CloudApp Review: #1 Social Sharing & Storage Platform for Entrepreneurs

Being an online marketer isn’t just about launching products, updating services and optimizing for conversions.

It’s a LOT more than that.

What most marketers don’t understand is that “customer” is more than an IP address that has bought product or service.

A customer is a human just like you.

To converting a direct or referral visitor to a loyal recurring customer, there is a lot to do than improving sales funnel and backend of your business.

To me, one of most important aspect of any business model is the “customer support”.

If your customer support is poor, then no matter how quality your product or service is…

..It may not perform as well as you expected.

That’s why today, I am going to introduce a NEW service that can be used for various demands.

It is CloudApp.

What is CloudApp?

It is basically a visual object creation and sharing platform. Watch this CloudApp introduction video for more details.

You can record your screen, make GIFs, create annotations and store anything you want in your own storage that is given by CloudApp.

It can do a lot more than that.

For example, If you want to embed your video on your website or blog and restrict it to a certain number of people, you just need to do is upload the video and password protect it.

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Or if you’re needing to make temporary screenshots or disposable GIFs, then you have the ability to complement it with CloudApp.

You can accomplish what you could do with these services combined with.

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    Imgur - Online GIF sharing and storage service
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    Snagit - Screen capture program
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    Piwik - An open source analytics program

Who’s CloudApp for?

When I saw CloudApp at the first time, I was wondering if I really need it at this time. But, after browsing a few pages and spending a little bit time, I thought to give it a try.

Honestly, I am happy for the decision to buy CloudApp for my business. Because,

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    I work with different businesses.
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    I have hired a few freelancers for fuel my businesses.
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    I wanted to securely share notes, videos and files (like PDF) for my clients.
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    I wanted to have a service like CloudApp with my brand. (in other words, a white-label service for my business purposes)

Fortunately, most of my problems have solved as of CloudApp.

Here’re what CloudApp can do for me now.

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    Directly record/capture videos/screenshots and upload it to my CloudApp account with ease - CloudApp provides a native software for both Windows and Mac computers. So, you can either use mouse or keyboard shortcuts (my favorite!) to upload visual objects.
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    Upload disposable visual objects - Now, you know only a VERY few services offer such services for people.
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    Hand over structures, guides and video tutorials for my freelancers without opening another window - You know, it's really disappointing when you have to describe something that others don’t understand in the harder way. And what most disappointsing thing is that every time you have to explain something visually you have to use more than one services. (ex: Snagit >> Imgur). But, with CloudApp, you just have least things to do.
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    Build Brand awareness - sometimes you may dislike sharing images through services like Imgur, or any other third-party photo sharing website. You’re right absolutely. Because, most of those sites do nothing but to build their brand while making some money by displaying advertisements and popups. (yeah, I hate popups too). Therefore, now I am unhesitantly sharing visuals through CloudApp because I know that share something under my brand. Recently, I bought a dedicated domain name for my CloudApp sharings. 
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    Team management - I started online businesses, not for fun, but to acquire financial freedom. As a small business owner, I could invite my team members for CloudApp and let them control over my business’s customer support aspect!

In fact, there are a lot more advantages of using CloudApp for business and online marketing.

Here are a few features of CloudApp and their uses.

Key Features of CloudApp


Unlimited Cloud Storage with flexible upload types

You might have already seen some social sharing and cloud storage services with low cloud storage. But, CloudApp isn’t that kind of a service.

In fact, some cloud storage services express that customers would receive unlimited cloud storage, but in reality, they limit number of data transfer per day or something do like that to lower down costs.

CloudApp wants you to upload files into their app. For that, they provide the native CloudApp for computers and online web application.

This is the latest CloudApp application’s panel. You can see recent uploads, screen recording, and screen capturing icons. If you’re uncomfortable with icons, simply press ALT + SHIFT + 5 or 6 or 0 respectively for taking screenshots, recording screen for videos/GIFs and take screenshots and annotate.

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Meet CloudApp web application. It’s cloud-based application, it loads fast on most locations.

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Upload files to your online storage using two methods.

  1. Upload files from your local machine (ex: tablet, PC, Laptop)
  2. Upload files using URL address.


Upload Videos, Images, GIFs and Annotated screenshots

If you’re a blogger or a freelancer, you may have to describe something complicated or steps better for people. What’s better than visual objects!

Whether being it a video, image, GIF or screenshot, you can do it easily.

Let’s say, you’re finding it difficult to upload files through a direct link.

Here’s the GIF I made using CloudApp within no time.

upload files to cloudapp
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​Not only that…

...You can actually

Do more than taking normal screenshots.

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How about recording a webcam video?

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Interested in taking notes for future use?

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How about sharing a JavaScript snippet with your website developer in one click?

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The same code in clarified design.

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Custom Brand

CloudApp gives people the opportunity to reach your website through files you share online.

For example, visit this link and click on the Pitiya logo.

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Furthermore, do you identify a similarity of this custom domain name?

You can easily customize your sharing links with own custom domain. I recommend it if you’re going to build a long-term business.

This About... 

One image goes viral and features on Reddit homepage.

Also, you can add a watermark for every image you upload to CloudApp. 

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Fast Loading Speed

CloudApp is a cloud-based software. It is hosted on Amazon servers. And use CloudFront as the CDN.

So, you can guarantee the uptime.


Shared/Protected Content

You can set permissions for each upload in CloudApp manually or automatically.

To share any object among your team members, restrict it only for your organization.

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You can overwrite these settings on Group level settings.

To protect your files from the public, add a password, so people only have both link and password will be able to see your files.

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Enterprise security

Secure your account by adding extra layers like Google Apps authentication.

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Or take one more step further by restricting based on IP addresses.

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What CloudApp differs from many other typical online file sharing websites is that their advanced analytics system.

It allows you to see who from which country, from which website and from device had visited your files.

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It’s still in beta. So, we can expect more features will be added to CloudApp Analytics tool.



If you’re wondering whether CloudApp support for services and apps you’re using, then let me tell you, CloudApp currently supports for most of the web applications that are needed for business and client management.

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If any of your current applications aren't supported, you can ask from CloudApp support team and they will help you happily.


Team Management

Once your organization is set up, you can invite members of your team. It lets run your CloudApp organization under your control. Which means you’re the administrator.

Depending upon the plan you have subscribed with CloudApp, you could only add a certain amount of members to your team.

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Embed Files

Currently, CloudApp allows users to share files through three different ways.

  1. Web page (HTML form)
  2. Web page (Iframe)
  3. Email

Apart from the direct link, if you want to share your uploads from any other way, you can use one of three above methods.

cloudapp embed options
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Custom Storage Resources

If you’re a business owner and want to store all your files on a different server like Google Cloud and Amazon S3 buckets, then you can do it pretty easily.

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This allows you the entire controllability of your files. It’s kind like you’ve added an interface for current storage resource!



As a CloudApp user, you can customize the appearance and the performance in a few different ways.

If you'd like short domain links, you can select it from Account Settings >> Links Settings >> Link length Settings.

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Change the color scheme for your organization.

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Another important customization is the ability to add custom JavaScript codes into each upload page.

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This allows you to control over anything like:

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    Track pageviews, behaviors through popular Google analytics. (Recommended once you’ve enabled the custom domain feature)
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    Display content dynamically: If you think what I am thinking right now, you know how powerful this strategy is. Think this: Viral Image + Opt-in form in or Viral Video + Affiliate Offer.

You see that chances are absolutely enormous for you to apply any strategy in your mind into action.

CloudApp Plans

Currently, CloudApp has four different pricing options or subscription packages.

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To be honest, CloudApp's pricing is fair considering features and opportunities that provide for customers. 

Compare CloudApp with other services that you have used before. You will find that you can attain more with CloudApp. (ex: webcam recording, GIF making, screenshot annotation, password protected files)

Even Dropbox charges $9 per month for their basic paid plan.

You can check the most updated CloudApp plans over here.

Should you buy CloudApp?

At first, I was hesitant to buy CloudApp service. However, after I purchased it, I was amazed how it could save my time and help my businesses to grow up faster.

If you’re a…

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    Blogger (who needs to have note, share screenshot)
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    Social Media Marketer (who needs to track up trending content and save them on your own online storage)
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    Media Buyer (who wants to store attention-grabbing banner ads, landing pages and GIF images in one place)
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    Any type of freelancer (who wants a tool to collaborate project with other freelancers or even share project items with clients)
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    Social Media user (who needs a platform to store images, GIFs, and videos and share them on social networks easily)
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    Business owner (who needs a powerful, yet a comfortable tool to manage visual objects, notes, files etc.)

However, CloudApp isn’t a platform or service where you can…

  • Edit word documents excel spreadsheets, slide presentations, and PDF files.
  • Host script files for loading on external websites. (even though you can do it, it’s not recommended as bandwidth limits. Check pricing page for more details)

CloudApp offer 14-day free trial. So, I recommend you to sign up for CloudApp free trial first and then decide whether it suits your needs or not. But, I am sure that you’ll love it.

Exclusive CloudApp Discount for Pitiya Readers!

Use coupon code below in checkout to get 30% OFF for any plan! 🙂


Currently, I have a CloudApp Team account. It’s far enough for me to manage my files and store and share screenshots online.

Have you used CloudApp before? What do you think about CloudApp? Share your reviews of CloudApp in the comments section below.

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About the author 

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