Long Tail Pro Discount: Only $1 for 7 Days (Best Coupon Code)

February 17, 2020


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Long Tail Pro is a complete niche marketing cloud solution marketers. If you read my previous article on LongTail Pro review: The best Niche Marketing Tool, you would learn more about LongTailPro (LTP) and its features.

Today, I have a Long Tail Pro special offer. In other words, Long Tail Pro deal with you and me. When you buy Long Tail Pro product through the below link, you’d get a Long Tail Pro coupon bonus which will save up to $296.00 from your pocket.

The promotional link below includes an exclusive long tail pro coupon code. So you would redirect to a special landing page that is dedicated to special people like you. Therefore, grab this special Long Tail Pro discount right now. (I will explain more about LTP at the bottom of the video)

Try Long Tail Pro for just $1 Today!

What is Long Tail Pro?

longtail pro discount: find profitable keywords

If you don’t know what exactly the LongTail Pro is, let me explain a bit more about LTP.

LongTail Pro is an SEO tool such as SEM rush for digital marketers. It has a few powerful tools such as Keyword research, Competitor Analysis and SERP analysis.

LongTail Pro is a very powerful SEO tool that can generate low competitive, yet high CPC and high volume keywords which will bring more customers. In fact, I was able to increase my blog’s traffic (the blog you’re currently reading) gradually after I started using the Long-Tail-Pro.

LongTail offers two subscription options (Monthly and Yearly) under three different plans: LongTailPro Starter, LongTailPro Pro and Long Tail Pro Agency. LongTailPro full version is the platinum edition, which includes a few extra features which will provide important information such as average keyword competitiveness.

LongTailPro is not just an SEO tool which only provides keyword research feature. Here are some features of LTP that will make this software stand out from other competitive tools such as Jaaxy, Market Samurai, Ultimate Niche Finder, and Micro Niche Finder.

  • Keyword Research: This is the gold-mine of many professional bloggers who use LTP to find untapped long-tail keywords. Unlike other keywords research tools, the LongTailPro keyword research tool is a special one. Because, there are lots of filter options, finding targeted keywords that buyers use on Google, Bing, and Yahoo are very easy. Ex: Let’s say you want to find keywords with 5+ words lengthy, so just use LTP filter options to find 5+ length long-tail keywords. Not only that but also you can find high CPC keyword phrases with buyer potential. More about that later…
  • Competitor Analysis: Yes, there are lots of online tools such as SEMrush to analyze your competitors. But some features of SEMrush are limited as the membership package you are subscribed to. But with the Long Tail Pro platinum package, you can analyze your competitor website’s page authority, Google PageRank, MozRank, inbound links very easily.
  • Analyze SERP: This is another great feature of Long Tail Pro. How much time would it take for you if you want to find total inbound links, page authority, MozRank, title competition, etc. of all web pages ranking on Google for certain keywords? I guess, you would waste hours to find those statistics. But, luckily with LongTail Pro, you can find that information just within a few seconds.
  • Keyword competitiveness: A very, very important ranking metric that every blogger should pay their attention to. If you want to increase your website traffic by ranking keywords on SERPs, you should count the competitors who also compete for those keywords. It doesn’t make sense if authoritative brands and websites such as Wikipedia.org, inc.com, Moz.com, forbes.com w3.org, and searchengineland.com compete for your target keyword on the SERP. Instead, you might target keywords that have a low keyword difficulty score. To learn more about Keyword competitiveness, please read this LongTail Pro review post over here.
  • Import keywords: Do you already have keywords that you want to find the average monthly searches and SERP competitors and their backlink profile, site age, etc? Then you can import keyword lists into the LongTail Pro keyword research tool and analyze them.
  • Export keywords: You can export keyword lists as an excel file sheet to your desktop by clicking one button. If you don’t have a Microsoft office package on your computer, you can use a free online service such as Google sheet. Or use a browser extension such as office editing for docs.
  • Domain Name Research: In niche marketing, finding a really good, keyword-rich domain name is vital to drive lots more traffic from search engines. Long Tail Pro can find available domain names for you for free. The above demo video explains how it works.
  • And a lot more…

LongTailPro is undoubtedly a powerful niche marketing tool for newbies and experts alike. If you want to test-drive LongTailPro before buying its premium editions/versions, I have a great bonus for you.

That is, you can test drive Long Tail Pro for free using the below button. Yes, it’s a Long Tail Pro trial account. It’s valid for the next 7 days free. After 7 days Long Tail Pro trial expired and you will have to subscribe to either monthly or yearly plan. But, during the trial period, you would learn how Long Tail Pro works and how it can help increase your website traffic.

Once you have accustomed the LongTailPro trail features and interface, you can upgrade to LongTailPro yearly plan if you wish to use the tool in the long-term which would be a wise decision as you can save up lots of money.

Why you should buy LongTail Pro? Is Long Tail Pro worth it?

I have been asked many times why should I purchase LongTail Pro platinum? How it can help me? Is it another scam software that guarantees you’ll make money from the first day etc.

The best answer I can give you is, just test-drive LongTail Pro. Spencer Hawes provides everyone a Long Tail Pro trial account. So you wouldn’t charge any penny, but you’ll learn more about LTP and how it can help increase your website traffic and earnings.

As you might know that long-tail keywords contribute more than 70% global searches and they convert 2.5 times than short-tail frequently, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of Long Tail Keywords.

keywords length and search volume chart

By using LongTail Pro, you can find highly targeted keywords that could bring customers to your websites. That’s why professional bloggers such as Pat Flynn, the owner of smartpassiveincome.com recommend LongTail Pro.

And some smart bloggers have been seeing great results on their Adsense earning reports right after using LongTailPro. Harsh Agrawal was able to build a niche blog that makes him money on autopilot. He used a proven keyword strategy which builds up an autopilot buyer traffic stream. So he needn’t worry about post promotion and social media promotion activities. Because already search engines send lots of laser-targeted buyer traffic every month.

Long Tail Pro Discount: Download Long Tail Pro Platinum with Bonus

Essentially, LongTail Pro is such an important SEO tool that every blogger should use if they want to grow their businesses really fast. The times are gone where you tried to rank your website for short-tail keywords on Google. Many bloggers started utilizing Long Tail keywords in their content marketing campaigns and saw great success. LongTail Pro is all about niche-marketing and long-tail keyword research.

With this Long Tail Pro discount code, you can purchase Long Tail Pro for $1 ($67 previously) and also Long Tail Pro Yearly for $1 and $297 thereafter.

Click the link below to grab this exclusive Long Tail Pro discount. (The promotional code added to the link)

Grab Long Tail Pro Coupon


Rather than trying to rank web pages for short-tail keywords, it is better to rank for multiple long-tail keywords in the first spot of SERPs. This will not only build a steady traffic stream but also increase the click-thru-rates. So search engines will start ranking for longer tail keywords that you’re not even optimized on the web page.

The wonderful thing about Long tail keywords is they are laser-targeted and usually converts pretty well. That’s why I recommend you to use Long tail keywords in blog posts not only to increase organic traffic but also to reduce website bounce rate. LongTailPro is such a useful niche-marketing SEO tool for both bloggers and marketers who want to find new profitable niches that make them money. By using the Long Tail Pro discount link, you can get a full Long Tail Pro account while saving up to $296.00.

So Do you use LongTail Pro? If you’re an existing user, please let us know how it works for you. Is there any Long Tail Pro alternative? 


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