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I played a few video games a few years ago. One of top question I had that time was, how those guys make video games without any bug. I thought they tested games themselves.

But, I was wrong. If you have played games such as NightFire (James Bond 007), Call of Duty, Need for Speed, NBK 2K15, Grand Theft Auto game series, etc., you might find that they are made with quality and can’t find a bug actually. How do they do it?

Do game developers have thousands of servants only for video game testing jobs? Or do they test video games themselves?

In fact, as we can’t find our underground failures and weaknesses, game developers can’t find bugs and brainstorm new features as video game testers do easily. Many of those popular games such as Need for speed (a car game), Call of Duty (mission game) were tested before launching to the public.

Surprisingly, those video games were tested at the beta stage by video game players/lovers like you. Yes, big companies who create video games/PC games for commercial uses invest hundreds of thousands of dollars only for testing video games.

Fortunately, everyone can become a video game tester. (I will reveal how to become a video game tester very soon… so keep reading)

There are some companies which hire game testers themselves and select people for video game tester jobs by interviewing. But, luckily for you, there are hundreds of video game companies that are willing to pay thousands of dollars for video game tester jobs at home. Yes, you can become a game tester very easily. Not only you would earn money by testing games, but also you can engage in games tester jobs from home or anywhere in the world at any time!

Can I make money through Playing Video Games?

Actually, you don’t make money playing published games. But you make money by testing NEW video games or playing games in the beta stage. The purpose of this is that you play games at home and report if you met any problem/bug in that game. When game developers catch up more bugs in games, they can fix them quickly and publish the game with minimum or zero bugs.

Just look at prices of video games at Play-Asia.com.


playstation 4 and XBox video games on play-asia.com

And these games on Amazon.

amazon xbox 360 video games

Many of these games were tested before launching into the public. As those games have minimum-bugs, they have become more popular and so more money they will make. All these happen because of the game testing.

There are a few different ways you can make money as a video game tester. They are;

  • Get Paid to play new and upcoming games: This is the best video testing jobs. You can play upcoming games; even your friends don’t know any clue about. What an opportunity that is? You play games that you never played and get paid for them!
  • Get Paid to take online surveys: Usually, you can earn from $5 to $75 for each survey. You’d be asked a few game-related questions, and once you complete the survey, you get paid.
  • Get paid to participate in focus groups: You can make up to $150 per hour joining to focus groups. In where you share your game experiences and share new ideas to add to games that you think they will make the game even better. Where else you can find a job which gives you $150 per hour just sharing experiences related to video games? Yes, only from video game tester jobs, Isn’t it?
  • Get paid to try new Games, Gaming Consoles, Controllers or other products: If you are interested in trying new game equipment, you can use new gaming consoles, controllers and other upcoming products and keep free products too!
  • Get paid to preview game trailers: This is another chance to make money as a game tester. You can make from $4 to $25 per hour just by previewing game trailers.
  • Get paid to review new Games: You get paid up to $30 hour just for reviewing video games and their features, graphic qualities, sound qualities, and game requirements, etc. No matter how good you are to play a certain game, you get paid just for reviewing!

As you can see this money making methods are pretty easy to implement. Have you ever thought you could make a passive income from home just testing and reviewing games?

The best thing about these video game tester jobs is, no matter where you are living in when you can play games and with who you are playing games. You can become a game tester easily.

How to become a game tester from Home

As I said earlier, some companies hire game testers themselves and interview them to select certain people for game tester job positions (Because some people don’t like adventure games, while others like car games, etc.). But, luckily for you, I have found a great way to make thousands of money just selecting games you want to play.

Yes, you never want to find companies to become a game tester. Once you have followed the method I am going to explain after a few seconds; you can select games from thousands of “unreleased” video games and get paid for playing.

It is just like Paid social media Jobs marketplace where you find micro-jobs and get paid for completing simple tasks related to social media (you can find more about paid social media jobs at the below “other money making ways” section, especially in Bonus area)

Become a Game Tester to make money by Playing Xbox, PC, PlayStation Games for FREE

Here is how to become a game tester for Xbox one, Microsoft, PS4, Bungie, EA, and other top game platforms.

Step #1: Go to gaming jobs online website over here and create your account. (Place your best email, as you can get more high-paying game testing job opportunities directly to your email account)

Step #2: After creating your account, log into your account over here and search for live game testing job opportunities.

Step #3: Apply for job/survey and complete your job.

Repeat #2 and #3 steps and get paid for playing video games.

As a video game tester, you can;

what can you do with video game tester jobs

If you are a serious video game player and want to make extra income from home, then you could try this game tester job opportunity. It doesn’t matter where you are from; People who are living in India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, America, China, United Kindom, and Canada make $500+ monthly easily just testing unreleased video games. Even you can calculate how much you will earn by becoming a game tester. Click here to calculate your video game tester salary.

As an example, if you could engage in game testing job 2 hours/day and five days a week, assuming that you make at least $30 per hour, you could make $60 daily, $300 weekly and $1200 monthly. These are just estimated calculations. The game tester salary depends on solely what games you are playing, how much time you can commit and which task you complete.

video game tester salary calculator

This all depends on your hand. If you’re lazy, you won’t make any dollar. But, if you engage in your game tester job consistently, not only making money through game testing become easier, but also you will start making more money.

Are you under 18 years age? Want to make money as a game tester jobs at home? Here’s a solution.

Apply for game tester jobs for your older brother/sister’s name (He/she should be at least 18 years old) or one of your parents’ names. Then you take the account and start making money as a video game tester.

When receiving payments, choose one of the comfortable ways, such as PayPal, Wire transfer or mail check.

The country, time and age are not problems to make money as a game tester. If you have good talent, passion and desire to make money online by playing/reviewing games, so this game testing field is for you.

Other ways to make Money from the Internet without having a website

There are lots of money making methods. I have written a few articles in the past about making money online without having a website or blog. If you are interested in making extra money in spite of video game testing job opportunities, here are a few other ways to make money online fast. Use these methods once you have built a good foundation on your existing job.

#1: Make money on Facebook

There are lots of ways to make money on Facebook, this article on How to Make Money through Facebook quickly explains five ways to make money and help you how to select the best one that fits you well.

And watch this Slideshare presentation to check out a few additional information on how to make money from Facebook doing simple tasks.

#2: Make Money on Twitter

There are lots of ways to make money on Twitter. Selling tweets and managing others Twitter account are two of those. However, you can make money promoting affiliate products and services on Twitter too. I was able to generate a few leads just sharing an affiliate link a few times on Twitter. And check out this article to find a few Twitter tools to dominate Twitter marketing in 2015. Go here to check out a few other ways to make money with Twitter.

#3: Make Money on YouTube

I am not going to talk about creating a YouTube video channel and making money displaying Google Ads here. But there are quick ways to make money with YouTube. Watch the presentation below to find an easy way to make money on YouTube.

#4:  Make money on Fiverr

A few weeks ago, I wrote a detailed, step-by-step and thorough guide on Fiverr Quick Money Making Ideas to Make Money Online Fast. This is one of my favorite articles I have ever written about freelancing. Go and check it out to find out how you can build an online business using Fiverr. It also gives some money making tips to increase your revenue. Highly recommended for people who want to make money as a freelancer.


Now I hope that you have found a way to make money online. Become a video game tester is one of those. However, if you liked the above four money making ideas, I have got a bonus offer for you. You can join for free live training to learn how to make money on social media. Just watch this presentation to get more information and go here to register your FREE spot straightaway.

Besides being a video game tester, you can utilize the above methods to make money online. I suggest you spend 1-3 hours a day on video game tester job and a few hours on other jobs. By diversifying your revenue streams, you can make sure that your income is well-built, never break down (unless you do any stupid thing). On the other hand, this is a great way to start your online business. Yes, it is difficult to diversify your income stream. It takes some time. But it is worth it.


The video game industry is such a popular industry, which is worth billions of dollars. Unlike other industries, Video game industry evolves in every day. Recently Amazon bought Twitch video game site for $970 million ($0.97 billion). That’s slightly similar to October 9, 2006; Google bought YouTube video sharing website for $1.65 billion. Who thought YouTube would double their revenue in every year for four years repeatedly? According to Alexa traffic rank statistics, YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine while the third most popular website, with average time on site 15:17 minutes.

As the popularity of game platforms such as the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, a lot of people are addicted to video games. As those people are ready-cash buyers, game developers try to make their games are zero bugs as possible. So they can get more sales in next time they publish another version of the game. But, they can’t find those bugs and brainstorms new unique features very quickly. They need help. That’s where the topic of video game tester jobs is coming in.

Video Game tester jobs are pretty easy to control, and there is no any commitment. Once you have done your job, you get paid. It’s plain and straightforward. As the convenience, high-salary, and scalability, a lot of video game players now have paid their attention to game tester jobs. Therefore, if you are one of those video game lovers, you should take a look at this video game testing job marketplace where you can find tons of game testing job opportunities.

So what are other ways you can make money in the video game industry? Are the video game tester jobs at home only positions out there? Share your comments in below.

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