper checker tool.

Apart from showing spelling and grammatical mistakes in your writing, PolishMyWriting will also help in providing active and passive voice suggestions. For blog posts, you should mostly use active voice as it builds a conversation between you and the reader. But, for essays, notes, official letters and documents, there is no limit. By increasing the number of active voice sentences, you can easily convert the reader into a subscriber or a buyer. You can use PolishMyWriting to check whether your blog post has more passive voice sentences rather than active voice sentences.

PolishMyWrting is a great English grammar checker tool to find writing mistakes of your essays and blog posts. Click here to check out PolishMyWriting website to check your article writing quality.

Even through SlickWrite doesn’t have powerful tools such as plagiarism checker like in Grammarly, it has a few useful features such as checking the passive voice index, Automated Readability Index, Estimated reading time and Average paragraph length. If you want a useful tool to check your article quality and readability score while correcting grammar and spelling flaws, you might go up with

Not all your writing mistakes will be recovered with the SlickWrite tool, but it will surely improve the readability score of your blog. As Google uses readability score as a metric of filtering search results, you shouldn’t ignore the serviceability of SlickWrite.

slickwrite proofreader

Click Here to Go to

#5. Paper Rater: Online Proofreader – Pre-Grade Your Paper


Another free online proofreading tool which checks grammar, spelling, and word voice. Once you have uploaded your text into PaperRater and chose the option settings, you can start analyzing your article. The speed of analyzing the document for punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors will be decided as the content length. However, your manuscript will be examined immediately in real-time.

Apart from reviewing an article for content quality, PaperRater will show a final overall writing score based on your writing skills. Click here to find out your writing score from the PaperRater online proofreading tool.

#6. SpellChecker – Spell Check Solutions provides a few great tools to check spelling and grammar qualities of your articles. One of those products is It analyses your article and correct grammar mistakes instantly.

If you want to find the ways to get synonyms for words in your article, you just need to go to and paste your article and click on the “Spell Check” button. In the pop-up window (enable pop-ups for the website, else you won’t be able to proofread your articles), you could see two tabs: Grammar and Thesaurus. Click the Thesaurus tab and start generating synonyms for each word of your article.


Even though Spellchecker is not a complete online proofreader, it can suggest synonyms for words in your articles. And its Grammar checker tool can scan your web document well and suggest recommendations for grammatical errors.

#7. Reverso Spell Checker: An Intelligent speller and grammar checker

Reverso Spell Checker is mainly a unique proofreading tool for checking English spelling and grammar errors. Just like in the Spell Checker tool, with Reverso tool, you can find synonyms for each word in your article.

It also suggests necessary changes/recommendations for your article such as removing words/text, adding new words, punctuation, etc.

Like the example below, Reverso spell checker suggests to replace cannot with can’t.

Reverso Spell Checker

#8. – Open source proofreading application

GramMark is an open source writing aide that you can download over here. It’s an entirely free proofreader, and you can use GramMark online grammar checker over here or download the source code from GitHub and modify it as you want.


GramMark grammar checker tool analyses your document and provides an in-depth insight into it. I found this is a perfect online proofreading tool for all bloggers, students and content writers alike. After you have edited the content, you can download a revised copy which will be in the .doc format (Open with your word processing program such as Microsoft Word or edit with Google Docs).

Overall, GramMark is an everyone-should-use free online proofreader tool, just not only because it perfectly corrects grammar mistakes, but also you can edit the source code and develop a custom grammar checker tool. Awesome, right?

#9. Language Tool: A Multilingual Open Source Proofreading Software

This is another free online grammar checker tool which supports more than 20 languages, including French, German, Polish, Russian and Greek. If you are looking for a free proofreading software for your computer (Windows & Mac) or LibreOffice and Open Office package (Linux, Unix, etc.), then LanguageTool fits best for you.

The best thing about LanguageTool proofreader is that you can edit the program source code and change the software preferences as your need.

LanguageTool is available under the license of LGPL 2.1 or later. Click Here to download its source code from Github and click here to use LanguageTool proofreading tool online for free.

Online Text correction is a simple online proofreader I found on the Internet. Simply, you just need to put in your article copy to the text box and click on “Check Text” button.

Within a few seconds, OnlineCorrection will highlight spelling and grammar errors. Red color represents the spelling errors moreover green color highlights syntax proposals.

Once you move the mouse pointer over the marked words, you can see suggestions. See below screenshot.


Although Online Text Correction doesn’t have enough powerful tools, it is a simple online grammar checker tool that highlights errors and provides suggestions. Click Here to visit Online Text Correction.

How to proofread your Article/Blog Post? Best Tips to Remember…

I think now you have picked up an excellent proofreading tool/service. The next step is to follow a strategic and a proven way to proofread your articles. Here are some tips to create an error-free report.

  • 1
    First, write your story. Don’t check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes at first. You can find them on later.
  • 2
    After you wrote the article, get an interval yourself. I usually take one hour or so as it releases the tiredness and helps me feel better.
  • 3
    After several hours, you can start proofreading the article manually. Check for contextual and writing style errors. After you have finished correcting, upload content to your online proofreader or use the grammar checking add-on. (I use Grammarly Proofreader)
  • 4
    Don’t approve every suggestion they provide. Remember these online tools and proofreading software work as algorithms command. So some words and tenses could be correct, even proofreaders show them as errors. E. I: Many proofreader programs find that “ProBlogTricks” is a plural noun. But, it’s a singular word.
  • 5
    After carefully proofread the article using a grammar and spelling checker tool, recheck article again manually to make sure there aren’t any inadvisedly missed or added words.

Many bloggers suggest to write the post in a single day and proofread blog post in another day. Then publish the blog post in a latter day. I too recommend this method as more time you dedicate to write a post; it will become a quality post.


Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process. Content matters a lot, but the way you present it significantly affects the way people judge it (and the way they judge you).

If your blog post or article filled up with lots of weird characters, strange words, and tons of grammatical mistakes, people wouldn’t understand the core message you want to let them know.

As search engines started using grammar and spelling qualities as ranking factors and they matter a lot in conversion rate optimization, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of having quality and error free articles on your website.

Error-less content will not only help in increasing search traffic so fast but also build the trust between you and readers plus enhance the credibility of your brand. Neil Patel, the co-founder of KISSmetrics and the owner of QuickSprout hires professional proofreaders to check grammar and spelling errors in his articles. But, you shouldn’t hire proofreaders to correct grammatical errors in your articles.

With the help of these free online Proofreading tools, you can create error-free articles efficiently. But, you shouldn’t always go with the suggestions they provide as some of them could be incorrect.

So what’s your favorite online proofreading tool? Do you believe that proofreading tools always provide correct suggestions? Share your thoughts in the below comment form.

proofreading tools

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  • Really Nice post with mind-blowing grammar checker tools for error-free writing! Until now, I am using NounPlus for sentence check. I improved my grammar with the help of this site. Thanks for sharing with us such a wonderful blog.

    • Yes, these proofreading tools help me too improve my grammar. Thanks for sharing your suggestion and commenting here.

    • Thanks Shaziaha for your appreciative comment. Hope you will make use of proofreading tools to fix grammar and spelling mistakes. Let me know if i can help you any other way.

  • Hey Chamal,
    What a nice information grammar tool, who just help to check grammar and improve our skill. Impressive article and nice explanation these kinds of tools.
    Can you suggest me plugin of grammar to add own website and remove off duplicate or bad content?

    • Hi Aleena,

      I don’t use any plugin for checking duplicate content on my website. But, once i finished writing any article/blog post, i paste the text into Grammarly text editor and enable the plagiarism feature. In that way, i can find duplicate content on my articles.

      Thanks for kinds of words! Glad you enjoyed reading my article. Let me know if i can help you in any other way.

  • Thanks Chamal, this is a great and very informative list! I will try every tool you mentioned here. 🙂
    I have been using one online spell check called Respelt, you can find it here , but it’s always good to have more options to choose from, especially if you want to have great results.

    Have a nice day and keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Blakeley Johnson-Taylor says:

    Grammy can’t find many many of my mistakes. I love love love that it embeds into a document without having to open a specific program…I need one that can recognize my errors and correct them.

  • I use Grammarly for my content and I’ve never felt the need to use anything else. Amazing tool. Even without the paid version it helps you a lot.

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