How to Make Money on Facebook Spending a few Hrs/week


In previous a few weeks, I was researching Internet deeply to find information about making money on Facebook. What I found was amazing…

… More than 80% of money making tips on Facebook are crap, scam and outdated (not working in 2015).

It motivated me to find a few legitimate, quick ways to make money with Facebook. Just like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing field is also evolving constantly. Google and social networking sites are key points of that. After a few weeks of research on “make money with Facebook”, I found a few ways that can actually make money for you.

Some methods are very easy to start and you can see the results within next 24 hours. However, some take a few days, weeks (and probably months) to getting started. It all depends on your commitment and persistence. If you want to become a successful internet marketer, dedication and persistence are must have characteristics of you. If you don’t have them, you should build.

Many articles and guides on “how to make money on Facebook” in the internet today don’t actually help in providing a good answer on how to exactly make money within the next 24 hours using Facebook. So, I thought to write an article on how you can make money from Facebook within the next few days just spending a few hours a week.

Before a few weeks ago, I compiled a great article called Fiverr Quick Money Making Ideas to Make Money online Fast. That step-by-step guide demonstrates how to make money online without any investment. I received lots of messages about that post. If you want to know how to make extra income using your skills and experience, I recommend you to check out that article.

Is it possible to make money from Facebook?

You’d probably know that there are lots of professional internet marketers who earn six, seven figure income per month from internet. Making money from Internet is easy, but not simple. Those marketers earn millions of dollars today without any effort, just because their experience, strategies they used and obviously methods and tools. There is no shortcut in Internet marketing. Everything you have to implement and track records. Some people make money as affiliates and others earn money as vendors. Whichever you chose, you should stick with it. If you jump into another money making method in next day and to another method in next week, how can you maintain the consistency and dominate the internet marketing field.

These tips are applicable to Facebook marketing too. Honestly, there are lots of dirty Facebook money making tricks that pay pennies for you. But, to be a successful marketer, you should find out what works today and how they work.

Ways to make money online with Facebook and Which one is best for you

As I said, there are lots of Facebook money making methods. Here are a few of those,

    • Promote Affiliate Products on Facebook: Many people use this method to make money from Facebook. But, the downside of this is the risk. When you promote affiliate products on Facebook groups, moderators can ban your account. And sometimes Facebook can block you from posting links on Facebook too. And posting to multiple groups manually is a tedious work. You can automate this process by using a social media management tool such as HootSuite too. But, the ROI is lesser compared to other techniques. Use this method with your caution.


    • Create a Facebook Page and monetize it: If you have a Facebook fan page with thousands of active users, you can monetize it in a few ways. Some people are looking to get paid Facebook posts from active pages. But, as you already know, Facebook’s new algorithm restricts the reach of posts. That’s why Copyblogger decided to delete their Facebook fan page. To make money with this method, it takes a longer time period.


    • Develop a Facebook App: Some people make thousands of dollars a month, just publishing their free Apps on Facebook. Millions of people play games on Facebook. And thousands of Facebook pages use premium Facebook apps. If you’re a good App developer or a creative game developer, you can start making money on Facebook for free.


    • Create a Facebook Group and Promote Affiliate Products/services: I used this strategy a few months earlier and so far so good! When you have a own Facebook group, you can pin a post top of the page. The larger your group is more exposure to your post. But, the downside of this method is that like other methods it takes a lot of time to build a Facebook group with thousands of engaging active users. When you start off, you have to promote your group on other places to get the first few impressions.


    • Find people with potential problems and promote your products as solutions: This money making strategy worked pretty well a few years ago. I still remember how people shared success stories on how to earn money from Facebook by recommending relevant products on group threads. It still works today too. But, the time and efforts you have to consume are the main reasons why this method is outdated and difficult to earn money off Facebook.


  • Advertising on Facebook: There are lots of ways to make money with Facebook advertising.  Many works pretty well. Some ways can give you a big ROI while others can give a low ROI and probably negative ROI. To succeed in Facebook advertising, you have to experiment everything and have a good knowledge on what your target audience’s interests, feelings, behaviors are. To make huge money through Facebook Advertising, you should have a good knowledge about advertising strategies, track everything in everyday and/or a good budget to spend on generously.

Some of the above methods work pretty well in 2015 and others don’t give you good results today as it did a few years ago. Like in any Internet marketing sub-field, starting off with Facebook marketing is difficult. Therefore, you have to utilize a well-proven strategy that works. I have found a great way to make money on Facebook quickly and easily. Let’s discuss what it is and how you can use that method to start making money on Facebook right today.

A Great Money Making Idea: How to Make Money with Facebook from today

If you read above all Facebook money making methods deliberately, you would find that they all have a common reason to fail you from becoming successful in Facebook marketing. Guess what it is…

It is there is no guarantee that you’ll make X amount money when Y day. It is applicable to powerful Facebook money making methods such as Advertising too. You cannot predict how much you will earn surely. And in some cases, you wouldn’t know whether it works!

But, I have found a great Facebook money making method to earn money from your spare time. In simple words, you get paid for completing simple tasks. Here are a few things you’d have to do.

  • Posting status updates
  • Managing Facebook fan pages
  • Responding to comments on pages and groups
  • Reviewing Facebook Apps
  • Verifying photo tags
  • Commenting on Facebook groups
  • Sharing posts on other places

These are very simple, right? You’d probably do these regularly. But, do you know that you can earn generally $8 for a simple Facebook post update and $33/Hour for responding to comments?

Yes, you can make money with Facebook doing these simple tasks. Here’s the process that will take you from $0 to $1000+ monthly extra income from FB.

breakdown the process of making money on paidsocialmediajobs

How to make money on Facebook: The Simple Method is Revealed!

As you saw in above chart, the process is pretty simple and easy. Once you registered with the website (I will reveal it very soon, continue reading…), you can start making money right today. There are lots of businesses and busy marketers who want to find people who are interested in controlling their Facebook pages, responding to comments, sharing updates etc. Hey, why do they hire micro-workers? Can’t they hire full-time workers for doing this stuff?

Good question. But, they are not enough works to hire full-time workers. (Think yourself. If you’re a businessman, do you hire a full-time worker and pay a monthly salary or pay someone to do this simple stuff?)

For that reason, there is a big demand for micro-workers in the Facebook marketing field. Many people don’t even know that they can actually make money with Facebook. But, now you know it, right? 😀

Just like in ShareaSale where multimillion companies find affiliates to promote their products, you have to find a good job marketplace where strong businessmen and marketers find micro-workers get simple things done quickly.

I know a good job marketplace where you can find hundreds of job opportunities related to Facebook. Follow below instructions to start making money today.

Step #1: Go to Paid Facebook Jobs marketplace over here and register your account. You would use your best email as you’d receive plenty of good job opportunities that pay you very well.

Step #2: After you created your account on Paid Social Media Jobs, the next step is finding a good micro-job which pays a good amount. And make sure you read the job description thoroughly.

Step #3: If you’re interested the micro job, apply for the job.

paid social media jobs

Step #4: Complete the job and get paid!

This is not a new money making method, but if you were finding a legitimate way to make money with Facebook, this is by far the fastest way to earn cash with Facebook. Not only Facebook, there are hundreds of job opportunities for other social networking sites too.

As an example, there is a huge demand in video marketing. As YouTube utilizes user signals such as average watching time duration on video, number of likes, social shares and comments etc, many Youtubers find micro-workers who are interested in this stuff. Not only YouTube, there are job opportunities for Pinterest, Reddit and LinkedIn social networks too. Take a few minutes and discover paid social media jobs to find out which are best fit for you.

Lucrative Micro jobs such as commenting on YouTube videos sell quickly. So you should apply for the post as quickly as possible. More works you complete, the more money will you earn.

Today I created a presentation and uploaded it to SlideShare. At the end of this presentation (in the last slide), I included a premium gift for you. It is a premium eBook which guides you how to make money on Facebook, step by step. Download the free eBook viewing the SlideShare presentation below.


According to Alexa, Facebook is the world’s second most popular website where millions of people are hanging on hours a day. A few recent studies found that American users spend an average 40 minutes a day and Indian mobile users spend more than three hours a day on Facebook! But, how it would like if they spend at least ten minutes a day to make some extra cash on Facebook? Pretty awesome, right?

As Facebook makes billions of profit in every quarter, you shouldn’t enrich them moreover by spending more time on Facebook. Remember that every post you share, every post like you do, every comment you publish and every action you make including playing games, liking to a sponsored page and viewing any page on Facebook etc., Facebook consolidates their revenue in every second. According to, Facebook makes averagely $230 per second. That’s why Facebook is a revenue record breaker in every year. Clap, you helped them to achieve their goals! (Just kidding!)

There are lots of dirty money making tricks such as Facebook like exchange. But, you shouldn’t involve with these money making tricks. They won’t ever help in achieving your goals. They just waste your valuable time. (I say this as my personal experience) Instead, follow legit and proven ways to make money with Facebook. Paid social media jobs is one of those. You get paid for completing simple tasks.

I hope this tutorial helped you to learn how to make money on Facebook within next 24 hours. This method works pretty well in 2015. Just try it and let me know how it works out for you.

So, How else can you make money through Facebook?

4 thoughts on “How to Make Money on Facebook Spending a few Hrs/week”

    • Devi, Follow above techniques and you'll start making money through Facebook soon. Paid Facebook jobs is one of best ways you can make money from Facebook quickly. Let me know how it works out for you.

  1. I Never knew all this happens around Facebook, I Thought it was only for chatting and flirting.

    Chamal you've put Few smiles on my faces. . Great post

    I must share it on my Timeline because Many need to Read this cool guide. .
    Thanks again bro.

    • John, honestly when i first created my Facebook account, i too didn't know anything about these stats. I still wonder how much money Facebook earns now, because they stopped post reach and added a few advertising methods such as "Boost post".

      As Facebook makes millions of dollars a month, we can also earn a few bucks through Facebook. It all depends on how much you are interested in and your consistency as i said.

      Thanks for sharing this post among your Facebook friends John. It will really help them to learn how to make money from Facebook.


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