Advanced Facebook Comments Plugin to Tumblr

Do you want to add Facebook comments to tumblr blog? If you want to allow Facebook comments on Tumblr, today I will give you a great tool for your Tumblr blog, called Advanced Facebook comments plugin to Tumblr.

What’s the Advanced Facebook Comments Plugin?

I coded two Facebook comment plugins for Tumblr blogs. They are Free Facebook comments plugin to Tumblr and Advanced comments plugin to Tumblr.

You can check all the details about free Facebook comments plugin to Tumblr over here. It’s for mediocre bloggers who want to just integrate Facebook comment box in their Tumblr blogs and customize it a little bit.

But, if you want more advanced features just more than Tumblr facebook comments integration, you should add Advanced Facebook comments plugin to your Tumblr blog. Here are a few features in the free Facebook comments plugin and advanced Facebook comments plugin.

Facebook comments plugin Features comparison

Now you know why I called Advanced Facebook comments plugin to the premium version of the PBT Facebook Comments plugin. It has a lot of features and benefits you get as a webmaster. My favorite feature in this plugin is the Facebook notifications.

To look how this comments plugin works and how I customize it, watch this short YouTube video.

As you saw in this YouTube video, it does not only give you the ability of customization the Tumblr plugin, but also makes it is easier to do that. You don’t need any coding skills to customize the Facebook comments plugin. Importantly, you can use both Disqus comment box and Facebook comment box together or use one of them.

To see a live version of the Premium Facebook comments plugin, click this link.

How do you get the Advanced Facebook Comments plugin to your Tumblr blog?

I spent weeks to code this Tumblr plugin and hours to check how it works in web browsers. Another thing is that I’ll update this plugin in future by fixing bugs and adding more features & tools. I suppose to give you the ability of using two or more comment systems on your Tumblr blog together.

So, I charge a few bucks for this advanced Facebook comments plugin. If you like this plugin and want to integrate into your Tumblr blog also, please contact me over here or send me an email: gmchamal[at]

Final Words

This Advanced Facebook comments plugin is one of the best Tumblr plugins in Internet. Not only you can change the appearance of Facebook comments plugin very easily without using any HTML, CSS or JavaScript code, but also can get real-time notifications to your Facebook profile like I showed you in the YouTube video.

If you want to add Facebook comments to Tumblr blog, you should get this plugin. To get this plugin, please contact me here: gmchamal[at]

So do you have any question regarding the premium Facebook comments plugin? Leave your comments below.

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