Is Semrush Plagiarism Checker Any Good to Check Content?

Semrush Plagiarism Checker is essential to its On-Page SEO Checker and SEO Writing Assistant tools.

Due to various content writing tools and dedicated plagiarism checker tools, and obviously, because of the Semrush Plagiarism checker’s cost, you might wonder if it’s worth using Semrush to find duplicate content.

At the same time, there are many free to premium, high-quality, accurate, and reliable plagiarism checker apps for browsers, desktops, mobile phones, and platforms like WordPress and Google Docs.

Let’s find out whether Semrush’s is any good for your needs!

What does Semrush plagiarism checker do?

Semrush is a world-class digital marketing tool with many features and over forty tools. Check this Semrush review to find out more.

Essentially, Semrushbot, which is Semrush’s content crawler, scans the content on billions of web pages. The plagiarism checker of Semrush analyzes your content and compares it against all other crawled content.

How to use Semrush Plagiarism Checker

There are two things you need to know about this tool.

The first one is that Semrush’s plagiarism-checking tool is not a standalone page. Like Semrush’s broken URL finder, which is given with the Site Audit tool, the plagiarism checking feature is provided under a tool called Semrush SEO Writing Assistant (SWA).

The second thing is about pricing. According to Semrush pricing plans, the plagiarism checking feature is provided from the plans above Semrush Guru.

Semrush Content Marketing Platform Pricing
Semrush Content Marketing Platform Pricing Table

As you see from the above screenshot, the Guru and Business plan have 5 and 10 plagiarism checks per month, respectively.

What about the limitations of each plagiarism check?

There is no limit on words on a single plagiarism check.

In Semrush

Log into your Semrush account and visit the SEO Writing Assistant section under the Content Marketing platform.


Click on the ‘Get recommendations‘ button.


Enter the text that you want to check for plagiarism.


Click the ‘Get recommendations‘ button, and you will see a screen similar to the one below. Select the ‘Originality‘ button and click on the ‘Check for free‘ button.


In a moment, the Semrush plagiarism checker will scan your content and look for any similar content.

If it finds copied content, the score will be marked in red color. In my case, since I copied content from Why is Not Provided Keywords In the Google Analytics article, it showed a 0.0% content originality score.


In WordPress

You can check content uniqueness quickly with the SEO Writing Assistant WordPress plugin.

Download and install the plugin.


Go to the post or page editor in which content you can check for its originality. Start the content optimization by entering targeted keyword(s) and clicking on the ‘Get recommendations‘ button.


Click on the ‘Check it for free‘ button.


In Google Docs

Install the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant add-on from the GSuite marketplace.


Enable it on the ‘Show‘ option, as shown below.


Click on the ‘Check it‘ under the content originality section, and you will see a message similar to below if it’s not plagiarized.

Check duplicate content


The plagiarism checker in Semrush comes in the Guru plan and above. Its limits are reset on the first of every month. You can purchase units (10 checks) for an additional $5/month.


Here are two top alternatives to Semrush’s plagiarism checker tool.

  1. WriterZen
  2. Grammarly

Semrush vs Grammarly

Grammarly is a dedicated writing aid. It is probably the world’s best grammar checker tool. Learn more in this Grammarly review.

Its plagiarism checker tool is built into its online editor, and unfortunately, you cannot use it on browser extensions (i.e., online websites like WordPress and Google Docs).


Grammarly has free and premium plans, and the plagiarism checker comes with the premium plan. Also, if you have a Grammarly Business subscription (or a team account), you get it, too.

Semrush vs WriterZen

Like Semrush, WriterZen is an SEO and content writing platform that provides various tools to help you write better SEO-friendly content. Learn more in this review of WriterZen.

It has got a dedicated plagiarism checker tool.

Sign up on WriterZen over here and go to the Plagiarism checker. Create a new project and enter text.


Here is an instance of using WriterZen’s plagiarism checker tool.


Unlike the Semrush plagiarism checker tool, the WriterZen plagiarism checker checks content at the sentence level.

WriterZen pricing plans are all paid. Depending on your WriterZen subscription, the daily words allowed to check for plagiarism may vary.

Writerzen pricing

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Final words

The plagiarism checker in Semrush is not visible like other tools. It is offered under SEO Writing Assistant and is only allowed for Guru and Business subscribers.

So, do you think Semrush’s plagiarism checker is worth the price?

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