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On January 25, 2015
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RankTrackr is an Online Keyword Rank Tracker and Checker tool to analyse Google web, maps, image carousel, maps and YouTube Video keyword ranking fluctuations on daily basis.

If you are in SEO field for awhile, you could already know that without tracking everything you acquired, it is not an easy work to follow up best SEO strategies and get rid of negative SEO effects.

To be honest, when I first started out I didn’t understand the importance of rank tracking. When I read inspirational stories of successful people, I found one common SEO activity of all those people. Guess what?

It’s not only creating new content that search engines love, but also find what existing posts that people and search engines like alike.

I have used different rank tracker tools. Some are web-based online rank tracker tools (SaaS tool) while others are desktop-based rank tracking tools such as Long Tail Pro.

In today’s post, I am going to review a special online keyword rank tracker tool which will help you track both Google and YouTube rankings easily. Yes, if you asked me is it the first ever YouTube organic keyword rank tracking tool, the answer is “Yes”.

So let’s find what’s RankTrackr and how it can help you grow your business.

RankTrackr Review: Rank Tracker for SEO Professionals


RankTrackr is a web-based keyword rank tracking tool which provides great tools to track organic keyword positions daily basis. If you were searching for a YouTube video rank tracking software, RankTrackr tool could fit for you. I have used the RankTrackr tool since few days and revealed much information about my competitors and keyword potentials.

One of the best features of RankTrackr tool is that you can track keyword rankings in Google places, image carousel and map results. RankTrackr is the first keyword rank checker tool which I have seen that lets you track image carousel and map listing.

Rank Tackr has a very convenient dashboard. In the overview section, you can check the overall group and account’s status. Here’s how my RankTrackr account’s dashboard looks like.

ranktrackr account dashboard

And you can easily create groups for each site you want and each virtual group. (More on that later)

Groups - RankTrackr tool

And you can customize groups by adding domains and URLs very easily.

customize groups

RankTrackr tracks organic keyword rank positions in daily basis. Therefore, the report section could be the busiest place on your RankTackr account. Clear and simple looking interface make it really easy to understand keyword ranking performance in SERPs versus time. Here’s a short screenshot of my Virtual USA bank account post. Take a look at the first keyword tracking column. I was able to increase keyword ranking by 46 positions within 24 hours. Amazing, right? I will explain how I did that later in this RankTrackr Review.

check keyword rankings in Google daily

Not only that tracking own keyword rankings in Google, but also you can track keywords rankings of your competitor websites too. Take a look at How QuickSprout blog performs in Google.com (US site) for competitive keywords such as content marketing, blogging.

competitor website keyword ranking monitor

With the YouTube rank tracking tool, you can easily track daily rank position changes. The important thing here is that RankTracker updates their database more frequently than other more traditional tracking tools, which is one of the best features that every tool must have.

youtube video rank tracker

Now you took a look at RankTrackr dashboard and found a few new features on it. As my experience with RankTrackr tool, I can say that, it has an easy to use, convenient interface. If you want to try RankTrackr, get a free test-drive by signing up for a trial account over here.

RankTrackr Features That Help you Grow Your Business


#1. Track Your Website Rankings in Google SERP

I know you can use Google webmaster tools to track your own keywords. But, it has several limitations such as you can only find keyword positions during the past two months. Another con of using Google webmaster tools as a keyword rank checker tool is that you can find daily keyword rankings. It only provides average rankings. So you should use another program for tracking keyword rankings.

RankTrackr provides various options to track keyword positions. If you want to track “Best Proofreading tools” keyword phrase’s performance in New York city, United States and in English language, you can easily do it with RankTrackr.

local keyword rankings tracking

Tracking keyword rankings by location and language is really easy with Rank Trackr. If you have a local business website or run an affiliate business, RankTrackr can help you find potential customers in your area.

Not only that, you can track search engine rankings of specific keywords in specific locations. As this example, I don’t want more US residents visit this blog post. Because it’s all about creating a virtual US bank account for non U.S. residents. As my past experience, by getting irrelevant traffic, you not only decrease the conversion rate, but also search engine rankings too. It’s much similar to Click through rate. The lower CTR you get, even ranking of the top three results, it will cause to other keywords rankings too.

relevant keywords and relevant traffic

Therefore, I started using RankTrackr to find my keywords rankings on different locations, because it helps me find my target audience and their interests. I know many non US residents use Google.com. But, it’s better off tracking everything so correct.

If you want to follow up niche keyword rank positions in different locations, I recommend you to start using RankTrackr for a few days. You’d find a lot of ways to increase website traffic.

#2. Analyze Competitors

If you asked me what’s the best advice I can give for a startup blogger is, it’s definitely the “Competitor analysis”. Just like building a list, I made this mistake too. That’s why I was unable to find profitable niches to target for quality traffic. If you’re wondering how big brand blogs dominate the internet, I can surely say that they are careful about their competitors.

In a previous post, I showed you how to find competitor websites’s SEO keywords with SEMrush tool very easily. With RankTrackr, you can track those keywords performance in Google SERP. (If you use a YouTube video, you can track the performance of video keywords too.) As seen in below screenshot, you can check organic rankings of competitor websites very easily.

check organic rankings of competitor websites

The evolution timeline would provide you a hint whether they get steady traffic from a particular keyword in Google. If the keyword rank position is changing in everyday, that means, you can give a try to outrank them.

In the case of the keyword gets a high keyword competitiveness score and has a higher advertiser CPC value, which mean that keyword is more profitable than other ones and more people try to rank for that keyword. In this case, you can use Long Tail Keywords to get high targeted traffic, which tend to convert 2.5 more times better than short tail keywords.

The RankTrackr reports section provides a few very useful stats about your competitor website such as Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and Indexed pages. Although Google PageRank isn’t a very good indicator about a certain website, by using Alexa rank and number of total indexed web pages, you can think how much power your competitor is.

As this screenshot below, to date, QuickSprout is the 2057 most popular website according to Alexa rank metrics and has already 55,100+ indexed web pages. The total indexed web pages are a good indicator how much the website is active. If your blog posts don’t rank on Google, you can find why and how to fix it by reading this post.

competitor website report

All in all, RankTrackr is a good web-based rank tracker to analyze your competitors.

#3. Track Organic rankings by location and language

In above, I explained how Rank Trackr’s organic rank tracking system works. In fact, the future of online marketing isn’t oriented to more traffic. But, more conversions. To get more sales, you need targeted traffic. Actually buyer traffic.

There are some traffic sources which couldn’t be much profitable. If you can drive lots of warm traffic from United States who are talking about starting a new blog or anything similar, you can make them buyers very easily rather than driving hundreds of thousands of traffic from India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka etc.

That’s a one reason why your Google Adsense account shows low CPC rates/earnings for clicks coming from India, Pakistan Bangladesh, Nigeria etc.

This is where you should make sure your blog posts rank higher (above the fold) on US and European Google SERPs as well as south Indian Google SERPs. Also, there are some occasions where you only need those traffic as I shown in above Virtual USA bank account example.

keyword effectiveness

By driving targeted traffic, not only you will be able to get more conversions, but also to increase organic rankings too. Here’s a short demonstration of tracking keyword rankings in locally with RankTrackr software. See how much easy it is?

keyword ranking tracking locally

#4. Track Google Places Rankings

With “Image Carousel Tracking” feature, you can easily track any web pages’ rank position for Google places and Image Carousel. Maalu Maalu is a world famous hotel in Sri Lanka. As the beauty of the ocean and its popularity, more people find a ways to contact Maalu Maalu hotel. So I found this long tail keyword phrase (which is highly converting, check the indent behind the keyword): maalu maalu hotel pasikuda contact number (as its popularity, there are lots of Google ads hanging around the organic result. In fact, it’s not easy to find the organic result in this case)

After I created a new group to track Google Places and Image Carousel rankings of Maalu Maalu Hotel’s official website, I was able to track everything about the Male Maalu Hotel website including current search engine ranking, ranking evolution, number of results etc.

Google places, carousel, maps tracking

All it took only a few seconds to set up the tracking campaign.

maalu maalu hotel websites keywords

As a keyword ranking checker, RankTrackr lets you track Google places results. If you own a local business, so this is a good way to engage in local search engine optimization. Even in a competitive niche such as tourism, you need to use search engine optimization tools, if you want drive target traffic from search engines. RankTrackr Google places keyword tracker will help find daily search engine rank positions for your target keyword.

#5. Analyze Your Competitor website vs Your Competitors’ websites

As I explained in SEMrush review post, you should analyze your competitor websites and also compare your site with competitors’ ones. Every time you compare each other, you’ll find lots of flaws and weaknesses of your site.

I usually do it once a two days or so. By comparing each website with your one, you can find others’ content marketing strategies and SEO tactics they are using. RankTrackr has a useful tool to compare your website with competitor ones.

Here’s a screenshot of RankTrackr dashboard where I compared ProBlogTricks vs ShoutMeLoud for a few keywords/keyword phrases. As you can see the information is updated a few minutes ago and as the details, ShoutMeLoud outranks ProBlogTricks almost for many keywords. But, ProBlogTricks outranks ShoutMeLoud for some keywords such as longtail pro review, because the root domain gives a boost in ranking for LongTail Pro review post.

competitor keyword record shoutmeloud.com

Not only organic rank positions of competitor website’s posts, you can also find the daily, weekly and monthly changes of search ranking for a particular keyword by customizing the report section.

daily weekly and monthly change settings

As a blogger and an SEO evangelist, I like to analyze SEO keyword rankings of competitor websites and their daily changes. From those stats I can determine whether it’s easy to outrank them and how profitable the keyword is.

#6. YouTube rank tracking

You only heard about keyword rank tracker tools, right? RankTrackr has a YouTube rank tracker tool which makes it really easy to check your and other YouTube videos’s keyword rankings. World’s first YouTube video rank tracking tool.

Here’s an example of YouTube video keyword tracking in RankTrackr. Just like in organic keyword tracking, you can find a number of total competing results, daily, weekly & monthly changes and rank evolution.

youtube video rank tracking

If you want to track YouTube video rankings, you can use RankTrackr’s YouTube rank tracker tool. When tracking own videos, you can login to the YouTube analytics page and find search terms which people used to find your video.

video keywords youtube analytics page screenshot

If you want to find keywords of other YouTube videos, you can use this competitor analysis tool. This will show you the organic keywords which bring traffic to the video. If you want to find other keywords, then you can use a YouTube keyword scraper tool such as KeywordTool.io. This awesome tool will scrape keywords through YouTube autocomplete and list for you a-z and 0-9 order.

If your main income stream is through YouTube, then you should make sure your video ranks above the fold (at least within first three results). There are lots of signals that YouTube uses to rank videos. Video title, description, tags, category, backlinks, transcript and video quality are a few of those important YouTube ranking factors.

I have not used the YouTube rank tracker tool yet. But, I expect to start using it within next few days and experiment my existing videos to increase organic rankings. As far as I used this tool, I found it’s one of the best SEO tools you should have in your arsenal, if you want track video ranking daily for certain keywords.

#7. Preview SERP

Another useful feature I found on RankTrackr is that it allows me to preview SERP. Think how much time it would take you if you want find your target web page’s keyword ranking?

Here’s the SERP report for “dog training” video keyword.

serp preview ranktrackr

In the SERP preview section, you can find the evolution of YouTube video ranking. This could be helpful to track your past experiments of video. E.X: adding new more words to description section, build new links etc.

#8. Export the Reports

Do you provide SEO services for clients? Want to let them know your SEO project’s progress? So in RankTrackr SEO tracking tool, you can export keyword ranking reports by various methods such as in Simple PDF, Extended PDF and Excel CSV file format.

Take a look at this example keyword ranking report. If you don’t want to include any keywords’ tracking stats in the main report, you can unselect them.

report export ranktrackr

RankTrackr’s export feature is very helpful, if you provide SEO services for clients. I have exported a few reports in an Extended PDF format and they are very insightful.

#9. Organize groups Statically and Dynamically

In RankTrackr online rank checker tool, there are two ways you can create groups. They are, Static groups and Dynamic groups. Creating groups is the best way to organize keyword rank checking campaigns. When you create groups, you can easily identify each one and conduct the projects very easily.

organic static and dynamic groups

Static groups contain keywords and URLs without no filtering option. But, when you choose the Dynamic option to create groups, you can add more conditions. Take a look at below screenshot.

create new dynamic group for Google keyword rankings check

By using Dynamic groups, you can automatically filter out negative keywords such as keywords with less than $10 CPC value. If you want to collect other static information in a one group, Dynamic groups are the one and only best way to do it.

#10. API Access

Do you have own SEO tools? You can enhance your SEO tools moreover by using RankTrackr API keys. When you have an RankTrackr account, you’ll get unlimited API access. Click Here Get a RankTrackr account and start using RankTrackr API.

Why You should use Rank?

I have been using RankTrackr for a few days. As you noticed, I got various results about my blog posts, competitor websites and also YouTube video rankings. Here are a few reasons why RankTrackr fits for your needs.

  • The First Ever Tool to Track YouTube Video Rankings: According to Alexa rankings, YouTube is the world’s third most popular website followed by the big G and Facebook. In fact, YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine. YouTube traffic is very engaged and it is far easy to convert them into email subscribers and buyers. With RankTrackr tool, you can track YouTube video rankings very easily.
  • Ability to Track Your Own Keyword’s Performance in Google SERP daily basis: Although Google webmaster tools provide you insightful information about keywords and keywod rankings in Google, they are not very detailed. Don’t you want to check on what position your favorite blog post rank in Google.de (German) or in Google.co.jp (Japan)? You want, right? But, unfortunately, you can’t do it with Google webmaster tools. With RankTrackr keyword rank tracking tool, you can very easily start tracking keyword rankings by location and language.
  • Fine Tune Your Content Marketing and SEO strategies according to SERP position changes: It doesn’t matter whether you use RankTrackr for tracking YouTube videos or blog posts’ performance in Google SERP, you want increase blog’s traffic, right? By analyzing your blog post’s organic changes, you can update content marketing and SEO plans according to the situation. That’s what smart SEOs do.
  • Competitor Analysis: With RankTrackr tool, you can easily check keyword rankings of competitor websites very easily. There are lots of ways to measure competitors keywords. I will publish another post all about it within next few days.
  • Do you have a Niche Blog or Event Blog?: I think you may have a plan to create a niche/event blog someday to see 8000+ real-time visitors on your analysis account. (Yes, I too have it!). With RankTrackr local keyword rank tracking tool, you can easily track keyword positions by country name, city name and ZIP code location, etc. This would be useful to you change your SEO strategies to increase SERP rankings in locations where your SERP rankings are dropped.

RankTrackr Pricing

RankTrackr is a monthly/annual subscription based keyword tracking tool. It has initial four subscription packages. I am currently using a RankTrackr Pro plan which lets you track up to 1000 keywords and 200 websites or URLs. These all plans provide a free trial. So you can sign up for a RankTrackr free account through this link and start tracking organic keywords. Here are basic subscription packages of RankTrackr.

Ranktrackr.net pricing table

RankTrackr subscription plans start with the basic plan which charges $22.00 on a monthly basis. If you subscribed to any package on Year basis payment system, you could get 20% OFF discount. In other words, save 20% from the overall bill if you could buy a RankTrackr monthly basis plan.

In RankTrackr Pro account, you can get custom reports which I showed earlier in this RankTrackr review. If you have a small business blog under 10,000 monthly search volume, you could subscribe to the Basic plan where you can track up to 300 keywords.

Anyway, you can test-drive RankTrackr Pro for free through this link and feel the Pro features for next 10 days. After that time period, you can decide whether you go with RankTrackr Pro or downgrade to another package such as RankTrackr Expert. This is up to you.

But, I recommend you to at least test-drive RankTrackr Pro free, so you can track up to 1000 keywords till the next 10 days.


RankTrackr is a web-based Rank Tracker tool for SEO Professionals and webmasters alike. You don’t need to have high knowledge or coding skills to use RankTrackr. If you know what SEO is, how search engines rank keywords organically, then you can start using the RankTrackr SEO tool right now.

After I started using RankTrackr tool, I was able to check local rankings of some keywords very easily. And after a few tweaks, I increased the search ranking from 82 to 36 within just 24 hours. I didn’t dive deep into the tool yet. However, as my short experience with the RankTrackr SEO tool, I can say that if you want an easy to use keyword rank tracker tool, Google carousel, maps & places tracking tool and a YouTube Video rank checker tool, then you should use the RankTrackr tool.

What do you think about RankTrackr? Is it the best rank tracker tool for YouTube and Google carousel, maps, places? Share your thoughts in the below comment form.

RankTrackr is an Online Keyword Rank Tracker and Checker tool to analyse Google web, maps, image carousel, maps and YouTube Video keyword ranking fluctuations on daily basis.
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good article but it seems ranktrackr is out of business. I have tried 3 times to enroll and their site form isnt working. Can you advise as to how to find a more reputable company? I also went to their twitter account and fb page and nobody responds.

    Chamal Rathnayaka

    Hey Lynn,

    I too had trouble in past few days reaching them out. You could try SEMrush for tracking keyword ranking positions in SERPs. I use SEMrush for most of my SEO needs.

    If you want a free trial, try this link. It will give you two weeks free trial of SEMrush GURU plan.


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