How to Keyword Research using Google Keyword Planner

August 3, 2015


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Google - How to Keyword research using Google Keyword Planner tool for SEO

It’s no doubt that Google Keyword Planner is the current most popular Keyword research tool in the market. Although Google replaced Google Keyword Planner with Google keyword research tool, still millions of webmasters use Google Keyword Planner to research keyword ideas for content marketing and PPC campaigns. In today’s SEO tutorial, my main purpose is to teach you how to properly find keywords using Google Keyword planner.

What’s keyword research and why is it so important for search engine optimization?

First thing is first. If you just start your online business (website) and want to drive higher target traffic to your business landing page, the best and the free way to get targeted traffic is from SEO (Search Engine optimization). To drive search traffic, you have to  do your on-page part pretty well.

Else, it is a mere dream to catch up 100,000 monthly visitors from search engines. To get a higher number of traffic from Search engines with content marketing, you need to have a proper planned, a well-practiced and a proven keyword strategy.

Even search engines has evolved too much during past few years, still keywords are the backbone of a successful content marketing strategy.

Why keywords are so important?

Because people still use words/word phrases on search engines to find relative content. The day that people stopped using search engines and type words in search boxes, you won’t need to think about utilizing keywords in content.

You know, that day seems like never happen.

That’s why you should be use keywords in your blog posts. They help drive targeted traffic, so increase conversions and eventually sales that help to grow your business.

As you know what are keywords and why you should use keywords on your content, let’s move to our next part, how to find keywords using Google keyword planner.

What’s Google Keyword Planner How do I use it?

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is the official tool for AdWords publishers. Formerly it was Google Keyword research tool. But, Google replaced it with Google keyword planner for the convenience of Advertisers. So both Adwords advertisers and webmasters use GKP to build their business, finding potential customers.

Once you have set up your Google Adwords account over here, you can start your first keyword research campaign with Google keyword planner.

Google Keyword Planner Interface and Keyword Tool options

After you signed into Google Keyword planner dashboard, you can see an interface like below.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

You can see that there are four different Keyword research tool options. They are:

  1. Search for new keyword and ad group ideas
  2. Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups
  3. Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords
  4. Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas

I will explain one by one and show you how to use keyword planner for keyword research.

Search for new keyword and ad group ideas (Adwords Keyword Research Tool)

Bloggers and freelancers in often times use this keyword search tool. This is where you can generate new keyword ideas and find their status such as average monthly search volume, CPC values, Google Adwords advertiser competitions, etc.

search for new keywords and ad group ideas - Google keyword planner

With this search tool, you can generate keywords by four ways. They are,

  • Your Product or service: By using this option, you can generate new keywords ideas for product or service. This is an the most popular search option used by many webmasters.
  • Your landing page: You can find any web page’s related keywords and other information with this option. This specific tool is for advertisers. However, you can use this keyword search tool to mine keywords of a competitor web page.
  • Your product category: If you do not know what keywords people will use in Google to find similar products/services in your industry, you can use this menu for finding keyword ideas.

As well, there are some filter options that you can use to get more relevant keyword ideas.

  • Targeting

If you want to research keywords for local business or want find keyword ideas in your native language, you can filter them here. Very useful, if you want get special keywords which are small targeted of people using. Ex: Sinhala & Tamil New Year Festival (which is celebrated by Sri Lankans who talk Sinhala and Tamil)

Another useful option here is you can find search volume and the trend of a keyword in a specific country. This way you can predict, if you use that keyword(s) on your content, from which country your landing page will receive traffic.

  • Date Range

The date range filter is a very useful option in Adwords keyword planner. When you find new keywords, you’d want to know whether it is a trending keyword or not. For an instance, we can take “FIFA football world cup”.

When the time reaches to “FIFA” football world cup, the number of total searches increase rapidly. But, after that, the search volume decreases over time fast as well.

  • Customize your search

By using these keyword filter options, you can customize your search to get more relevant keyword ideas.

  1. Keyword filters: If you want to filter keywords with more than 100 monthly impressions, you can do it here. Same filter out keywords with low competition.
  2. Keyword Options: By using this filter you can get broad match keywords.
  3. Include/Exclude: If you want to include or exclude any keyword, you can specify them. For an example, Include: email, list building, solo ads, swaps… Exclude: display advertising, outreach, PPC ads…

Now I will show you how to find keyword ideas using the first keyword research option listed in above.

For an example, I will enter keyword research on the text box. Then click on “Get Ideas” button.

keyword research on product or service keyword search tool GKP

Just after a few seconds, I got a search result for my search term, “keyword research”. Averagely more than ten million people search keywords related to “keyword research”. So, I found the broad match result for my keyword search. Ex: keyword research tools, long tail keywords research, competitors keyword research etc. To get keyword ideas up to 800, click on “Keyword Ideas” tab.

keyword research google keyword planner ad group keyword ideas

Here are the keyword ideas. Averagely about 10,000 people search ‘Keyword research’ keyword on Google and advertisers are ready to pay averagely $5.00 for only a click!

keyword research new keyword ideas gkp

In keyword suggestion section, you can see that there are lots of keywords related to ‘keyword research’ keyword phrase. But, it is really tough to rank higher on Google, because there are a lot of articles and authority websites rank on first few pages.

What would you determine seeing these stats? If you use keyword phrases in your blog posts, there is a good chance to get more target traffic from Google. So I will do another keyword research on the Google Keyword research tool.

Here is what I got for “play chess online” keyword phrase.

play chess online google keyword planner

Google Keyword planner only shows you 800 results. But, there are a lot more than that. You just need to do is copy a keyword phrase and search it on the Google keyword planner. In this case, there is a lot of long tail keywords related to “play chess online”. Remember that every person don’t type same keywords. Play online chess, playing chess online, chess online play, online chess play, a few to name. So better you do keyword research on the Google keyword planner, you can get quality, long tail keyword with low competition.

Although competition is not a metric for webmasters, you should determine that more lucrative a keyword is, more bloggers are trying to driving traffic for that keyword. Because keyword competition does not only define its ranking difficulty, also does show its conversation ratio. Not every keyword drives traffic to you. Not every keyword increases your sales.

Let’s look at our last example: “Play chess online”  Below are a few relevant keyword phrases from Google Keyword Planner. Look at their CPC (Cost per Click) values.

Keyword conversation ratio

It’s obvious that it’s easier to convert people who search “learn to play chess online” rather than “play chess online for free” into buyers. You can suggest products and services related to chess for people who want to learn how to play chess online. How would you make people into buyers who are intending to play chess online for free?

In the other hand, there is no exact bid for people who type “play chess online for kids”. You know who type this keyword in Google. Yes, they are kids.

You can identify many things by analyzing keyword reports on the Google keyword planner. It does not limit to getting new keyword ideas. But also for existing keywords that you already have.

Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups (Adwords Search Volume Finder)

If you already have some keywords and don’t know how much search volumes, competitions and CPCs those keywords have, you can find this information using this Google keyword research tool.
There are no special filters in this keyword tool. There are only two filter tools for local keyword research and compare keyword analysis data with other any past date.

I have some long tail keywords in my hand. But I don’t know what their impressions, CPCs and competitions status are. So I will use this keyword tool to get search report.

There are two options to find search volumes. Either you can copy & paste search queries or upload keyword TXT file into Google keyword planner. I just have 352 keyword related ‘bake cakes’ primary keyword. So I will paste them into GKP.

get search volume for a list of keywords or group of them into ad groups - bake cakes enter keywords

Here’s what I see when I hit ‘Get Search Volumes’ button.

bake cakes search volumes

As usual, there are different ad group ideas. But I don’t want to advertise on Google for particular keywords. I change to ‘Keyword Ideas”.

How to bake cakes keyword ideas

What’s heck, there is only 308 keyword traffic status available. Why? There might have similar keywords in my keywords list. Also, there could have untapped keywords which Google didn’t track in the past 12 months.

Have a look at keyword phrases carefully. What could you identify seeing the keywords? Yes, they are informational keywords. (How I identified? Just find how to words). But they are converting. Because of normally women often search this keyword on Google and they might have more income (if it’s not why do they waste money for baking cakes?). If you publish an eBook or video course on your website about “How to Bake Cakes”, you can expect that a majority of copies will be bought by women.

In my search, I saw a screen without any data for certain keyword phrases.

Bake Cakes No Status

Why? Don’t people search keywords like “bake cake by microwave, cooking a cakes, cooking cakes at altitude, bake cakes at home to sell, bake cakes for a living, bake cake deep pan” on Google? Why not, they do. But these are high converting untapped long tail keywords.

So don’t worry if you didn’t see traffic status for any particular keyword in the Google keyword planner. Just do some keyword research to find meaty keywords from the Google keyword planner.

Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords (Adwords traffic estimator)

Adwords traffic estimator allows you to get traffic estimates for certain types of keywords. Estimates are based on past traffic data. This is a very good keyword search tool for niche blogging. As I said, this is very good at finding niche specific keywords, I will do some searches for a famous event: Valentine day

First of all I have to get related search terms from a keyword research tool. The Google Keyword planner is a research tool. But I used a different tool to get some long tail keywords for this example.

Next, I need to upload them to the Google keyword planner through copy and pasting or uploading keyword file. I have 688 keyword phrases related to valentine day. I entered them to the Google keyword planner and set the date range to Jan 1, 2015 – Apr 1, 2015.

valentine day traffic estimates for certian keywords from google keyword planner

Here is what I got just after a few seconds clicking on ‘Get estimates’ button and then ‘Keyword” tab.

Daily Estimates

The bottom section of the traffic estimator tool is for advertisers. You don’t need to worry about that. The important thing that should take is the impressions. Impressions is a synonym for page views. In my case, the keywords which I chose will be typed more than 28,000 times by people on Google search engine. Is it bad?

OK, Now I will type a few niche keywords related to Christmas. And change the date range and set the estimates to exact.

Christmas Keyword Estimates

Here’s what I see when setting up all changes.

Christmas Keyword Estimates - Impressions

Averagely 14000 times people will search these queries on Google in 1 Nov, 2014 – 31, Dec 2014.

If you want to get estimate search impressions for any particular keyword in specific date range, you can use this keyword estimate tool in the Google keyword planner.

Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas (Adwords Keyword Multiplier)

One of my favorite keyword research tools in Google keyword planner is the keyword multiplier tool. With this tool, you can generate new keywords by adding separate words. Let’s take an example.

Now I will use keyword research, keyword find and keyword search as the main keywords. Therefore, I enter them on List 1. Next I will add some secondary keywords such as SEO, content marketing, tools, techniques, tips and tricks on the List 2.

Keyword multiplier Tool

Why I add separate keywords into two lists is that I want to generate new keyword ideas related to keyword researching and get their traffic volumes.

If you want to get traffic estimates like Adwords traffic estimator does, you can get traffic estimates by clicking on ‘Get estimates’ button. But, I want to generate keywords from the Google keyword multiplier tool. Therefore, I will click on “Get search Volume” button.

Just after a few seconds, I was able to generate new keyword ideas.

Search Results - Keyword multiplier Tool

And also some new high converting keywords with lower competition.

Keyword Multiplier Tool Tricks

Here is how you can do a better keyword research on the Google keyword multiplier tool. Check how I added keywords into each column.

Generate keywords - Keyword Multiplier Tool

This keyword research tool on Google keyword planner mixes keywords and gives you most searched keyword phrases. If you’re no idea what keyword you should use on, you can use this research tool to find new keywords.

How to find exact keywords related to your industry on the Google Keyword Planner

There is no guarantee that you’ll receive exact keywords when you search on the Google keyword planner. However, you can filter exact keywords which you’re looking for. Ex: when you search “keyword research” on the Google keyword planner, you’d receive some keyword ideas like Adwords, ad words, etc. But you can get exactly related keywords such as keyword research tools. Here’s how to do it.

Click on Modify search button on the top right corner.

Modify search

Select “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas” option and then enter your product or service in the first text box. Here, I will type WordPress. Then In the product category section, choose your target field or topic. Here I want to find new keywords related to WordPress Hosting. So I will select the Web Hosting category.

WordPress - Web Hosting  keyword - GKP

Here are the exact keywords what I am looking for.

Low Competitive Keywords

Best Tips to Keyword Research on Google Keyword Planner for SEO

Now you have mastered the Google keyword planner like a pro to do keyword research. Here are a few tips that will increase the website ranking for lucrative keywords and make your web pages more keyword rich pages.

#1. Use Long tail keywords

It’s obvious that it’s really hard to rank first page for competitive keywords such as weight loss. But if you use long tail keywords with low competition, you can rank on first spot of Google SERP and get more traffic. Neil Patel has said that more than 80% of organic traffic are coming from long tail keywords or keyword phrases.

#2. Use Trending Keywords

If the keywords which you use for your next blog are not trending keywords, how can you predict that it will receive enough traffic that used to be? I always think about the trend of a keyword phrase. If the keyword is becoming less popular, i think it will not help to increase my organic traffic. So use this formula to increase your website traffic insanely.

#3. Analyze SERP for certain keywords

Here’s the most important but unused point by most bloggers. If your target search query is already used by big brands like entrepreneur, Huffington Post or WikiPedia, it’s tough to outrank those authoritative websites. Following some tactics you can analyze SERP search results and the outranking ability. Use SEMrush keyword difficulty tool to find that you can rank for certain keyword phrases easily or not.

#4. Compare Your Targeting Keywords with Past Google Search Console Keyword Data

I have found that the best and free method to find SERP rank and the impression share for any keywords phrase is from Google Search Console. Go to search queries section and find your most traffic boosting keyword phrases. Then put them on Google Keyword planner and find their average monthly searches and CPC values. Then you can tweak the post and add related keyword phrases.

#5. Analyze Keyword densities, placements and keyword priorities

If your primary keyword is not place on the first few sentences, your post will not rank properly on SERP for certain keyword. And if you use any keyword again and again (also known as keyword stuffing), Google will think you as a spamer. So when you write your blog post, there is a few things to remember.

  • Place primary keyword in the first few sentences
  • Give the priority to buyers keywords/keyword phrases
  • Include keywords in image alt attributes
  • Always give your attention to keyword phrases. ex: keyword research tools for beginners (this keyword phrase includes a few high competitive keywords. keyword research tools, research tools for beginners etc.)
  • Use proper On page SEO strategies and optimize keywords.
  • Don’t forget about proper grammar. You can use Grammarly grammar checker or any other proofreader tool to fix grammatical and punctuation mistakes in your articles. When you write articles for people (with proper grammar), Search engines will rank your blog posts for more related keywords. (known as Semantic search)


The reason why your blog doesn’t receive enough traffic is that you don’t properly use relevant keyword phrases. To find keywords online, you can use free keyword research tool, official keyword generator for Google search engine, Adwords keyword planner.

Google provides majority of traffic your blog receives from search engines. I think it may probably be more than ninety-five percentage. Therefore, to write keyword rich articles, you should engage in keyword research in Google keyword planner. There are four ways you to mine lucrative keyword ideas. By using any of them, you can predict how much traffic you’d receive by using each search term.

So how do you keyword research with keyword planner? Please share your ideas in the comment below.

About the author 

Chamal Rathnayaka

A blogger, Growth Hacker, and Internet Marketer since 2012. Chamal Rathnayaka is the founder of this very site and he's sharing his experience and knowledge on Internet marketing through Pitiya blog. Send him a message on


  • Hey Chamal,
    Thanks for Nice Post.
    This is a very nice article for Beginners for performing the Keyword Research using the Google Keyword Planner. But I have a confusion, Many Blogger has written in their Articles that Keyword "Competition" is showing Competition for Advertisers, not for Blogger who posted the Articles using this Keyword.
    Please clarify this.

    • Hi Shobhit,

      In fact, New Google keyword planner is for advertisers. Google wants more customers. However there are some useful tools and measures in Google keyword planner. Keyword competition tab is another very useful tool where you can find how much a keyword profitable is as a content marketer.

      In keyword research, there are a few types of keywords. some are not (high) converting keywords such as free seo tools and free games download online etc. Advertisers don't bid for those types of keywords highly. But the volume of those keywords are at the roof.

      In other hand, informational keywords such as how to play games online and how to remove malware on PC are more converting and these type of traffic are in the behind of buyer circle. If you target these traffic, it's very easy to make them your loyal customers and subscribers.

      Other type of keywords is profitable keywords such as cheap web hosting, iPhones under $200 and cheapest Godaddy .com coupon code etc. No need to say that these type of traffic are willing to buy something online and probably they could have their debit cards in hand.

      You can find the profitability of any keyword through competition tab in Google keyword planner. You're right. Some bloggers say that keyword competition tab is for advertisers. But, actually it shows you how much each keyword converts and how much money can you earn from your blog, if you monetize your blog using Google Adsense.

      I hope this information helped you. If you have any question in mind, ask me in comments. I will help you. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Hi chamal, you have been a great blessing with the information you share on your blog. I really appreciate what you are doing bro. I new about blogging years back but never made money through it because i lacked the required knowledge to do it the right way. But with the information i have gained from here I am sure that am good to go for a greater heights. Thanks once again bro. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Cheers

    • Hi Olasnice,

      You're in the right direction. Because, now you know what you want. Keep reading articles that provide unique ideas and techniques that are currently working. I will post some practical ways to make money online. Meanwhile, you can analyze what others are doing and what result they get. And don't do what majority are doing. Because, 98% of people who tap into Internet Marketing fail.

      Thanks for kind of words. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  • Very good article, i have been searching for a good information on keyword research using google keyword planner. This analysis is very help for me .Thanks for the information Chamal.

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