GetStencil App Review: Supercharge Your Visual Content

We all know that visual content is the best way to express anyone a message in spite of ages, gender and language barriers.

In online marketing, we used to encounter tons of visual content such as images, infographics, gifographics, slide shares, videos and Gifs in every day.

Not a surprise why Pinterest has become one of fast growing social network surpassing Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

fast growing social media

So, if you’re a blogger, social media marketer or even an Internet marketer who use different social channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Pinterest to grow the business, you should be aware of what tools you can use to create visual content.

To be honest with you, I am not a Photoshop expert. And I even don’t like to spend hours to make a simple graphic for my blog post, Facebook post or Tweet. It costs me time.

That’s why I use online photo editing tools to make the photo designing process easier and flexible for me.

By using an online photo editor, I can produce visual content which is equal or slightly similar to the one that has already pictured in my mind.

One of the tools that I am currently using is Stencil

Before using Stencil, I used a few image designing tools such as Canva, Pixlr, and SnapSeed (a mobile app for photo editing by Google for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems) to create graphics for my blog posts and social media.

But, Stencil is an entirely new and all-in-one online photo designing tool for me

What is Stencil?

stencil logo

Stencil is the rebranded name for Share As Image. You might have heard that name before. It was a very popular brand among social media marketers and bloggers.

GetStencil App or Stencil is another cloud-based online graphic designing tool just like Canva.

But, Stencil has a few unique features that you may have wished to have if you have previously used the Canva editor.

Unlike Canva, GetStencil’s pricing model is very straightforward. In GetStencial’s Unlimited plan you can make an unlimited number of images using their tons of ready-to-use icons, graphics, and pictures. However in Canva, you have very least amount of icons and graphics which are free to use.

How to use Stencil App

It is very easy to use the GetStencil App. Once you created your account, you can start designing graphics for any social media project even though you don’t have any graphic designing skills.

This is the dashboard of Stencil app.

getstencil app

As you can see, it’s a simple interface. In the left-hand side, you can move around different tools. In the right hand side, you can edit the graphic.

The very first thing you should do is choosing the appropriate dimensions for your graphic.

For example, the dimensions we use for Facebook post image isn’t similar to a Twitter post’s image sizes. The same goes for other social media networks as well.

Luckily for you and me, Stencil has lined each dimension for every social network nicely.

social media post sizes stencil

Are you looking for creating an astonishing cover for your Facebook wall? No problem. Here’re all dimensions for each social network.

social media header sizes

Are you a next-level marketer? Looking for an excellent tool to create high CTR creatives for media buying campaigns? Not to worry, just click on Ads tab under dimensions. You can see a variety of types of ads sizes you can choose from.

ads sizes

If you are like me, find something that needs to be done manually from hundreds of options available, then click on “Custom” tab and enter a name, values for width and height. Click “Add” button, and you’re ready to go!

custom sizes

One useful benefit of Stencil over Canva is that you can change dimensions of your graphic anytime. That’s a plus point as you don’t have to start all over again!

If you’re in a situation where you can’t decide what to make, then my suggestion is to check out “Templates” and use one of 100+ premade ready-to-customize designs.


For example, if you’re running a promotion on Facebook, then you may use this image as Facebook post and insert a CTA link in the description. You may also use Facebook advertising (post boosting) to reach more audience.

template inserted

If you’re not sure your creative isn’t eligible for Facebook advertising, use Stencil’s Facebook Ad Grid tool to ensure your graphic qualifies for Facebook advertising.

facebook ads grid tool

With GetStencil app, you no more want to research the Internet to find a perfect royalty-free image for your graphic. You can search and insert desired pictures that you think it perfectly suits to your graphic. This feature alone will save a lot of your time which you can spend for other productive activities.

backgrounds getstencil

Also, you can do basic photo editing on Stencil such as blurring, transparentizing, darkening and filtering.

edit background

I have seen some marketers hire freelancers for simple tasks such as blurring which you can actually do efficiently using a graphic design tool.

One feature that I found most helpful for me is inserting Quotes to graphics.

quotes stencil

Here’s one quote that I found on Stencil.

search quotes

After embedding the quote into our Facebook post image.

with quote

If I am using this picture for Facebook promotion, I will use two separate images; one with the quote and another without the quote. And calculate the CTR to find the winning one considering the click-through rate. (Note: High CTR ad doesn’t mean that it’s the highest converting ad!)

Why not, I will also make more graphics using weird arrows, symbols, and fonts.

symbols like arrows

If you want to mention your brand on your graphic, then you first need to upload your watermark/logo to Stencil and insert the logo from there. As I have previously uploaded logos of my websites, I just need to turn on the appearance of the logo.

add watermark/logo

Before making graphic variations, make sure you save your design. It will save your time by far.

save stencil graphic

Once you are done creating your graphic, you can download it as a JPG image or PNG image. But, I prefer to download most of the images in PNG format.

save as png stencil

As you can see, It’s very easy to use GetStencil app for creating graphics for any social network.

But, that are not all about Stencil. There are a lot more!

Stencil Features & Benefits for Social Media Marketers, Bloggers, and Online Marketers

Save Images

Save your time & money by storing photos on cloud. View from anywhere. Edit anytime!

saved images

Preview & Share to Facebook

Stencil's social sharing feature allows especially marketers to create campaigns efficiently.

post to facebook

Post to Instagram (Send Via SMS)

Create Instagram posts from your PC. Publish them through your smart phone easily.

post to instagram

Add to Buffer

Do you use Buffer to manage your social media accounts? Add your graphic to Buffer and share to multiple social networks.

add to buffer

Import Google Fonts

Looking for adding text in your local language? Is it on Google fonts? Just import to your Stencil account and do your work!

import google fonts

Browser Extras

Without logging to your Stencil account, make a graphic quickly with browser extensions.

browser extras

GetStencil Pricing

When It comes to pricing, GetStencil provides three plans for all types of users.


For The Hobbyist

  • Create up to 10 images
  • Keep up to 10 favorites
  • Limited backgrounds and Icons

$0 / Month


Become An Image Master

  • Create up to 50 images
  • 880,000+ background photos, 200,000 Icons & Graphics
  • 1,850+ Google fonts
  • Logo/ Watermarks
  • Keep up to 100 favorites
  • 140+ templates
  • 25 Instagram SMS/Month

$9 / Month*

7-day money back guarantee


Create All The Images You Want

  • All Pro Features Included
  • Create Unlimited images
  • Keep Unlimited favorites
  • 100 Instagram SMS/Month

$18/ Month*

7-day money back guarantee

* When paid annually

Why You should Use GetStencil?

As a blogger, I know how much important the visual content for engagements and conversions. In social media marketing, we can’t even talk about it without visual content.

I have used a various online and offline tools to make graphics for my social media campaigns and blog posts. But, in the end, I stopped at GetStencil App.

Here’s why you should subscribe to GetStencil Today.

  • Save Time: I don’t want to wait hours or days to make a simple thing done. If I can do it myself within a few minutes without hiring a designer, I will opt it in spite of prices. If you weight time over money, then you should actually use GetStencil App today.
  • Grow Instagram following: If you’re an Instagram marketer or have an Instagram account where you want to post pictures consistently, you can use Instagram SMS feature to send ready-to-publish images to your mobile or your Instagram page moderator at no cost for you. Think about the fees you may have to pay for each SMS if you’re living outside of US.
  • Share directly to social networks: Once you connect your Facebook account, Facebook pages, and other social accounts to your Stencil account, you are just a few clicks away to share them with your followers.
  • Share your designs with others: No more need to have hosting accounts or save on to send images to your friends privately. Stencil will generate a link which you just want to share with whoever who need to see your design.
  • Save money: No hidden fees. No fees for each element. Only monthly fee.

Final Words

I use Stencil Unlimited plan. Which is fair enough me to supplement all my graphic design needs for blogging, social media, and internet marketing campaigns.

I would also recommend you to check out GetStencil App now and subscribe to one of their paid plans. Remember they offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

Have you ever used apps like Canva? If so, what are best Canva alternatives you've found?​

Review of: Stencil App

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Stencil is a cloud-based web application which allows you to create graphics online and share with your friends, followers in social networks.

Stencil is a cloud-based web application which allows you to create graphics online and share with your friends, followers in social networks.
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