TrafficForMe vs Udimi: Which Solo Ad Traffic is Best, Cheap?

Out of numerous ways to drive traffic to a page, solo ads traffic is one of the best because of many reasons.

  • Solo ads traffic originates from emails. Because email marketing as a channel has got a higher ROI, investing money in solo ads can be really profitable if done correctly.
  • CPC (Cost-per-click) on several niches of solo ads marketing is cheaper than most other traffic sources like Google ads, LinkedIn ads, and even Facebook ads
  • Direct link offer promotion. Want to check the average conversion rates of your funnels? Want to earn extra income by promoting affiliate products through solo email ads? Get solo ads traffic!
  • It’s secretive. Unlike Facebook Ads and Google Ads, where there are many ad spy tools like Semrush Display adverting tool, AdPlexity, and Spyfu, solo advertising is secretive where your email campaigns and funnel are hard to be spied on.
  • Reach an audience that is impossible to reach via standard advertising methods. The real fact is not all people are on Facebook, and not every person who is interested in your offers does not Google every day. But, many people are still checking their email every morning. You can reach this audience by using solo ads advertising.

In my previous guide on buying solo ad traffic with guaranteed clicks, I shared different ways to buy solo ad traffic. In today’s article, I will compare two solo ad websites where you can order clicks: TrafficForMe vs Udimi

Trafficforme vs Udimi
TrafficForMe vs Udimi – Two Solo Ads Websites Compared

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What is Udimi?

Udimi website

Udimi is a solo ads network where buyers and sellers can buy and sell solo ads. Udimi works as a third party where it facilitates how transactions are made, and clicks are delivered, conversations are made, etc.,

In a recent Udimi review, I talked in-depth about it. Essentially, here are key facts about Udimi.

  • It’s a solo ads marketplace — One of the biggest advantages of Udimi is that sellers compete with others to sell quality traffic at affordable prices. So, it’s a winning situation for all buyers.
  • Guaranteed clicks or refunds — Udimi’s safe environment is one reason why many beginners start ordering solos from Udimi. It provides money back for all 100% non-delivered traffic.
  • Click filtering system — Not all traffic is equally good. Udimi has developed a sophisticated click tracking system where it can understand if a click is useless or not.
  • Send solo ads ad text — Provide your own email copy and subject lines to sellers so they can send it to their list. Perfect for boosting optin rates and sales.
  • Live Chat with sellers — Udimi is like Fiverr. You can chat with favorite sellers and ask questions about their traffic, which offers perform with their lists etc., with a click of a button.
  • Easy solo ads management — From Optin tracking to solo ads calendar, Udimi provides you with an easy-to-use platform to manage all your solo ads campaigns.

What is Trafficforme?


TrafficforMe is a solo ads agency that is founded by Harris Fellman.

Primarily, TrafficForMe reaches out to solo ads providers in various niches and buys traffic on your behalf of you.

  • Reach email lists that typically cannot be found elsewhere. Not all people with large email lists are solo ad vendors. TrafficForMe is a solo ad traffic agency that reaches out to these people and buys traffic in bulk.
  • Have a large budget? No problem. TrafficForMe lets you purchase many clicks (i.e., 10,000 visitors) from a single order.
  • Recurring clicks and more overdelivery. Receive traffic every month with discounted pricing

Trafficforme vs Udimi: Niches

When comparing TrafficforMe vs Udimi, the first aspect to look for is the niches they supports.

Udimi Niches:


Udimi solo ad vendors have traffic in many niches. And it lists niches in several groups.

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Crypto

While the Marketing niche group is dominating Udimi, you can also find a decent number of sellers in other niches.

  • Internet Marketing
  • Make Money Online
  • Work from Home
  • Business Opportunities
  • Self Development
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Weight loss
  • Fitness

TrafficforMe Niches:

Although TrafficForMe is a traffic ad agency, it also supports many niches, which is decent to see.

  • BizOpp, CryptOpp, and MMO
  • Internet Marketing
  • Health and Diet
  • Personal Development
  • Crypto, Bitcoin, and Forex
  • Survival and Prepping
Trafficforme survival prepping niches

TrafficforMe vs Udimi: Pricing

The solo ad price is also a considerable factor when deciding which platform to choose.

Udimi Prices

The base price for a solo ad click on is $0.05, and it’s up to the seller to decide the minimum rate. A click can go up to $2.00.


When sellers run Solo Deals, you can buy traffic at a discounted price.

If you are lucky, you can find solo ad deals from popular vendors

Plus, buyers can upgrade their purchases with add-ons.

Multiple order upgrades and add-ons are available.
  • Prime Filter – It’s free if you are a Prime subscriber. But using the Prime click filter for non-prime subscribers costs $0.10/click (or more).
  • Only top tier – Receive traffic from Tier 1 countries like the US, UK, CAN, AUS, and NZ. Learn more.
  • Only mobile and No Mobile – Specify if you want a certain set of traffic.

I have written an in-depth guide to Udimi pricing & fees. Check it to find more details.

TrafficForMe Prices

TrafficForMe membership is free, and the solo ad prices change based on the traffic package someone buys. However, the minimum solo ads price on is $0.50 per click.

Trafficforme crypto bitcoin forex packages
The traffic cost of many niches in TrafficForMe exceeds $0.80

Who got low solo ad prices?

Udimi has the lowest solo ad price with affording pricing structure. In Udimi, you can start small and buy 50 clicks at $0.40/click.


However, in T4Me (TrafficForMe), the lower the traffic amount, the higher the cost per click is. The following screenshot shows the price decrease in terms of CPC of traffic packages.

One downside of T4Me is you can specify a limit on clicks you want to buy, so you end up spending a fixed amount for every solo. (disadvantageous if you are getting started or want to A/B test traffic packages)

Trafficforme vs Udimi: User-friendliness

When comparing the user-friendliness of TrafficForMe and Udimi, it’s obvious that Udimi beats TrafficForMe in interface design, features, and support.

See all the details of a solo ad seller in one place.


Data like Positive to negative ratings, Got sales, and Repeated customer percentages are very useful when choosing a seller. Check this Solo Ad Rolodex for a list of solo ad vendors on Udimi and their details.

The ability to send a message directly privately to a seller is beneficial too.


Udimi support lets resolving disputes.


It appears TrafficForMe’s website has not been updated since the 2010s! (I also experienced that takes more time to load than

Trafficforme campaign dashboard

TrafficforMe vs Udimi: Tutorials

Udimi tutorials

Udimi has been established among the solo ads communities for over a decade, so there are both resources outside of the Udimi platform and inside.

Plus, my favorite place to learn how to use Udimi solo ads is the Forum!


Udimi’s Help documents section is filled with tons of information addressing the most frequently asked questions.

TrafficForMe tutorials

TrafficForMe’s founder made several tutorials years ago, and they are publically available to watch on the dashboard.

How to get traffic on T4Me

Creating a good BizOpp landing page

BizOpp traffic types explained

The simple formula

Also, the Help section covers a lot of topics, from FAQs to technical issues.

TrafficForMe Or Udimi?

It is clear that Udimi is making progress in terms of the service they provide year by year. In contrast, for some reason, TrafficForMe is stuck without making any improvements on the website design and the service they provide.

Maybe it’s unwise to compare a solo ads marketplace with a solo ads traffic agency.

However, if you are getting started and want to get experience in solo advertising, Udimi is the best place to buy solos. From a safe environment to traffic availability in many niches, you can not get lost on Udimi, considering there is no place for scammers on Udimi.

However, if you are looking to scale your solo ads campaigns with my traffic and want to reach more unique traffic sources, a traffic agency like TrafficForMe would be an excellent option and an Udimi alternative considering you can receive recurring visitors with over-delivery.

Trafficforme campaign timing options

Final words on Udimi vs TrafficForMe

Udimi is the world’s best solo ads marketplace for buyers and sellers to get targeted traffic on time. However, there are several downsides of Udimi, like you cannot order a large chunk of clicks on a single order. That is why TrafficForMe stands out.

In this short comparison article on Trafficforme and Udimi, you got to know the differences between both platforms.

Here are several guides on solo ads:

Let us know your thoughts on Trafficforme versus Udimi in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “TrafficForMe vs Udimi: Which Solo Ad Traffic is Best, Cheap?”

  1. Pretty one-sided review here.

    T4Me focuses on only dealing with quality traffic providers.

    Other than it sometimes being slow, I’m not clear on what’s actually ‘wrong’ with our user interface. It’s pretty simple to place an order, no? We’re constantly making improvements under the hood; and open to suggestions on what to improve.

    Harris, Founder T4Me

    • Hello Harris,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. TrafficForMe is a traffic agency and Udimi is a marketplace. And Udimi is improving its services quite well. As far as T4Me is concerned, I see no improvements on UI and my email is being bombarded with ‘promo’ emails more relatively to Udimi. Also, I see a higher percentage of “canceled” orders in my affiliate dashboard. Maybe there is a reason, no? On Udimi, I see no “refund” on any of my customers.

      I will update this review on TrafficForMe vs Udimi as time goes as I have done for all other reviews. Hope you will have improved the service to get more positive highlights in the future. Maybe you can show us what you think qualities T4Me has better compared with Udimi.

      • Ah, well, they’re not really ‘canceled’…
        Alot of people create an order, and then do not pay for it.
        So, we cancel the order.
        It’s just an ‘abandoned cart’.

        We have a very low refund rate.
        In fact, we are more likely to have our provider run the campaign again or we pay for another provider to run it ourselves at no charge rather than refund it.

        I’m sure this happens with Udimi as well – but they don’t show the activity.

        Anyway, we do our best to provide quality traffic and quality customer service.

        (you see, it only took me 3 months to reply here — lol)


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