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Get Best Awario Coupon for Your Plan

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Step 1. Select Your Plan

Currently there are three subscription-based plans (Stater, Professional and Enterprise) and two pricing models, Monthly and Yearly.

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Click here to check out most up-to-date of Awario prices.

Step 2. Select an Awario Coupon

Select one of best coupons for Awario available today.

Click on appropriate orange button in the third column to go to checkout page. Awario coupon code has been added to every link.

Awario Coupon Name

Your Saving

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50% OFF Super Discount for Starter Monthly Plan

You will save $14.50

50% OFF Super Discount for Professional Monthly Plan

You will save $44.50

50% OFF Super Discount for Enterprise Monthly Plan

You will save $149.50

Awario Starter 30% OFF Discount for Year Plan

You will save $87.00

Awario Professional 30% OFF Discount for Year Plan

You will save $267.00

Awario Enterprise 30% OFF Discount for Year Plan

You will save $897.00

Tip: Use Yearly discounts to save more...

Step 3. Finish Sign Up

Once you click one of above links to claim Awario discount, you will see the discounted amount and the due. Pay using PayPal, Credit card or through bank Wire transfer.

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Awario Free Trial

If you're not sure how Awario could help to grow your business, then I recommend signing up for Awario Free Trial. Therefore, you can try Awario for free and see how it fits your marketing plans.

Awario Offers 14-Day free trial (No credit card required). Click the button below to sign up for Awario free trial.

A short review of Awario

Awario is essentially a real-time brand monitoring platform developed by well-known people at Link-Assistant who has built a few of most popular and used software for SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing. One of my favorite SEO software is Website Auditor. I use it on daily basis.

I personally use Awario for my marketing campaigns and monitoring social media and tracking mentions of my brand names.

awario dashboard
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You can create multiple alerts in Awario, so you can track records of each brand mentions. It's also helpful to organize each brand, for example if you manage multiple clients and businesses.

Currently, with Awario, you can monitor mentions in below platforms/sources.

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    Web (Websites, microsites, forums, etc.)
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In fact, we can specify that Awario is the web version of Buzzbundle. With Awario, however, you not only can monitor brand mentions but also react them too.

For example, once you authorized your social media accounts like Twitter, you can like, retweet or comment on tweets inside Awario dashboard.

react social media activities awario
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Advanced search helps narrow down results based on your interests. For example, if you’re tracking “SEO agency” keyword in Awario, you can filter results to find potential local clients. (ex: "People who are located in United States and are mentioning "SEO agency" term.)

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Not only that, you can add negative keywords in project level to reduce additional brand mention counts and get targeted results. (Another useful way to save money!)

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Want to blacklist any source? Here, Awario got you covered!

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"Mention Statistics" report is where you will understand the popularity of your brand, top influencers, total reach of brand mentions, the number of brand mentions, trend over time and source, etc. mostly.

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If you run a social media agency or digital marketing agency, then you should love White-label reports feature. It just takes only a few seconds to change white-label settings in Awario.

Therefore, even through you manage multiple clients, it doesn’t matter. You can charge hundreds of dollars just for white-label reports alone.

Click here check out the white-label Mention Statistics report for Pitiya.

White-label reports are available in the Enterprise plan. You can get a high discount for Enterprise Monthly (50% OFF) and Yearly  (30% OFF) plans if you add one of these Awario coupon codes.


Awario is my best social media monitoring and brand mention tracking tool in my arsenal. I use it EVERY day.

If you're serious about your online and offline business, then you should listen to what your customers and non-customers say about your product/service or even your team.

People hang around in different places. It does not limit to social networks, but to forums, blogs, and YouTube as well.

Awario crawls billions of web pages every day and listens to conversations happening around places where other brand mention monitoring tools can't even reach.

Use one of the Awario coupon codes above to get a high discount on your subscription plan. Or just sign up for Awario free trial today.

I am sure you will be amazed how Awario operates and what it is capable of.

Let us know how you intend to use Awario in the comments.


How can I apply these Awario coupon codes?

How can I subscribe to multiple Awario plans with discounts?

I am fro XYZ country. Can I use these coupons?

How Can I use Awario?

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