Picoworkers Review 2022: A Crowdsourcing Site for Freelancers & Employers

In this Picoworkers review, you will learn all details about Picoworkers, the pros & cons, and if it’s worth investing your time and efforts on Picoworkers.com while there are many freelance networks.

With the rapid technological developments and the nature of the service economy and globalization, the gig economy has grown drastically in the last couple of years.

Number of freelancers in United states form 2017 to 2028
Number of freelancers in the United States from 2017 to 2028 – It is expected to have 90.1 million freelancers in the USA by 2028

Particularly due to the Covid19, the freelancing market as a whole got millions of new workforce around the globe not limited to the Asian market. According to a study held by the ADP Research Institute, the gig economy is expected to cross the $500 billion mark, and it accounts for a third of the world population.

  • Gig economy has the second-highest number of work opportunities offered. (Hayes et al., 2019)
  • 24% of workers across 19 countries are full-time gig workers while 9% are also employed in a traditional setting. (Hayes et al., 2019)
  • Gig economy’s market was worth $248.3 billion in 2019 and was estimated to reach $296.7 billion in 2020. (Sbai, 2021)
  • Approximately 68 million workers in the United States work freelance. (Statista, 2021)
  • 36% of the US workforce have done freelance works in the past 12 months. (Upwork, 2020)
  • 75% of freelancers work in the arts and design industry compared to only 25% of non-freelancers. (Upwork, 2019)
  • 78% of gig workers plan to do the same gig work or more in the next year. (DaVinci Payments, 2021)
  • 40% of workers participate in gig work while still employed, compared to 30% who prefer doing only gig work full time. (DaVinci Payments, 2021)
  • Professional services account for the majority of part-time (14.9%) and full-time (17%) gig workers. (Hayes et al., 2019)

When considering freelance networks, there are several websites such as Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork, OnlineJobs.ph, PeoplePerHour.

Picoworkers is yet another freelance network that has gotten famous during the last couple of years. In today’s article, I will review Picowokers crowdsourcing website and share my experience and how to make money on Picoworkers. So, make sure to read this entire Picoworkers review and share your experience.

What is Picoworkers?

Picoworkers logo transparent

Picoworkers is an online marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers. It works as a middleman where businesspeople can employ people to complete from small tasks to ongoing projects.

Unlike freelancing networks such as Fiverr, Picoworkers is a crowdsourcing website that lets employers and freelancers complete one-off small tasks (micro-jobs) or works on ongoing projects.

Picoworkers tasks earnings and latest requested withdrawls feed
The live feed of workers activities and latest requested withdrawals

Since the entry-level is free and frictionless, any person around the globe can start signing up on Picoworkers and start making money by completing small jobs.

Similarly, if you are a business; be it a small online business such as a website, YouTube channel, a solopreneur such as Tiktok star, podcast host, email marketer, affiliate marketing person, or even a startup or a company, you can start using Picoworkers to employ a large number of people from any country of your selection to complete small tasks.

Workers and Employers Role

In Fiverr, freelancers and employers make it up. An employer can buy a Fiverr gig from a freelancer. Fiverr is only there to connect people. Similar situation for Udimi where Solo ad buyers can buy Solo ad traffic from a seller where Udimi.com works as a middle man to prevent fraud.

Workers and Employers empower the Picoworkers. But it works differently.

The employer

The employer’s role is pretty simple. He or she can post a job on Picoworkers. There are several customization options that I will discuss later in this Picoworkers review. Once the job is completed, the employer can review tasks and mark each one satisfied or dissatisfied.

The freelancer

The freelancer’s role is pretty simple. He or she can log in to their Picoworkers dashboard and complete any task available to them. Once the task is completed and filled out the proof form, the employer will review your activity and pay you. Picoworkers grade your level by your performance.

Normally, the quality of service is based on the overall satisfaction ratings by employers. So, the greater service you provide, the higher the chance of making it into top-level and getting more benefits on Picoworkers!


The Picoworkers’ role is to connect both people and to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

The specialty of Picoworkers crowdsource platform is that if you are a freelancer, you can participate in any number of micro-jobs and make money. Want to finish 100 jobs today? No problem.

Also, a key advantage of Picoworkers from the advertiser’s perspective is that you can hire thousands of workers for low wages and get people to complete small tasks easily. Thus saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours of time while growing your business online.

Picoworkers Review: Jobs for freelancers

On Picoworkers, jobs are classified into two groups.

  1. Small tasks
  2. Ongoing projects

Small jobs

Small jobs in Picoworkers are basically small tasks that do not involve high time or effort. Here are some small job types on Picoworkers to understand how each one is set up.

Type 1: Small tasks that require mouse clicking when using laptop or desktop

These are usually engagement-based tasks.

  1. Upvote a reddit post
  2. Visit a website, view a specific number of web pages
  3. Visit a specified URL and click on a hyperlink on the page
  4. Visit Google and search and click

Type 2: Involves more than one-clicking

These could normally be categorized as small microtasks where a user has to spend more time.

  1. Write a blog comment on an article
  2. Review a product, service or a tool on Google My Business profile, Yelp, TrustPilot or Amazon or on a website
  3. Post comments on social media posts (ex: YouTube video, Reddit posts, Facebook posts, Tweet)

Type 3: Need to have own social media accounts

These are social media marketing-related jobs where a freelancer should have active social media accounts.

  1. Like a Facebook post
  2. Subscribe to a YouTube channel
  3. Comment on a Pinterest post
  4. Follow someone on Twitter
  5. Share a YouTube video
  6. Upvote a reddit post

And the best part of Picoworkers for both freelancers and employers is that there are tasks combination of several tasks.

  1. Like, comment on a Youtube video and subscribe to the channel
  2. Like and share a Facebook post
  3. Upvote and comment on a reddit post
  4. Retweet and follow on Twitter
  5. Repin a pinterest post and follow the brand
  6. Comment on a Instagram post and follow the brand

Yes, employers will earn more money from these tasks.

Type 4: Involves registration

One of the most popular tasks on Picoworkers is involved in online registration with an email address or a phone number (in rare cases). Here are some micro jobs examples:

  1. Create an account for free on example.com website
  2. Subscribe to a newletter
  3. Sign up online for a service or a website and complete a task (ex: Sign up on Grammarly and install extension)
  4. Register on cypto websites
  5. Sign up on forum and post

Type 5: Requires more than clicking or typing

These are mini-jobs that require installing software, an app, or a plugin.

  1. Install a chrome extension on your browser
  2. Register on a website, download a software and install it.
  3. Download and install a mobile app
  4. Download a game, play for a certain time and transfer coins to a different ID
  5. Download an application, mine cryto coins and transfer to a specific address

Type 6: Register on free trials

These are some of the high-earning tasks on Picoworkers. But, you will have to use your credit card details to complete these.

  1. Sign up for a free trial on a website such as Semrush

Ongoing jobs (Projects)

Ongoing jobs are suitable for people with certain skills. For example, if you have a photo editing and graphic design skills, you can take an ongoing project in Picoworkers and make more money than usual tasks in every period.

I have already shared some freelance job ideas before. Picoworkers work differently. Employers post online jobs (ex: write blog posts every week, manage social pages, create YouTube videos, design graphics) and freelancers can apply for those.

Picoworkers Review: How to Use Picoworkers as freelancer

It is free to join, and you can get started now. First of all, head over to this page and create your Picoworkers account by entering a real email address, your name, and your username. The username is shown for people.

Verify your email address, and once done, you will be asked a form to fill out on the next screen.

  • Country of residence
  • Birthday
  • Security question and answer

When you visit the Picoworkers dashboard (the jobs section), you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Find jobs on Picoworkers
The jobs section of Picoworkers

Here are the page options and some features.

  • Filter jobs based on the job level – Some jobs are easier to complete while some are not. So, Picoworkers categories jobs based on the employee’s experience level. The three levels are 1) Starter 2) Advaced 3) Expert
  • Category – If you are interested on a certain task for example, YouTube actions or clicking website links, you can filter them over here. Here are the main categories.
    • Sign up
    • Search, Click (Engage)
    • Video marketing
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Intagram
    • Promotion (voting & rating)
    • Reddit
    • Yahoo answers/Answerbag/Quora (other Q&A sites)
    • Forums
    • Computer programs
    • Comment on other blogs
    • Reviewing products and services
    • Write an article
    • Mobile applications
    • Blog/website owners
    • Leads
    • Surveys/ Offers
    • Others
  • Payment – Get tasks on a certain price range
  • Location – Filter tasks allowed for a specific region
  • Employer stats – Filter jobs based on employers satisfaction ratings and successful job ratios
  • Sorting options – Filter gigs by most recent, highest paying Picoworkers jobs, and crypto verified accounts

On each task, you can see the freelancer level (Starter, advanced, or expert), location, task satisfaction ratio of the employer, available tasks, and the average pay and task review time.

tasks on Picoworkers
Tasks available for workers. The availability is dependent on several factors such as the selected region, employer level, etc.

Once clicked on any Picoworkers micro job, you will see a dedicated job page where you can see job instructions and a place to submit proof.

job description and proof submitting options in Picoworkers
Learn how to complete the microtask and provide proof on the job description page


Rating is very important on Picoworkers.com. The rating is based on the employer satisfaction ratio. For example, if 80 out of 100 microtasks you completed are marked as satisfied (i.e., rated your job as successful) by employers, your rating would be 80%.

Individual ratings of workers in Picoworkers
A user’s public profile. Maintain a higher success rate to increase task submission time and receive more benefits

Picoworkers requires users to have at least a 75% rating to get new opportunities and higher payout tasks.

How to increase ratings on Picoworks
  • Get started with easy micro jobs such as reddit upvotes, social media tasks such as liking a Facebook page, subscribing to YouTube channel. Maintain a higher ratio like 90% on first several tasks. So, you will get more opportunities.
  • Do not rush it up at first – Making money on Picoworkers is easy so you would be tempted to complete as many tasks as possible in a quickest time. But, you might make errors such as typos in task proof message on the way. So, take time and complete your microtasks rightly.
  • Provide requested proofs

Withdraw your earnings

  • Your task interval timer must be 0 to withdraw. New users must complete a minimum amount of tasks to achieve a zero task interval. For example, if your starting interval time is 180 seconds, you will have to complete 18 tasks successfully to reduce it to the zero level.
  • You can withdraw when you have over $5.75 in your earned balance.
  • You can not withdraw money from your spendable balance (used for posting jobs on Picoworkers)
  • Withdrawals are processed within 10 business days.
  • Litecoin, PayPal and Skrill are the supported payout methods. The processing fee is 8%.

Picoworkers Review: Crowdsource Freelancers for Business Owners

Picoworkers is an excellent place for business owners to gather thousands of people to complete a specific task you need. For example, if you want to get people to share a Youtube video on social networks, you can easily post a job on Picoworkers.com and get people to finish your work in a shorter time.

How to post a job on Picoworkers

It is very easy to post a job. Click on the ‘Post Job‘ button at the top-right header.

Post job button

The first thing you have to do is select the region.

selecting the targeting zone - Picoworkers advertising

The second step is choosing the job category and sub-category. When you are selecting the categories and sub-categories, the price and other details will be adjusted, and you can see them in the right box.

select job category Picoworkers advertising

The third step is creating the job and setting up proof. Start by adding a meaningful, short title and steps in simple English. Do not use complex wording. Explain every bit by using steps. You can add any number of steps for a micro job. I highly recommend screenshotting each step and pasting a link to it. You can use a tool like Nimbus web screen capture for it or CloudApp desktop software.

job description and proof details for Picoworker task set up

Also, if your job on Picoworkers involves visiting any external websites, I highly recommend using an URL link tracker as well. Use one of these URL shorteners. My favorite tools are Replug (review) and PixelMe (review).

The fourth and last step is job setting.

Job settings in Picoworkers task settings

Here you have several job customization options.

  • Entry level – It costs 25% and 50% more for advanced and expert level users respectively
  • Workers needed – How many total workers do you need to complete the task. For instance, if you need 100 people to like, share and comment on your YouTube video, enter 100.
  • Payment per task – Enter the value of the task. Higher paying jobs are done faster
  • Ask if you need screenshot proof – You will have to pay $0.05 minimum for one screenshot proof.
  • Time to rate (TTR) – How many days do you need to rate tasks? A lower TTR will increase user participation.
  • Autorate task – Set task rating options. You can automate task rating with PCODE system if you use specific tasks such as registering on your website.

Last not least, finally review Picowokers job listing again to confirm every detail.

Here is a video tutorial by the Picoworkers team that explains the steps to post a job.

Picoworkers review: Features

You learned how to use the Picoworkers platform to make money and hire freelancers in this Picoworkers review. It stands out from other micro job websites because of multiple reasons, particularly the features it provides for users.

Become an employer and freelancer

One Picoworker account is enough for all your needs — No need to create separate accounts for being a freelancer and employer.

Easy jobs

The beauty of Picoworkers is that you do not need special skills to make money. If you have very basic knowledge of using computers and the internet, you can take part in micro jobs such as subscribing to a channel, following on Twitter, sharing a Facebook post, etc., and making money for free.

Make more money

Yes, you can complete 10 jobs today. Or 100 jobs or 500 jobs. Work more and earn more!

Low payout threshold

The minimum payout threshold is $5.75. Unlike other popular freelancing networks like Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork, where the minimum payout amount is high, with Picoworkers.com, you can basically earn money for basic needs.

Level up

Skilled and hard workers are appreciated on Picoworkers.com. It is like playing a video game. Make more money and level up your profile, and get more high-paying job opportunities!

Transfer earned money to spendable money

Last not least, I want to mention this helpful feature in the Picoworkers review. Now you can earn money by completing mico jobs on Picoworkers and transferring those to the spendable cash wallet. So, you can get started today and hire other workers with the money you earned. How awesome is that?

Is Picoworkers legit or a scam?

Typically, you might have encountered many online crowdsourcing and micro job sites. Many of those are not legit and scam people. But, Picoworkers is neither illegal nor a scam. You can see Picworkers’ payments to freelancers.


Pros and Cons of Picoworkers

In the review of Picoworkers, you learned how to use the Picoworkers to make money as a freelancer and business owner. Here are the pros and cons of using Picoworkers.


  • No skills are required to get started. No entry-level exams
  • Complete multiple tasks
  • New tasks are added on a regular basis
  • Many tasks in different categories
  • Transfer earned money into spendable money and use it to promote your businesses on Picoworkers
  • Low payout threshold
  • Paid surveys
  • Increase your earnings by leveling up


  • It takes excessive days from finishing a task to withdraw money (normally 7 days of time to rate and up to 10 days of the payout processing)
  • 8% processing fee. I think it is an excessive amount.

My experience so far with Picoworkers

I use Picoworkers for employing workers, not for freelancing. As far as my experience goes, Picoworkers has done a good job on UX., and especially I like the dark mode!

Their automated task verification system is a good idea. This allows you to save a tremendous amount of time. But, I think in the meantime, they can do a good job by integrating forum software so that people can hang out and share their experiences. It is just my idea, though.

Is Picoworkers worth it?

If you are getting started on internet marketing and want to make a few bucks part-time working from home, Picoworkers can help you make from $3 to $50 or $60 per 100 tasks. If you are living in a third-world country where the wages are pretty low, Picoworkers can be a great freelancing network for you.

But, if you are a skilled worker, I recommend Fiverr and other freelancing networks. Check out these easy Fiverr gig ideas to get started today. If you want to go beyond providing your service on freelancing networks, I recommend establishing your own digital marketing agency. One downside of running an agency is that it is a lot harder to get started, acquire clients, and make an easy income. But the question is, what valuable thing comes at ease?

On the other hand, if you are a business owner and want to promote your business to many people for a very low cost, give Picoworkers a try. The minimum task fee is $0.02!

Picoworkers Alternatives

Are there any websites similar to Picoworkers to make money online? Yes, there are. But, not many of them are not robust as Picowokers. Here are several Picoworkers competitors.

  1. Microworkers
  2. Microlancer
  3. RapidWorkers

If you have a specific skillset, give beginner-friendly freelance networks like Fiverr.com and KWork.com a try.

Final Words on Picoworkers review

There are many ways to make money online. Blogging, affiliate marketing, selling solo advertisements, starting a YouTube channel, and podcasting are some of them.

Freelancing is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, not limited to the Asian market but also in the US and the developed world. The Covid19 made sure a lot of skilled workers established their part-time job. The gig economy is expected to reach $455.2 Bn by 2023 in gross volume transactions.

In this Picoworkers review, I talked about Picoworkers freelance network from freelancers’ and advertisers’ points of view. In reality, making money from Picoworkers is hard. You need to complete thousands of tasks to make several hundreds of dollars. Most microtasks’ fees are in cents.

Therefore, I recommend Picowokers for anyone who has not identified their skills yet and wants to make extra cash from home. But, your review on Picowokers might vary.

So, let us know what your reviews on Picoworkers are in the comments below.

Picoworkers Review
  • Features and Benefits for Freelancers
  • Features and Benefits for Employers
  • Support
  • Payments and Withdrawals


Picoworkers make it easier for employers to hire hundreds or thousands of workers to finish their projects in quick time. People can sign up as freelancers and complete micro-tasks, and earn money. It is a win-win for both employers and employees. Picoworkers’ features such as having a lower payout threshold and levels for workers make the platform more robust also increase the trust among people. If you are looking for a part-time job to make extra income from home, give Picoworkers a try.


  • Hundreds of available tasks to complete. And new ones are added regularly
  • Complete any number of tasks per day
  • Hire people to crowdsource your mini projects
  • Autorate tasks
  • Affiliate program to make money from referrals


  • High payout fee
Picoworkers review

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