List of Best 3 NinjaOutreach Alternatives for Email Outreach

You will find the best NinjaOutreach alternatives to ensuring your email outreach workflow is smooth and easier than ever and finding targeted prospects waiting for your services in this article.

Have you used Ninja Outreach before for Influencer marketing and email outreach campaigns?

This is the best time to get rid of NinjaOutreach once and for all and look for a better Ninja Outreach alternative.


Because over the last couple of years, I have experienced that Ninja Outreach is struggling with fixing bugs and adding new features, and worse, their financial department is struggling.

Why Should You Replace NinjaOutreach?

As a NinjaOutreach customer for a long time (since 2018), I was surprised not only once but multiple times by seeing how long the NinjaOutreach database is out-of-date and their attitude towards existing clients, mainly surviving in the digital marketing space.

Here’s one reason why I strongly suggest you select one of the below NinjaOutrach alternatives.


Yes, the NinjaOutreach tool is for auction in Flippa! Check out the Flippa listing here. And they are advertising on Facebook for selling NinjaOutreach!


The current administration should have a hard time acquiring monthly customers and/or maintaining existing customers on their platform. It is not the first time the NinjaOutreach tool has been sold out. Dave Schneider, who was the founder of NinjaOutreach, sold it after two years.


NinjaOutreach was sold after two years. Clear indication it failed.

So I think you are convinced by now that you should at least have a backup tool in case NinjaOutreach vanishes tomorrow for your link building, influencer research, and email outreach campaigns.

Before getting on to the list of cheap NinjaOutreach alternatives, I want to suggest one tool if you do not use it already.

If you use or have used NinjaOutreach for SEO campaigns such as broken link building, guest blogging, roundup articles, etc., I recommend you check out the SEMRUSH tool over here.

Semrush is a good supplement for your SEO campaigns, such as broken link checking, SEO content writing, etc. Sign up for the Semrush GURU account for free over here. (Learn more in this review of Semrush and how to use Semrush for blog articles.)

NinjaOutreach Alternatives

Here are some of the best tools, like NinjaOutreach. Feel free to test them out and let me know your thoughts below. And don’t forget to share what your favorite NinaJoutreach alternative is in the comments!


Mailshake is a simple cold email outreach tool with numerous fantastic features. And it’s a great alternative to NinjaOutreach. Here’s why:

  • Connect mail accounts from any provider: Not just Gsuite, Zoho, or Yandex business email
  • Email personalization: Mail merge to personalize your cold outreach emails in both subject and body! 
  • Advanced scheduling & throttling: Send emails to your prospects at the right moment.
  • Automated email sequences: Compelling and essential features to increase conversion rate.
  • Respond to leads (Lead Catcher): Light-weight CRM to track performance
  • Salesforce / Pipedrive / Hubspot/ Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Integromat and Integrately integrations
  • A/B testing: Find out which email template works better.
  • Prospects view
  • Integrated phone dialer

If your market space is related to online and offline sales, public relations, and link building, Mailshake would be your choice as the best NinjaOutreach alternative.

NinjaOutreach vs. Mailshake

Although NinjaOutreach provides some bloggers, agencies, and companies’ contact data, it’s not up-to-date, at least based on my experience. If I have done the research, the vast majority of existing data is out-of-date, harming your email account. Honestly, I got multiple warnings and blocks from Google.

  • MailShake provides list-cleaning credits each month that improve your inbox rates and reduce bounces.
  • NinjaOutreach charges a higher price for fewer receipts compared with Mailshake.
  • Mailshake offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. NinjaOutreach provides a 7-day free trial. With MailShake, you have one month to test email outreach campaigns and performances and decide whether it’s for you, but with NinjaOutreach, the period is limited to one week.

Mailshake is a cheaper alternative to NinjaOutreach. They also have a Masterclass on cold email outreach that contains tons of high-quality content, and if you are new to email outreach, check out the Cold Email Academy.


Another one of the best alternatives to NinjaOutreach is Lemlist. Lemlist is headquartered in Paris, France, and makes over $8.0 million in annual recurring revenue. That is quite an achievement considering they had their Lemlist lifetime deal offer in Appsumo not a while ago!

One of the best features that I like most about Lemlist is its capability of personalization. For example, you can embed any variable, such as name, company name, country, city, etc., on an email inside cold emails!

This makes your emails look natural and gets you a higher reply rate, which is the most concerning of any cold email outreach campaign.

Here are some features that I find very useful in Lemlist.

  • Dynamic, Text, color, photo replacement: Very powerful feature allows you to customize emails based on different criteria.
  • Connect Google, Outlook, Office 365, or SMTP/IMAP accounts easily.
  • Ready to use high-converting email outreach templates
  • Automated sequences: Create set and forget campaigns to scale your marketing campaigns
  • Follow-up emails: Get more replies with follow-up messages.

NinjaOutreach vs Lemlist

Lemlist is a perfect B2B email outreach tool because, since its distinct features, such as video personalization, you will get a higher response rate.

  • NinjaOutreach supports only text personalization, but Lemlist goes further and lets you increase the personal touch by advanced image and video personalization.
  • Lemlist is cheaper compared to NinjaOutreach. Therefore, if you are on a low budget, LemList might be the choice.
  • LemList supports Dynamic landing pages, Calendars & chat integrations that help you offer even more service to your prospects and close more sales.

LemList is a budget but potent email outreach tool tailored towards business people and a cheap NinjaOutreach alternative.


Buzzstream is a widely-known link-building and PR tool. You can use Buzzstream for other cases, such as the B2C email outreach and finding popular posts on a specific verticle. However, if you want to build links through guest posts, broken links, etc., Buzzstream is an excellent NinjaOutreach competitor.

Several impressive features that you can find on Buzzstream:

  • List Segmentation
  • Research influencers and contact data
  • Email scheduling and reminders

NinjaOutreach vs. Buzzstream

Both tools have similar features, such as browser extension and influencer data. But, Buzzstream has more features for SEO objectives, such as searching popular content, bloggers’ social profile links, the authority score of a domain, etc.

  • Buzzstream is a cheaper email outreach compared to Ninja Outreach. The basic plan starts from $24 per month.
  • Team management and performance report: If you want your PR or outreach team to manage projects, Buzzstream provides more facilities. In NinjaOutreach, you cannot have a team member’s campaign analytics reports.
  • Research content and influencer details: Buzzstream regularly updates its database on popular content and contact data. It’s a hassle on Ninjaoutreach.

Buzzstream email outreach software is used by the world’s top brands, such as 99designs, Shopify, Airbnb, and Canva. Since enterprise-level companies use it, you can rely on Buzzstream to put all your outreach campaigns rather than Ninjaoutraeach.

Buzzstream is probably the best NinjaOutreach alternative. (undoubtedly one of the best). If you want to improve your link-building campaigns, give Buzzstream a try today.

I also recommend using Semrush along with Buzzstream to scale your link-building campaigns and get better performance. In addition, you can get a discount on Semrush plans and see if both tools can help your business growth rather than NinjaOutreach.

Last words on top NinjaOutreach contenders

The growth of NinjaOutreach dropped significantly; the competitiveness is gone, and its survival is at stake.

So, if you are a sale manager, SEO expert, blogger, or digital marketer who want to build connections with other people, you should not put your essential outreach campaign on NinjaOureach.

Here I listed the top 3 Ninjaoutreach alternatives. Mailshake, Lemlist, and Buzzstream. They are the best competitors to NinjaOureach in terms of performance, tracking, and support.

So, what is your best NinjaOureach replacement? Which tool would you use instead of NinjaOureach?

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  1. Thank you for this quality article. I was considering Ninja Outreach and find their reviews on G2 and Capterra appalling. Your article further reinforced my views. Thank you.


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