How FeedBurner Can Become Best FREE email Marketing Tool

How Feedburner can Become Best Free Email Marketing Tool

Email subscription is a must have subscription option on your blog rather than social follows. You don’t owe the social media profiles. But if you have a good quality email list with thousands of potential customers, it’s the goldmine of you. Because you owe the email list and you can rebuild any business anytime. We can find many paid email marketing programs or premium email marketing tools like Mailchimp (for the first 2000 subscribers free of charge), Getresponse (First month is free), Aweber (Just $1 for first month) and so on.

But as a free email marketing service, Feedburner takes an exceptional rule. The main reason is it’s FREE and it’s one of free products from Google. That’s why today, I am going to walk you through How Feedburner can become the best Free email marketing software.

It’s not easy as it said. But it can. Now Google started Domain name selling services with some free services which other domain services charge such as free private domain registration, custom branded name. Sure, it’s a big blow for giants in Domain name selling services like Godaddy. If Google enhances their free email marketing service Feedburner, we can see another big competition in the email marketing field too.

Here are a few suggestions that will make a big change in e-mail marketing field and will improve Feedburner as the best free email marketing service.

Reminder Email for unconfirmed Subscriptions

Unverified Email Addresses

The biggest problem with Feedburner is you cannot send custom reminder emails for unconfirmed email subscriptions from Feedburner dashboard. Yes, any subscriber could be a potential customer or a loyal subscriber who will share your new posts on social networks. In case email confirmation email went to junkie folder or spam box and/or he hasn’t checked his emails since some time, so how can he confirm his subscription?

The only way is remind him by sending another confirmation email. But Feedburner doesn’t provide any direct method to send reconfirmation email to unconfirmed subscribers. If Feedburner makes it easy to send reconfirmation emails, that will help to boost the number of email subscribers.

 Provide Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters

Another big problem with Feedburner is they don’t allow sending custom email newsletters to subscribers. That’s why Many bloggers and email marketers use email marketing tools like Aweber and Getresponse to build their community and business. It’s not enough to send an automatic email to Feedburner email subscribers whenever you publish a new post. It’s must be stunning, clickworthy and engaging email. These are very crucial to send your message to your email readers. Without sending eye-catching and engaging emails that people feel like it’s written for them, you can not build a business, Increase sales and get more clicks.

If Feedburner starts providing tools to send email newsletters free, Many people will migrate to Feedburner.

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Design Feedburner email newsletter

Have you seen an email newsletter send by Feedburner? Do they have variations like different titles, email content and email templates?

No, that’s why you get the lowest open rates and CTR in the industry. If you don’t change your email newsletter title, so will people click on it? May be. But in most cases, many people (including me) skim email titles and neglect those emails. I know I get many emails for Facebook messages and notifications that my friends post on Facebook groups and invitations. But I don’t read any of those emails.

If Feedburner allows users to design their email newsletter, that will surely take Feedburner to the next level. More ability of controlling your email marketing campaigns is you can get more benefits.

User Management

User Management is one of most wanted features from any email marketing tool. How about if Feedburner allows you to create lists for different niches/user interests and filter subscribers and send different types of emails for different people.

Ex: If one of the posts is about a product that only available for US residents, then you can filter your email subscribers as the location (in this case the location is US) and send custom emails.

The secret behind a good email campaign is targeting the audience. To target correct people, you should be able to filter your email subscribers. To filter subscribers, there must have a user management tool. Feedburner doesn’t have it.

If you think why other email marketing services charge from you big bucks as the number of subscribers, it’s because they have to manage your subscribers, send autoresponder emails and frightening up with spam etc. More subscribers mean it’s harder to manage subscribers.

However, even it’s not easy to provide a free user management tool for Feedburner users, if they provide some small tools to create different lists, filtering subscribers, etc., More people will like to use Feedburner as their email marketing software.

Easy Subscribe/unsubscribe service for readers

One person could subscribe to more than one list. So how about a comment interface where people can decide what list they want to subscribe and unsubscribe etc.

Ex: If there are five lists related to social media, SEO, concise marketing, affiliate marketing and PPC advertising, people can find at what list they have subscribed and decide what tips they want to receive or don’t. This will eventually profit all 3 of us. Admin, readers and Feedburner.

Custom design Email Templates

As I said in above, without sending different types of email newsletters, you cannot get the attention of people. Not everyone doesn’t know how to create an email template. And if Feedburner provides different email templates that fit to different email newsletters as the topic, niche etc., You can get the most from your email marketing campaign starting from email title. Email newsletters belongs web based email marketing. So if they’re responsive email templates, you don’t need to worry about email subscribers who check their emails from mobile devices.

List Segmentation

How about a free email marketing tool which lets you to segment your subscribers as interests, sign up sources, locations, occupations etc.? It’s easy to control email marketing campaigns if Feedburner provides tools to segment lists. You can segment who are the mastermind buyers and loyal subscribers who are interested in with your writing skills and blog. Eventually get the most benefits from your email list.

More options to sign up for your list

Email Newsletter
Email Newsletter <img>

These days, everyone can engage in email marketing. They don’t only need a website to build a list. Just need an email marketing software. Social media can help people out to build their list. As an example, Now Twitter allows advertisers to collect people’s email address and name just from a one click. No need to type their name in a text field. If Feedburner provides more options to sign up, people will more likely to use Feedburner as it’s a free email marketing service provider.

Online Sign up form builders to collect email addresses

Every email marketing services have online sign up form builders. But you can find some awesome subscription widgets for Feedburner just searching on Google. Although, Not every people are tech savvy people. If someone’s blog niche is cooking and if he doesn’t know how to customize sign up form’s width, height and colors etc, they will not use Feedburner anymore. Giving free resources and tools to build good looking sign up forms is very crucial for any email marketing service.

More integration services

Many email marketing services support for different types of services and websites to integrate with.

E.g: – If you have a GetResponse account, you can add a sign up form to your Facebook fan page and share your email newsletters with Twitter fans. And integrate your Getresponse account with Google Analytics. So you can track everything from your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics is a Google’s product. So if they allow to integrate Feedburner accounts with Google analytics, you can reveal everything that your subscribers perform in the email newsletters including who click links, who are engaging with your email copy etc.

Advanced Features like A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of best ways to find out what email copy performs well and what email template gets the attention of people. If you can test what email title takes the most open rates with Feedburner, it will boost the CTRs and you can get an insight about your subscribers. What’re their feelings, what they are thinking and how much they are busy etc.

File Storage

How about if Feedburner allows you to create custom email newsletters and add downloadable files? This will make you’re a professional email marketer. But unfortunately Feedburner doesn’t allow you to send custom emails. In case if they provide tools to create custom emails and landing pages, you would want some spaces to store your files online. I think they will enable it using Google’s cloud storage service, Google drive.

Email Autoresponder

Email autoresponder make mail marketing is easy. Email autoresponder programs can automate your online earnings. That’s why many bloggers, marketers and organizations use Email autoresponder software to generate more income through email marketing. Without actually using an email autoresponder software, any webmaster, blogger and marketer can’t earn big amounts from email marketing. One reason why many bloggers eventually migrate to Aweber is paid email marketing services allow you to set up unlimited follow up emails with various customizable features.

Think if in case Feedburner allows people to set up follow up series, how that change will influence to the whole email marketing field. If they did that, Feedburner will become the best free email marketing service that millions of people use.


Email Marketing is not dead. And Feedburner, popular RSS feed service provider doesn’t die yet. Because Feedburner is another Google’s product and it’s free, still many bloggers use it to burn content into RSS feed and send email notifications.

Feedburner’s email subscription service doesn’t have important features such as ability of sending reconfirmation emails, sending custom email newsletters, designing email copy etc. To become best free email marketing tool out there, Feedburner have to update their some features and add new tools to their email marketing software.

I have talked about some of those most-wanted tools that many premium email marketing services provide to people. If Feedburner can provide these features and tools to their users, No one will oppose to this phrase, “Feedburner is the best free email marketing software“.

So what’s your best email marketing tool and what do you think about what Feedburner should have to become the best email marketing tool?

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