CloudApp Review + (Alternatives): Is this screen recorder good?

You will find details about the CloudApp screen recorder and several best alternatives to CloudApp, such as Nimbus Web, in this CloudApp review.

If you are working with teams and clients and want a better solution to improve customer support collaboration and sales, in today’s review, I am going to showcase CloudApp.

CloudApp Review

What is CloudApp?

Watch this video to learn what CloudApp is.

You can record your screen, make GIFs, create annotations, and store anything you want in CloudApp.

It can do a lot more than that.

For example, If you want to embed your video on your website or blog and restrict it to a certain number of people, you just need to do is upload the video and password protect it.


Or, if you need to make temporary screenshots or disposable GIFs, then you can complement it with CloudApp.

You can accomplish what you can do with these services combined.

  • Imgur – Online GIF sharing and storage service
  • Snagit – Screen capture program
  • Piwik – An open-source analytics program

Use cases

CloudApp can be used on many occasions. Here are some use cases.

  • Directly record/capture videos/screenshots and upload them to CloudApp account with ease – CloudApp provides native software for both Windows and Mac computers. So, you can either use mouse or keyboard shortcuts (my favorite!) to upload visual objects.
  • Upload disposable visual objects – Set expiry dates for your files so they will be deleted after a time.
  • Hand over structures, guides, and video tutorials for my freelancers without opening another window.
  • Build Brand awareness – Sometimes, you dislike sharing images through services like Imgur,, or any third-party photo-sharing website. You’re right, absolutely, because most of those sites do nothing but build their brand while making some money by displaying advertisements and popups. (yeah, I hate popups too). Since you can use a custom domain name, you can rebrand the GetCloudApp to resonate with your brand identity.
  • Team management – Now, you can create a team on CloudApp and let your team manage files.

In fact, there are a lot more advantages to using CloudApp for business and online marketing. Here are a few features of CloudApp and their uses.

Key Features of CloudApp


You can use CloudApp in your business in many ways.

  1. Mac application
  2. Windows software
  3. Chrome extension
  4. Chrome extension for Linux
  5. iPhone app

CloudApp’s desktop application is very useful in many cases. If you want to share a quick video, just open the “CloudApp application” and record it.


Meet CloudApp web application. It’s a cloud-based application, and it loads fast in most locations.

cloudapp dashboard

Upload Videos, Images, GIFs, and Annotated screenshots

If you’re a blogger or a freelancer, you may have to describe something complicated or steps better for people. What’s better than visual objects?

You can do it easily if it is a video, image, GIF, or screenshot. Let’s say you’re finding it difficult to upload files through a direct link.

Not only that…

…You can actually do more than taking normal screenshots.


How about recording a webcam video?


Interested in taking notes for future use?


How about sharing a JavaScript snippet with your website developer in one click?


The same code is in clarified design.


Custom Brand

CloudApp allows people to reach your website through files you share online.


You can easily customize your sharing links with your custom domain. I recommend it if you’re going to build a long-term business.

Also, you can add a watermark for every image you upload to CloudApp.


Fast Loading Speed

CloudApp is a cloud-based software. It is hosted on Amazon servers. And uses CloudFront as the CDN. So, you can guarantee the uptime.

Shared/Protected Content

You can set permissions for each upload in CloudApp manually or automatically. To share any object among your team members, restrict it to your organization.


You can overwrite these settings under the “Group level settings.”

To protect your files from the public, add a password, so people who only have both links and passwords will be able to see your files.


Enterprise security

Secure your account by adding extra layers like Google Apps authentication.


Or take one more step further by restricting access to your files based on IP addresses.

ip-based-restrictions in cloudapp


CloudApp differs from many other typical online file-sharing websites’ advanced analytics systems. It allows you to see who visited your files from which country, website, and device.



If you’re wondering whether CloudApp supports services and apps you’re using, then let me tell you, CloudApp currently supports most of the web applications needed for business and client management.

cloudapp integrations

Team Management

Once your organization is set up, you can invite your team members. It lets you run your CloudApp organization under your control. Which means you’re the administrator.

Depending upon the plan you have subscribed to with CloudApp, you could only add a certain amount of members to your team.

invite team members to cloudapp team

Embed Files

Currently, CloudApp allows users to share files in three different ways.

  1. Web page (HTML form)
  2. Web page (Iframe)
  3. Email

Apart from the direct link, if you want to share your uploads in any other way, you can use one of the three above methods.

cloudapp embed code

Custom Storage Resources

If you’re a business owner and want to store all your files on an alternative server like Amazon S3 Bucket, you can do it easily.

custom storage resources cloudapp

CloudApp Pricing

Currently, CloudApp has four different pricing options or subscription packages.

Cloudapp pricing plans

The free plan is good if you are getting started. Else, check out the CloudApp alternatives below to compare features and pricing plans with CloudApp.

CloudApp Alternatives

CloudApp is a good application. But, it’s not the only software for screen recording, making GIF images, and storing data online.

Here are the best CloudApp alternatives.


Nimbus is a site like CloudApp and Evernote with many features.

As a Nimbus user for some time, I have already migrated my Evernote notes and CloudApp savings.

CloudApp vs. Nimbus

There are many unique features of Nimbus. Here is a comparison table of CloudApp vs. Nimbus.

Take screenshots, annotate and record videosYesYes
Web ClipperNoYes
Desktop and browser extensionsYesYes
Mobile appsYesYes
Сreate notes, docs, wikisNoYes
Databases, spreadsheets, and tablesNoYes
Custom domain and brandingYesYes
Client PortalNoYes
Mobile Video and audio recordingsNoYes
Document search and image recognition (OCR)NoYes
Note editorYesYes


Droplr snipping tool is another alternative to CloudApp with very similar features.

CloudApp vs. Droplr

There is much common ground between CloudApp and Droplr.

Take screenshots and record the screenYesYes
Annotate screen capturesYesYes
Upload filesYesYes
Windows and Mac softwareYesYes
Chrome and Edge browser extensionsYesYes
Custom brandingYesYes
Allow the public to upload to a folderNoYes


Evernote is a popular note-taking and web clipping app. It’s one of the best alternatives to CloudApp.

CloudApp vs. Evernote

Take screenshotsYesYes
Upload filesYesYes
Browser ExtensionsYesYes
Windows and Mac appsYesYes
Custom brandingYesYes
Mobile appsYesYes

CloudApp Review Conclusion

In this short CloudApp review, I share key features, some use cases, and several best CloudApp alternatives.

If you were looking for a tool to capture screenshots and annotate them, record explainer videos, and share them quickly among your co-workers, customers, and readers, CloudApp is a good choice.

Over four million people worldwide use CloudApp to share browser screenshots and explainer videos. I have seen several SaaS companies use CloudApp in their live chat support.

But, if you are looking for a more powerful tool for taking screenshots, taking notes, etc., I recommend Nimbus.

So, what are your reviews on CloudApp? Share your thoughts below.

CloudApp $9.95 per month
  • Screenshot and screen recorder
  • Windows and Mac software
  • Customization options
  • UI and UX
  • Sharing and colloboration


CloudApp makes your busy life easier by letting you record your screen and sharing images, videos, and GIFs among your colleagues and customers effortlessly. If you were seeking a good screen recording tool for Chrome or your device, give CloudApp a try.


  • Apps
  • Free plan
  • Custom branding
  • Call to action
  • Sharing and collaboration features


  • UI can be improved

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