QR.io Review: Generate Customized QR Codes On-Demand

In this QR.io review, you will find out how to use it to generate customized QR codes, professional business pages, and whether it’s good for you.

What is QR.IO?

Qr.io is an online tool that allows you to generate static and dynamic, customized QR codes easily. Not only does it provide many QR code types but also statistics and customization options.

QR.io Review

How to use QR.io to generate QR codes?

It’s very easy to use the QR.io tool. First of all, follow this link and create your account.

Once logged in to your account, click on the ‘Create QR Code‘ button.


In the next screen, you will have to select the QR code type. There are two types, as you see in the screenshot below.

  1. Static
  2. Dynamic

Static QR code types

Static QR codes cannot be changed later, and they are not tracked. So, you will not be able to see details such as who scanned your QR codes.

  1. Website URL — Link to any website URL. Good for sharing your business page, social media pages, and other important website addresses with your customers. To track who visited your website, use a link shortening service such as Replug. Learn more about Replug over here.
  2. Email — Make it easier to people to send you an email.
  3. Text — Share a text message
  4. Call — Make a call
  5. SMS — Send SMS
  6. WhatsApp — Send Whatsapp message
  7. Wi-Fi — Connect to Wi-Fi. Great to share your Wi-Fi network credentials without displaying login details/
  8. V-Card — Save contact to the phone
  9. PayPal — Generate a PayPal transaction
  10. Bitcoin — Request crypto payments. A perfect option to ask for payments from other users
How to make static QR codes with QR.io

Select the QR code type and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Add your content. For instance, I select the ‘Email’ QR code type. Therefore, I will have to add the email message to the next screen.


Once done, a QR code will be generated and will be shown on the right side of your screen. In the third step, you will be able to edit the appearance.

  1. Color — Change the background, dots, marker border, and marker center colors. Also, you can make your QR code’s background transparent in this section.
  2. Shape & Form — Customize the dots, marker border, and marker center. There are a variety of selections to choose from.
  3. Logo — Personalize your QR code by adding a logo. You can either choose one from the QR.io or upload your own one.
  4. Frames — Add a frame to your QR code design. Additionally, you can change the phrase message, font, and color from here.

Here is the customized static QR code I just made.


The last step is downing your QR code. You can download it from two formats: PNG or SVG


Dynamic QR code types


Unlike the Static QR code type, the Dynamic QR code can be changed later, and the statistics are shown on your dashboard. Also, with Dynamic QR codes, you can create customized landing pages. This type is mostly used by business owners, artists, influencers, and non-developers users.

Here are some Dynamic QR code types that you can create with QR.io.

  1. Website URL — Link to any website URL
  2. App — Download Android and iOS apps. Very useful to get more people to install your mobile app.
  3. Social media — A tree for all your social media pages.
  4. Profile card — Personal custom page with your details. Can be used as a contact card.
  5. Business page — Information about your business.
  6. Coupons
  7. Feedback — Ask for feedback and reviews
  8. Video — Share a video
  9. Images — Share multiple images
  10. PDF — Share PDF document
How to make dynamic QR codes with QR.io

I will show how to make a business page with QR.io.


Add your business details in the second step.


Once done, click on the “Continue” button. You can always change these later.

Like in the static QR code generator, here, you will be able to customize the QR code appearance.



In this QR.io review, you found how easy it is to make static and dynamic QR codes with QR.io. But, there are some features that will make QR code generation smooth.


Want to know how many times your QR codes are scanned and when and from where they are scanned? Now, it is possible.



Managing QR codes has become easier. Just create a folder for every group/category and save your QR codes.


Archive QR codes

Archive QR codes that are no longer useful. And you can easily activate them later too.



Automate the QR code generation process with API.


QR.io provides both free and paid plans for users. With the free plan, you can create only static pages. Paid plans are categorized based on the payment length.


Pros and Cons

As a premium user of QR.io, I have tested both static and dynamic QR code types. Here are the pros and cons of QR.io.


  • Unlimited QR codes
  • Easy and fast QR code creation capability
  • Customization options
  • Multiple QR code types
  • Custom landing pages
  • Statistics
  • Team members
  • API
  • No coding required


  • Bulk creation — Create multiple QR codes by uploading a .csv file.
  • Custom domains — Dynamic QR Codes with custom domains (the feature is currently on the roadmap)

Is QR.io worth it?

If you are a business owner and want a dedicated service to create, analyze, and manage QR codes online easily, QR.io is worth it.

Its free plan allows creating Static QR codes without barriers. So, if you want to generate quick QR codes and customize the appearance, give QR.io a try.

Conclusion on QR.io Review

The popularity of QR codes has skyrocketed during the previous several years due to the ease of use and other capabilities.

If you are looking for a good service to create QR codes online, QR.io is a good choice for you. The customization options allow you to create QR codes for many purposes, such as asking for feedback/reviews, sending PDF files, WhatsApp messages, emails, and creating professional business cards.

So, what are your thoughts on QR.io? Share your reviews below.

QR.io $219/Year
  • QR code types
  • Customization
  • Analytics
  • API
  • UI & UX


Be it static or dynamic QR codes. QR.io got you covered! Its advanced QR code designing toolset and tracking will make producing beautiful, customized QR codes easier than you imagined! No more coding. Give QR.io a try and see it yourself.


  • Unlimited QR codes
  • Custom landing pages
  • Static and Dynamic QR codes


  • Bulk-creation of QR codes
  • Custom domain for custom landing pages

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