Elfsight Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2024

Elfsight is a famous “no-code” HTML widget builder with 80+ apps in its library. It lets you create embeddable widgets to display information, collect user details, and upgrade your website with quality website components.

On the latest Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), Elfsight offered the most significant promotion of the year – Up to 60% OFF on ALL PLANS.

Announcement: Currently, Elfsight’s running a sale for Christmas and New Year of 2024 with up to 33% OFF on all annual plans, including Enterprise packages.

The following is the Elfsight Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers for 2023

Elfsight Black Friday Deals

This Elfsight Black Friday offer offers up to 60% discounts on all plans.

  1. 50% off all annual plans, including All Apps Pack and Enterprise plans. Plus, you have a one-month free subscription to the plan you chose.
  2. 60% for multi-year subscriptions.

Elfsight has two pricing structures: 1.) Single App Pricing 2.) App Packs Pricing

This is the sale pricing for Elfsight’s Single App (examples: Google Reviews, Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery) on Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Elfsight Black Friday Cyber Monday Single App plans
  • Basic — $36/year
  • Pro — $72/year
  • Premium — $144/year

Here is the Enterprise plans for Single Apps in Elfsight (Save up to 57%):

Elfsight Black Friday Cyber Monday Single App Enterprise Plans
  • Enterprise T1 — $216/year
  • Enterprise T2 — $288/year
  • Enterprise T3 — $432/year
  • Enterprise T4 — $576/year

This is the pricing plans for All Apps Packs:

Elfsight Black Friday Cyber Monday App Packs plans
  • Basic — $108/year
  • Pro — $216/year
  • Premium — $432/year

Following are the Enterprise plans for App Packs (Save up to 57%):

Elfsight Black Friday Cyber Monday App Packs Enterprise Plans
  • Enterprise T1 — $648/year
  • Enterprise T2 — $864/year
  • Enterprise T3 — $1,296/year
  • Enterprise T4 — $1,728/year

When you claim Elfsight’s BlackFriday promo offer, you will save 50% subscription fees for your entire subscription until you cancel it and get one month of usage for free. Furthermore, you will save 60% when you extend your annual subscription. length more than one.

How to claim Elfsight Black Friday discount?

Step 01: Go to the Elfsight website and register your account. If you already have an account, log in to your account.

Step 02: Go to the Billing Page and upgrade your account. The Elfsight Black Friday discount has already been applied to your checkout.

If you are already on a subscription, you can extend your subscription at the discount rate and receive one month for free.

Elfsight Black Friday Sale

What is Elfsight?

Elfsight homepage

Elfsight has over eighty (80+) widget builders, which consist of templates, layouts, and many customization options. With Elfsight, you can create embeddable widgets for your website, blog, shop, or forum.

Some of the popular widgets are:

  • All-in-One Chat – Use social media messaging platforms to provide live chat solutions on your site.
  • All-in-One Reviews – Integrate all reviews from 20+ review platforms such as Facebook, Google Business, Amazon, TrustPilot, G2, AliExpress, and Yelp on your site.
  • YouTube Gallery – Display YouTube channels and videos on your website.
  • Social Feed – Add content from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and other social platforms to your website.
  • Popup – Create all types of popups: banners, bars, notifications, and more for any purpose, whether to collect user information or promote any link.
  • Testimonials Slider – Demonstrate your customer testimonials on your website.
  • Photo Gallery – There are numerous ways to showcase your photos: girds, carousels, sliders, and more.

Even though there are several Elfsight alternatives, such as Powr and CommonNinja, Elfsight’s widgets stand out for various reasons:

  • Elfsight is a free to use. Features aren’t restricted based on your subscription plans.
  • There are 80+ apps available to use, and more widgets are coming.
  • You can embed widgets on any platform unlimited times.
  • Every widget has unique designs based on the theme color scheme (Light, Dark), widget type, and circumstance.
  • Widget management is easier compared to other solutions.

Click here to claim Elfsight’s Black Friday offer and save money.

Why should you claim Elfsight’s Black Friday deal?

  • It is the biggest deal of the year. You can save up to 60% on annual plans, including All Apps Pack and Enterprise plans.
  • Elfsight is one of THE best no-code website widget builders, with 80+ apps in its widget catalog and dozens of new apps in development. You will receive all new apps and updates to existing apps for free.
  • Replace subscriptions of expensive plugins and other third-party widgets with one Elfsight account.

Also, paid plan subscribers can win an extra year when they extend their existing annual subscription or upgrade to a new plan.

Conclusion on Elfsight Black Friday Deals

This year, in 2023, Elfsight has two exclusive offers, which are the best of the year — 50% OFF on all annual plans and 60% OFF on multi-year subscriptions. (Elfsight will offer one month of free usage)

If you are a website owner and want to add different functionalities and convert visitors into leads and sales, Elfsight would be an excellent tool as it seamlessly integrates with all website building platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Blogger, and lets you manage widgets easily.

In fact, you can use Elfsight to boost your sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions with widgets like Announcement Bar, Sales Notification, Countdown timer, and Popup.

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