Cleeko Review: A Solo Ads Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers

Solo ads traffic is one of the highly targeted traffic for list building, testing a sales funnel, and making money promoting affiliate offers.

Whether you are in a highly competitive niche such as Network Marketing or in a niche where traditional advertising networks such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads do not allow promoting offers or in a niche in which CPC (Cost Per Click) is through the roof and is unaffordable to compete with large media buying companies, solo advertising can be helpful.

Although you can find many professional solo ad vendors who sell solo ads from their websites, there’s always that “risk” factor when buying directly without protection, and only trust is the factor for good transactions.

That is where solo ads marketplaces come into play – Those networks work as a middleman between buyers and sellers and help make a smooth and quick transaction.

Buyers get buyer protection, quality clicks, and the ability to find a seller with quality traffic at a low price, and sellers get to have more customers.

But where can you buy solo ads?

Cleeko is one of those “buy and sell” solo ads marketplaces. In this review of Cleeko, you will find out how Cleeko works, the pros and cons, and more.

Cleeko review
Cleeko Review – A Solo ads marketplace for buyers and sellers

How Does Cleeko Work?


Cleeko is a solo ads marketplace. It functions in three areas:

  1. Protection
  2. Click filtering
  3. Accessibility and tools


Safety is a crucial factor, especially in solo ad marketing. Although there are tons of Facebook groups to buy solo ads, the safety is not as high as you can get from a platform like Cleeko.

Cleeko ensures buyers and sellers get higher protection to process a successful transaction.

  • All payments are processed through Cleeko – Buyers pay sellers via Cleeko, which helps prevent possible fraud.
  • Cleeko click tracker – Solo ads traffic originates from emails. Cleeko ensures you get quality email traffic with its click-tracking system.
  • Pay only for quality traffic – Buyers will only pay for unique email clicks, not bot traffic or repeated clicks. And sellers will receive payment only once the traffic is delivered 100%.
  • Identity verification – Sellers on Cleeko go through a verification process using Berbix; this ensures the person is real and prevents sellers from using multiple accounts and cheating the system.

Click filter

Since solo ad traffic is a specific form of traffic, you must ensure that traffic is real and comes through emails. Cleeko’s real-time click filtering system catches fraudulent traffic and filters it out, so you only pay for quality clicks.

It qualifies traffic based on IP reputation scoring, Bots, Proxies, VPN, & TOR connections, Device Fingerprinting (prevents traffic from fake virtual devices, also known as emulators), Machine Learning (connecting suspicious click patterns and potential click abuse and fraud), and duplicate visitors.

As a buyer, even though you must use a native click-tracking platform such as ClickMagick to analyze traffic quality and track performance, Cleeko facilitates these for you for free.

Accessibility and tools

The benefits of using a solo ads marketplace are broad due to these reasons:

  • Fair price – Since more sellers compete for orders, the quality of service of sellers, such as support, OD (Over Delivery), and traffic as a whole, improves, and prices drop due to competition among sellers. This benefits the buyer in the end.
  • Verifiable ratings – Cleeko’s customer reviews on solo ads are verified, and only buyers can post reviews. And traffic report with a click log can be seen on each review. Access to this help you decide which seller to choose from.
  • Access to Tier 1 traffic – The traffic tier is very important in paid advertising, especially in solo ads. Get access to English-speaking visitors in tier-1 countries.
  • Communication – Cleeko’s messenger allows you to communicate with sellers and ask questions.
  • Track your orders – The best way to use a solo ad marketplace to purchase solo ad traffic is to easily manage orders and keep track of the progress on one page. Cleeko provides details on in-progress orders, the order in acceptance, and accepted future orders.

How to use Cleeko

It is free of cost to use Cleeko. First of all, sign up for a free account on Cleeko.


After verifying your account (confirming your email address and phone number), you can start using Cleeko.

Buy solo ads

You can find solo ad vendors in the “Find Sellers” section.

Find sellers Cleeko

Use the search box to find a specific seller or use filtering options.

  • Sort by: Highest rating, Top 10 of Last month, Price low to high and high to low, and active online options.
  • Niche: Any niche or only in Bizop (Business Opportunities), MMO (Make Money Online), Crypto (Cryptocurrency), Health
  • Price Max: Filter sellers based on the maximum solo ad price. Options range from $0.25 up to $1.00.
  • Sales: Find sellers based on the sales reported by reviewers.
  • Rating: Filter sellers with minimum ratings on the Cleeko website.

For example, you can use multiple filtering options to narrow down results.

Seller filtering options on Cleeko

Here is a vendor’s page on Cleeko.

Jason Thompson Cleeko solo ads page

On this page, you can send vendors a message or start buying solo ads traffic. Here are the steps:

  1. Choose how much traffic you want – Each seller has caps for minimum and maximum clicks. If you wish to test the traffic of a seller, get started with a small amount.
  2. Decide whether you want to send a link or email copy for solo ads – Each has its pros and cons. But, in essence, sending an email copy helps in many ways.
    • Qualify visitors in email subject – The first thing an email reader see is the subject line. You can use targeted email subject lines for your offers.
    • Warm up on the email body text – Improve conversions on your solo ads landing pages, affiliate marketing bridge pages, and sales pages by educating readers via email.
    • Personalize your email – Write in your tone, add CTA (Call-to-action) link in multiple places and add an email signature and PS section.
    • Persuade post-click actions – Tell what to do on the next page (i.e., your email opt-in page).
  3. Provide delivery time – Specify when the seller should start sending you traffic. If you promote an affiliate launch offer, specify when the cart opens. Else you can select a preferred time.
  4. Place the order – Cleeko charges $3.00 for every solo ad order, no matter the number of clicks bought. Currently, Cleeko supports payments via cards only.

Underneath the order form, you can find the seller’s note about the traffic and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Cleeko solo ads seller details FAQs

Below the FAQ section, you can find the Traffic Geography of the seller’s traffic. Traffic geography is based on the traffic delivered by the seller in the past and is a critical indicator of the traffic tier of the seller. Some sellers also support sending “only Top Tier” countries traffic at an additional cost.

Cleeko solo ad seller traffic geography

Seller ratings are an excellent way to find previous buyers’ experiences.

Cleeko solo ads seller ratings

When you click the stats link on a rating, you will see the report for a particular solo ad run.

Public details of a solo ad run on Cleeko

Cleeko lists filtered clicks and which categories they belong to.

Filtered clicks statistics Cleeko solo ad run public report

These Cleeko reviews can be used to grasp a seller’s traffic quality quickly.

Sell solo ads

In our previous guides on ‘How to become a professional solo ads seller‘ and ‘Solo ads reselling‘, we explained the key benefits of becoming a solo ads seller on a solo ads marketplace.

If you have a responsive email list and can deliver quality, top-tier traffic on target, Cleeko can be an excellent place to start your career.

Cleeko seller setup

The minimum bonus clicks (also known as Over Delivery) is 5%. You can manually adjust it later on the ‘Orders’ page. Add a default redirect URL which will be used to send filtered traffic. You can use a traffic rotator to route traffic to multiple URLs using one link.


Affiliate Program

Another way to use Cleeko, apart from buying solo ads and becoming a solo ads seller, is by referring others to Cleeko.

Cleeko affiliate program

You will receive 15% from every solo ad order as commissions from referrals for life. There’s also a leaderboard competition in which top performers get cash bonuses, and the first one to reach $100,000 in sales receives an all-inclusive Thailand vacation offer.

Cleeko Review: Pros and Cons

  • Solo ads marketplace (Get fair prices for HQ traffic)
  • Filtering options
  • Chat with sellers
  • Use your email message for solo ad
  • Click filter and tracker
  • ID verification
  • Buyer ratings
  • Live chat support
  • Limited number of sellers
  • No Mobile app

Is Cleeko worth it?

Cleeko is a relatively new solo ads marketplace. But, vendors on it are experienced. One of the most significant shortcomings is the limited number of vendors and niches. Also, there is no option to order desktop-only traffic.

Compared with other networks such as Udimi, Cleeko does not provide a mobile application and solo ads opt-in tracker.

Compared to TrafficForMe, Cleeko stands out in many aspects, from the order process to communication.

Cleeko is an excellent platform to buy solo ads and tap into email lists that aren’t available elsewhere.

Final words on Cleeko Review

In many niches, solo ads traffic performs better (i.e., higher opt-in rate) and is cheap compared to advertising methods such as contextual ads, PPC ads, social ads, and native ads.

Due to the nature of traffic and the solo ads industry, it is required to buy traffic from reputable solo ads providers. Fortunately, that’s where platforms such as Cleeko come into play.

Cleeko solo ads marketplace helps marketers buy and sell solo ads online. Buyers get a platform with protection to purchase traffic from dozens of sellers, and sellers get to tap into targeted buyers.

This Cleeko review reveals how Cleeko works and the pros and cons. So, what do you like most about Cleeko?

Cleeko Review
  • Fees and pricing
  • UI and UX
  • Affiliate program


Cleeko is a solo ads marketplace that acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers. It provides various features and tools such as click filters, live communication with sellers, and seller tools.

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